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Plane & Pilot October 2020

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8 observations on the future of flight

1. Comments made by NASA head Jim Bridenstine on the future of autonomous flight were simultaneously refreshingly and disturbingly honest. In an interview with EAA head Jack Pelton during EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Week, Bridenstine, a former FA/18 pilot and homebuilder, said offhandedly that planes flown autonomously would be safer than those flown by pilots. First, ouch. Second, I’m happy that we’re a long way from the point at which this will threaten what we do, though it’s not hard to envision a future in which human pilots are seen as a societal risk. Politicians and the mainstream public are already too quick to demonize pilots and aviation, both of which present negligible risk to public safety, especially when, without naming names, compared to activities that are broadly accepted. 2. It’s…

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wing walking

First Documented Wing Walk: 1911 Early Use: Aircraft refueling & repair (World War I) Founder Of First “Flying Circus:” Ormer Locklear, 1919 Trademark Stunt: Jumping plane-to-plane Most Daring Feat: “Dance of Death” The Stunt: Two pilots switching planes mid-air Hollywood Film Featuring Locklear: The Great Air Robbery Aircraft: Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” Film Featuring His Death: The Skywayman Year: 1920 Cause Of Death: Crash Reason Cited: Pilot blinded by studio lights First Aviation Job Of Charles Lindbergh: Wing walking First Woman To Switch Planes Mid-Air: Ethel Dare Nickname: “Queen of the Air” Previous Career: Flying trapeze performer Trademark Stunt: “Iron Jaw Spin” The Stunt: Hanging by teeth and twirling in propwash Early Wing Walking Deaths: 8 Deaths Since 1975: <10 Recent Fatality: Jon James McMurray, 2018 Reason For Wing Walk: Filming music video Cause Of Death: Fell too close to ground to deploy chute Record Holder For Longest Wing Walk: Ashley Battles, 2010 Duration: 4…

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news of note

Photo Contest, Your Flying World, 2020 Edition Launches Last year’s Your Flying World Photo contest was a huge hit. And if you saw the gallery in which we featured the top entries, you got to enjoy some of the world-class content you submitted. This year’s theme is again, Your Flying World. So if your photo is related to aviation, give us your best shot. As was the case with the 2019 event, this year’s contest will feature cash prizes and a spot in a future issue of Plane & Pilot. For official rules and prize amounts, visit planeandpilotmag.com. And good luck! EPIC GETS PRODUCTION APPROVAL FOR E1000 Epic Aircraft received its FAA production certificate for the E1000 turboprop single in July, which allows the Oregon-based company to build, test and approve aircraft with…

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Zoleo Satellite Communicator The Zoleo global messaging unit allows pilots and others to stay in contact even when on backwoods trips or when traveling to other areas that are traditionally out of reach of cell coverage. The unit offers two-way messaging via text, email or app-to-app, and it is different from other satcom units in that, in addition to satellite communication, messages can also be delivered via cellular or WiFi networks when available. The unit relies on the Iridium satellite network, which provides global coverage, when they are not. Zoleo users can rest assured they can reach assistance during an emergency, thanks to the unit’s SOS button and around-the-clock emergency monitoring from GEOS. The Zoleo app allows users to stay in contact with GEOS in such an event, providing updates as a…

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accident briefs

Piper PA24 Comanche Valparaiso, Indiana/Injuries: 1 Fatal The pilot was departing on a personal flight. Witness observations and surveillance video captured the airplane during the initial climb; the right wing dropped and then the airplane entered a right spin. A surveillance video from a camera mounted on a building near the accident captured the final portion of the accident sequence; the airplane completed one revolution in the spin before it impacted the ground in a near vertical attitude. Examination of the airplane, engine, and systems revealed no evidence of any preimpact anomalies. The circumstances of the accident are consistent with the pilot’s failure to maintain adequate airspeed during the initial climb after takeoff, which resulted in an exceedance of the airplane’s critical angle of attack and a subsequent aerodynamic stall and spin. PROBABLE…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 ____ M600 SLS, the first production plane to land itself 4 Makers of the autonomi system 7 What one might do with a flight plan 8 Rules governing flight in the U.S., abbr. 11 Defining feature of the PA-38, 2 words 13 Land too long, goes with 9 down 14 To do this or not; that is the question 16 Cessna 150’s nickname, “The ____” 17 Comes before “built” or “fox” 19 What a pilot does to achieve an oscillation 21 B.D.’s planes 24 Big GA publisher 25 The biggest concern for owners? 2 words 28 “V-_____” 29 Piper’s PA-12, 2 words DOWN 1 Nickname for PT-6s, for example 2 Place 3 What Cubcrafters is to Husky, for instance 4 Were cleared to FL 200 from 240, say, 2 words 5 A Van’s plane 6 UN agency supporting flying globally 9 See 13 across 10 Something that is not used 12 Did at…