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Playful Magazine Issue 4

Playful is a daring magazine telling personal stories of legendary people who help create Berlin’s reputation. Nothing is too crazy, too naked or too strange.

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komet is about to explode

If you have been out clubbing in Berlin, it is not unlikely that you have encountered a charismatic old man with a white beard and gleam in his eyes. Maybe you have even been lucky enough to be invited to Ritter Butzke, where he has a standing guest list. The man we are talking about is of course Komet Bernhard, one of Berlin’s strongest personalities and artists who is known for gathering groups of party people on the U-Bahn to join him on his party path. Sometimes he goes under the nickname “Techno Grandpa”, famous for dancing non-stop in the Berlin techno clubs. Playful Magazine has decided to meet him at the brand-new bar THE HAUS (Graefestraße 92) in Kreuzberg. It is his manager Patrick who is responsible for the culture program…

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the cozy bar guide

MAMA BAR Hobrechtstraße 61 On a rather quiet street in Reuterkiez, lies a gem of a bar. When you enter Mama Bar you are taken on journey somewhere warm. The deep tones of the lamps, artwork, and unfiltered Czech beer make Mama Bar special. In our recent visit, we were told to stay tuned. They are working on opening a Spanish restaurant connected to Mama Bar. DION & GEFOLGE Bürknerstraße 32 Dion & Gefolge is a unique deli/boutique which has an incredible variety of selected beers, wines and spirits. Andre and Salem will gladly tell you stories and assist you in your choice of taste. I often grab a beer and sit outside, enjoying the views of the canal and the lives passing by. Dion & Gefolge’s beer collection is stacked with over 150 different kinds…

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ugly plates

IT’S A THEME IN BERLIN TO DO BUSINESSES ON LOW CULTURE RATHER THAN HIGH CULTURE. SOME PEOPLE JESTER IN FRONT OF CARS WAITING FOR GREEN LIGHT, AND OTHERS SPANK PEOPLE IN CLUBS. PLAYFUL GOT CURIOUS ABOUT KAMILA WHO MAKES VERY UGLY PLATES. YES, THEY’RE NAMED VERY UGLY PLATES. Why Very Ugly Plates? I knew they will be naughty and in Polish “naughty” is the same word as “ugly”, like dirty in English. I didn’t like to go with “dirty” as no one likes dirty plates, and I like when people tell me that they’re not ugly. How did you get the idea to start making them? I support some charity organisations in Poland and one of them was organizing an auction. I saw there was a cute mini plate with baby seals and it…

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tarot forecast: 09 - 11.2020

facebook: madama nara // instagram: madama.nara ARIES JUDGEMENT + BAT “To be born, to die, to be reborn. They are cycles of the same life. An eternal restart. The soul’s journey” Each person sows his own path from his long journey. We are responsible for building our own reality. It is necessary to confront the Judgment and all that has been planted. The bat represents shamanic death, it is the moment to break free from the ego to commit to abandoning old patterns and having courage and determination to grow. Aries this quarter face a great need to see themselves, to analyze themselves in order to look ahead. Do not let this moment of great wisdom pass. TAURUS HANGED MAN + MOUSE “Each detail has a specific weight, a particular truth and an exact place in the…

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dr rubinstein

Marina Rubinstein, better known as Dr. Rubinstein slides into the biergarten where we decided to meet, in the middle of Volkspark Friedrichshain on her baby blue bike. “They don’t have mate, but they have paper straws…” she notes a bit ironically and decides instead to let an Aperol Spritz accompany the interview. Having followed her through social media during the spring and summer, it feels like we’ve already met. Her personality shines through – to say the least – on YouTube, where she and one of her best friends, Lukas, started streaming live during the Corona quarantine. It is both honest and spontaneous and Marina feels like self-assurance personified. Therefore, it surprises me a little when she produces a printed paper with notes, which she prepared for our meeting. “I always want to…

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Something that many of Playful’s interviews have in common, is how Berlin inspired them creatively. In this issue Dr. Rubenstein explains that she had no clue how to DJ and people told her several times that she’s not gonna make it in Berlin where there’s so many talents – look at her today. Patrick Mason moved here to study Graphic Design. Today he does whatever he finds appealing, interesting and fun – and he does it wholeheartedly. Many of us experience a change when moving to Berlin – a city where the creatives are supported with less tax, where clubs don’t close at 3pm, and where you see street art everywhere, amazing restaurants along the streets, where people can be themselves without worrying if someone photographed them in a club and…