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Plant-Based Spotlight

Plant-Based Spotlight

November - December 2020

The Plant-Based Spotlight is the official magazine of the Plant-Based Network, a lifestyle and entertainment media network that promotes plant-based living. Enjoy plant-based / vegan recipes, interviews with influencers and celebrities, and articles on plant-based living and entertainment including cooking, travel, nutrition, fitness, family, education, music, shopping and more!

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our advisory committee…

Sarina Farb speaks around the country to organizations, vegfests, and conferences, while teaching high school chemistry and environmental science. She writes and creates YouTube videos on her channel Born Vegan. Katrina Fox is an award-winning journalist, PR consultant, founder of VeganBusinessMedia.com, host of Vegan Business Talk podcast and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business. Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN, aka “The Plant-Powered Dietitian,” created an award-winning career based on combining her two great loves: nutrition and writing. She is an accomplished writer, editor, blogger, author, speaker, and media expert. Dawn Hilton-Williams is an author, “vegucator,” culinarian, veganpreneur and whole-food, plant-based certified nutrition coach, on a mission to move families from health-poverty to health-wealth through facts, food, products, and vegucation. Amie Hamlin is the Executive Director of the Coalition For Healthy School…

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tv show guide 52

The Jazzy Vegetarian Taste award-winning host Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, highlights tasty, plant-based meals with help from celebrity guests! Feed Earth Spirit Follow Angela Jelita as she bridges her passions of food, the environment, and a deeper connection to consciousness. Cooking with Barry More than just a cooking show, join Barry the Vegan for interviews, celebrity appearances, nutrition and medical experts, and much more. Rated V Plant Based Dining Want to know where the best veganfriendly cities in Europe or the US are?! Tag along with Eunice Reyes as she rates the vegan food and restaurants. It's All About the Flavor Chef Robin Asbell demonstrates how to make all your meals more flavorful with over-the-top textures, smells and tastes. The Sarina Farb Show Host Sarina Farb breaks down the latest news about policies, laws, and regulations that impact our health,…

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let’s make the future merry & bright!

Editor-in-Chief & Art Director, Plant-Based Network For Robyn, her editorial role combines two passions that support the Plant-Based Network: her professional expertise in visual design and personal commitment to plant-based nutrition. For more than three decades, Robyn has transformed complex challenges into creative solutions for a spectrum of industries. Today, she actively lives and advocates the plant-based lifestyle, striving to inspire others to achieve optimal wellness. A time to pause… a time to reflect… a time to take a deep breath. As 2020 draws to a close, it’s been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons. It has been hard to find hope and positivity as so many have suffered in terms of loss, illness and financial hardship. But amid all the uncertainty, there have been unexpected gifts: working from home was…

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We didn't know if anyone would truly be interested in watching a streaming TV network that only had plant-based lifestyle and entertainment shows…no meat, dairy or drug commercials…no BBQ meat competitions…just shows that met our criteria of being positive, inclusive, compassionate and fun. We didn't know if we could find enough TV-quality content that could keep viewers coming back. We didn't know if companies would be willing to take a chance and advertise on a new TV network in a niche like plant-based living. We are happy to say YES, YES and YES! After tens of thousands of downloads of the Plant-Based Network app on Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Androids and iPhones, as well as the launch of our popular bi-monthly digital magazine, the Plant-Based Spotlight, we have decided…

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here's what you said…

General Comments Lynda R: It’s beautiful! Congratulations… and thank you for all you and your team are creating to make a plant-based lifestyle mainstream! Dawn W: Top shelf. Very well done magazine. Highly recommend everyone pick up a print copy in addition to the online. For me there’s nothing like turning a page and having a keepsake in print! Lina L: This magazine is a classact; beautifully designed, full of helpful info for plant-based as well as those considering it. A welcome addition to this field! What advice would you give to someone wanting to go plant-based? Kellie W: Dive in. It’s a learning curve for everyone, so just enjoy the ride. Jessica C: Don’t be too focused on perfection - that can be defeatist if/when you fall short. Have fun with it! Kathleen W: Just go…

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holiday stress sos

My pranayama breathing practice through my asana and meditation practices, is so helpful with mindful eating and anxiety during the holidays. Navigating a holiday social event, a bad food craving, or even just standing in line at the grocery store near all the impulse buys can be so much easier when I consciously connect with my breath. I silently practice the mantra, “this is only temporary,” and take long slow inhales and exhales. It allows me to get through the moment where I may make a poor food decision—so that I can make a better choice later in the day. I go from that instant gratification with a poor food choice, that may give me a sugar crash or food hangover, to delayed satisfaction and appreciation for having self-discipline. Which always…