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Playful Magazine Issue 5

Playful is a daring magazine telling personal stories of legendary people who help create Berlin’s reputation. Nothing is too crazy, too naked or too strange.

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I was recently asked if I believed Berlin would re-emerge as what it once was before all the lockdowns. The former Berlin, to me, was not only crowded and smoky bars with liberal opening hours. It was the people you met in the bars. It was the relaxed outlook on life, the non-existing focus on ‘career’, the way of building communities, living your best life here and now – if so, only for the night. We create and build new worlds here every time we share a moment together, in a way that is unique for the city. To answer the question: When I moved to Berlin, I met two women in a bar who invited me for drinks, since I wore a suit that matched with one of theirs. Out…

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from queer activist in china to porn film creator in berlin popo fan

POPO FAN UNDERSTANDS THE IMPACT FILMS CAN HAVE, AND TO SAY THE LEAST HE HAS ALSO EXPERIENCED IT HIMSELF - FROM BEING CENSORED BY THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE OF THE THEME OF HIS MOVIES TO SUING THEM AND WINNING. Popo is a queer film director, actor and writer who does everything from directing porn movies for Erika Lust, to documentaries about being queer in China and coming out in Chinese families. He is also writing sci-fi porn scripts, and none of this started with a particularly big film interest. Neither with a feeling that “movies will change the world”. Actually, he didn’t even have any particular interest in films. It pretty much started out with poor grades in math. “I grew up in a small city on the countryside in China, with only six…

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gili shani

THE KITKAT PHOTOGRAPHER HAS A MISSION WITH NO END DATE If you've been to KitKat on a weekend, you've probably run past Gili Shani – the tattooed man with the camera. In Playful, he talks about how the people behind the club became like a family for him. He also sends out a message of encouragement to people, especially men, to be a little more creative when it comes to fetish outfits. You came to Berlin as a photographer 16 years ago, what brought you here? At that time I was living in Israel and wasn’t happy there anymore, I was bored. I felt that there was nowhere to go, and that Israel had become too small for me. In a friend’s bar I met a girl who was living in Berlin and we…

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AFTER MOVING TO BERLIN, CERA KHIN BECAME ONE WITH THE TECHNO SCENE IN NO TIME.FOUR YEARS AFTER HER FIRST GIG, SHE TOURS THE WORLD AND RUNS HER OWN RECORD LABEL.AND ALSO – SHE IS TRAINING TO BE A HEALER. Like many others, it was the freedom and openness of Berlin that attracted Cera Khin six years ago when she packed her suitcases and moved from Tunisia to Germany. “In Berlin, you are free to do whatever you want. No one will judge you. In Tunisia many people feel much more restricted. I mean, I see so many men from Tunisia in Berghain for example, living out their real selves in a safe environment. People can be themselves in Berlin.” In Berlin, she met the club culture that never sleeps and spent days and…

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JULIAN FRICKER, THE PERSON BEHIND THE PERFORMANCE AND VIDEO ART PERSONA LEGZ GREW UP IN AN ARTIST FAMILY IN SWITZERLAND. TODAY THEY ARE TRANSPORTING PEOPLE INTO NEW WORLDS OF GENDER FLUIDITY THROUGH THEIR ART THAT IS CREATED AS AN OPPOSITE POLE TO CAPITALISM. “Both my parents are ballet dancers, and it was totally normal to do shows in the living room as there always was a camera on. But I felt like an alien in that country since you’re only a good citizen if you earn a lot of money. I tried that out for a while, but it wasn’t for me so I moved to Berlin.” Frequent travels to Berlin from Zurich and a feeling of not belonging in Schweiz finally resulted in splitting their time between Berlin and Zurich. “I told…

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FOR 10 YEARS, THE DJ AND NOW ENTREPRENEUR REKA HAS LIVED IN BERLIN AND MADE A NAME FOR HERSELF ON THE EUROPEAN TECHNO SCENE. SHE TELLS PLAYFUL ABOUT HER NEW PROJECT THAT’S GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY ARTISTS TOUR, WHAT SHE LOVES ABOUT BERLIN, AND HER FIRST TIME PLAYING A SUNDAY AT BERGHAIN AS A FORMER RESIDENT DJ AT CLUB RIVAL TRESOR. For Reka, just like for many other artists and DJs, 2020 was a strange year where everything was put on hold. But just because the clubs and stages are closed does not mean that she has been idle. Even before the pandemic, she had sown the first seed of what is today being developed into her own company start-up with a vision of changing the way artists tour. “It has…