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Plane & Pilot June 2020

Plane & Pilot is the ultimate resource for active pilots who desire an information-rich magazine with timely and entertaining content. Get Plane & Pilot digital magazine subscription today for pilot reports on the newest LSA, certified piston-engine and light-turbine aircraft, expert tips on flying techniques, product reviews of the latest gear and seasoned aviator stories from the sky.

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our community is plane strong, pilot strong

Pretty early on in this global health crisis, it seemed clear that aviation would be hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and that GA wouldn’t escape the destructive cascade of effects that would follow. Sadly, that’s exactly what has happened, though it was hard for any of us to imagine, or at least to accept, that things would be so bad. The pandemic has devastated the world economy and forced three-quarters of Americans into voluntary isolation. I won’t go into the numbers of those who are sick, who have died or who have lost their jobs, because those numbers will doubtless be far worse by the time you read this. The scourge of COVID-19 has, in fact, wreaked utter havoc on aviation. At this writing, pilots, flight attendants, ground crew and…

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First documented: 1915 Message: “Good Night” by Art Smith (U.S. barnstormer) First used in public advertising: November 1922 Location: New York Times Square Message: “CALL VANDERBILT 7200” “VANDERBILT 7200:” Phone number to hotel where the pilot was staying Phone calls hotel received in three-hour span: 47,000 Skywriting Corporation of America (SCA) founded: 1923 First SCA advertiser: Lucky Strike Cigarettes Message: “L S M F T” (Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco) Other major advertiser: Pepsi-Cola States where Pepsi advertised: 48 Pepsi skywriting ads in 1940: 2,225 Maneuvers required to write the word “PEPSI:” 17 Minutes needed: 10 What the media dubbed skywriting: “Celestial vandalism” Popularity decline: 1950s (television) Reason: TV ads not weather-dependent Became popular again: 2010s Cause: Social media Reason: Messages shared online boost ad visibility Ideal weather: Cool, humid, windless, clear Common altitude: 10,000 feet Aircraft speed: ~150 mph What creates skywriting smoke: Paraffin oil in exhaust Degrees at which paraffin vaporizes: 1,500° Environmental concerns:…

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the alien spacecraft of roswell, new mexico

THE MYSTERY In 1947, something crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and although rumors emerged from the get-go, they really got heated up in the 1970s that the craft in question was an alien spacecraft that the Air Force recovered and quickly secreted away. The even bigger news was that there were bodies. Alien bodies. The government, for its part, lied from the start, saying that what had crashed was a weather balloon. So, what of these theories of aliens and spacecraft and government cover-ups? Is there anything to these wild stories? THE BACKSTORY Like all the best conspiracy theories, the Roswell story has at its heart a real event. There was a crash, and the Air Force did hide the stuff away from sight, and the government did cover up the truth. “Still, it…

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1. ROCKETS. While rockets using black powder predate 1,000 C.E., when early chemists in China chanced upon the substance, the development of a really useful rocket engine happened in the 1920s. After that, the technology took off, largely thanks to developments in the United States, where Robert Goddard used a more effective nozzle technology to vastly improve the power and, hence, usefulness of rockets, which would eventually propel spacecraft and take people to the moon. Rockets have also powered the fastest and highest-flying airplanes, including the first to achieve Mach 1 in level flight, the Bell X-1. 2. CONTROL INTERFACE. On that chilly December day in 1903 when the Wrights’ Flyer launched on that famous first 12-second journey, Orville, the world’s first PIC, operated a very different set of controls than…

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news of note

CORONAVIRUS SLAMS AVIATION In March, the novel coronavirus began its deadly march through North America, after having wreaked havoc in Asia and Europe. The virus, which proved far more virulent than authorities expected, threw the world aviation segment into disarray. At this writing, the scope of the pandemic and its potential impact was still not well understood. But aviation events early on began to be nixed. The big European sport aviation expo, Aero Friedrichshafen, was canceled, as was the U.S.-based Aircraft Electronics convention in Nashville, in mid-March. At press time, the United States was keeping open its air transportation system, this despite growing illness among flight crewmembers, TSA agents and ATC personel, among others. Flight instruction was heavily impacted, as well, with dozens of flight schools closing down to keep employees and clients safe…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 _____ M600 SLS, first production plane ever with autoland capability 4 Complaints or transponder use 8 Company that once made a certificated eight-cylinder aero engine 9 Type of servo tab that makes the force stronger 11 Unit of heat energy 13 This kind of clearance can be pop-up 15 Acronym for approach fix between initial and final 16 Notice of completion, abbr. 18 Fail to maintain, as altitude 19 What many used planes have plenty of 20 Propeller blur 22 Tool to guide pre-flight planning, abbr. 24 Speed measurement unit for a plane 27 Some owners opt for this type of less-expensive overhaul 28 Police alert, for short 29 Useful keyboard to have as a pilot 30 Signified in aviation weather reports with a capital “G” 31 Indicated is what ATC wants when it asks for this DOWN 1 The P in DPE 2 Air _______ 3 Edge 4 Bringing into…