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Plane & Pilot April 2020

Plane & Pilot is the ultimate resource for active pilots who desire an information-rich magazine with timely and entertaining content. Get Plane & Pilot digital magazine subscription today for pilot reports on the newest LSA, certified piston-engine and light-turbine aircraft, expert tips on flying techniques, product reviews of the latest gear and seasoned aviator stories from the sky.

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the kobe bryant crash, scud running, and how i almost made the same mistake

One of the earliest learning experiences in my flying career could have ended my life and that of my brother, who was my passenger on a chilly winter day in the Desert Southwest as we flew along in a 2-year-old Piper Turbo Arrow. I was building hours and planned out a long cross-country to Scottsdale, Arizona, where we had lunch and then headed home. I was a new pilot, and my skills at gathering, visualizing and assessing weather data were embryonic, and I failed to fully understand the risks. I knew that low clouds were bad, and why, but the forecast for the return trip sounded as though it were doable, with 2,500-foot overcast predicted for the high desert airport I was flying back home to. “For years, I blamed myself for…

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aviation membership organizations

Oldest aviation club in U.S.: National Aeronautic Association (NAA) Founded: 1905 Famous first members: Wright Brothers Activity until 1926: Sole issuer of pilot certifications Current activity: Overseeing & certifying all aviation records Average records/year: 150 Other NAA offering: Circumnavigator Diploma Diploma categories: 4; Eastbound, Westbound, Polar & Nonstop Organization founded by Alexander Graham Bell: Aerial Experiment Association (AEA) Years active: 1907-1909 Inventions credited: Wing-Tip Ailerons, Tricycle Gear Largest aviation organization in the world: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Formation: 1939 First member: Gill Robb Wilson Organization founded by Wilson: Civil Air Patrol AOPA Members as of 2012: 384,915 Countries represented: 75 Total fly-in events hosted: 27 Attendees since 2014: ~100,000 Average annual attendees to AirVenture: ~600,000 AirVenture host: Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Founder: Paul Poberezny, 1953 First headquarters: Paul’s basement Membership: 200,000+ Chapters: ~1,000 Countries with members: 100+ Program started by Poberezny’s son, Tom: Young Eagles, 1992 Total volunteer pilots: 43,000+ Children flown: 2.3 million Likelihood of Young…

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ghost airships of the 1800s

BACKGROUND In the late 1890s, strange airships started being spotted sailing across the country’s skies. While lighter-than-air airships had been around since the 1850s, their capabilities were far more limited, and they were not nearly as big as those being observed. Witnesses described the ship, or ships, as being 150 to 200 feet long and moving at speeds of roughly 135 to 150 mph. Airships at the time were generally smaller and only moved at speeds of around 5 to 7 mph. “… attorney, George ‘Airship’ Collins, claimed to represent an anonymous inventor who allegedly conducted his test flights at night to avoid detection…According to Collins, the airship was 150 feet long and able to carry a load of 15 passengers…Collins later recanted his claims.” The first sighting occurred in November of 1896…

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news of note

GARMIN UNVEILS GAME-CHANGING 4-IN-1 RETROFIT While Garmin made waves in 2019 with its revolutionary Autoland system, the company’s newest product introduction proves the avionics giant has no plans to let up in its march toward change and progress in 2020. Its latest innovation comes in the form of an electronic 4-in-1 panel instrument that fits into a traditional 3.125-inch round configuration and can accomplish an incredibly vast amount of functionality. The new product—the GI 275—can serve as a primary attitude indicator, a course deviation indicator, a horizontal situation indicator, a primary engine display and a multifunction display, all the while providing greater information and reliability in each role than conventional analog gauges. The GI 275 eliminates the high failure risk associated with a vacuum-powered gyro, and it allows pilots the opportunity to…

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cross check your aviation crossword

ACROSS 1 Palindromic company that created the Celera 500 3 Super-accurate sat/ground navaid 6 ATP, perhaps 9 A combined up/down and side-to-side control surface 10 Pilots do it for weather 12 Drink enjoyed at HDK? 13 How Han is flying 18 Knowing where you are (abbr.) 19 Partner of “Avoid” 20 What you’re on when you cross the needles 22 Three letters for Max Conrad’s airport 24 What you do in an updraft 25 Southern West Coast city (abbr.) 26 Kind of tank 27 It built Bobcats and Bird Dogs 29 Those with more than 200 horses (abbr.) 31 IFR with a five-pack? (two words) 34 Aviation humorist educator Rod 35 ___ wing 36 Ethanol can mess with this DOWN 1 Land beyond a runway 2 Fine-tune 4 What most small planes lack 5 Proficiency 6 __ flight checklist 7 Power problem 8 Airspaces established outside Class A airspace for military use (abbr.) 11 Observe as part of ADM 14…

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accident briefs

BEECH A36 Bonanza Tonopah, Nevada: Missing Injury Info The private pilot reported that, after the airplane reached about 8,000 ft mean sea level for the personal, crosscountry flight, he began to smell smoke and then heard a popping sound. The engine then began to lose power, and he initiated a return to the airport. During the descent, the engine lost all power, and the pilot maneuvered the airplane to land on a highway. Due to obstructions, the pilot subsequently landed the airplane on a highway median. The airplane landed hard, which resulted in substantial damage to the fuselage and wings. Examination of the engine revealed signatures consistent with detonation, which led to the failure of the No. 4 piston, the crankcase becoming pressurized, oil being pumped overboard, and the eventual oil starvation…