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Practical Horseman Extra Volume 21_CANCELLED

It presents step by-step training programs and showing advice from recognized experts in hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, and eventing, along with money- and time-saving ideas on health care and stable management.

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about amanda steege

Growing up, Amanda Steege was never far from a horse with both of her parents working as trainers and instructors in the hunter/jumper industry. The family owned Red Acre Farm, in Stow, Massachusetts. As a Junior, Amanda campaigned her Small Junior Hunter, One In A Million (aka Spanky), to great success. Coached by her father and Bill Cooney (and still riding Spanky), Amanda won the 1991 Massachusetts Medal Finals and competed in the USEF National Hunter Seat Medal Finals and the ASPCA Maclay National Championships the following two years. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston College and started her own business, Ashmeadow Farm, in 2001. Amanda has been the World Champion Hunter Rider for the northeast region for several years. She and her clients have won numerous championships at the Devon…

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finesse your flat class

If you hang around horse shows long enough, you’ll hear this comment ringside: “You can’t beat that daisy-cutter. He’s going to win this flat class.” But the truth is you don’t always have to have the best mover to be competitive in the under-saddle class. Most judges are looking for the whole package: a horse who has good movement but is also obedient, alert, sound and has good manners. Does your horse look like he is a pleasure to ride? Are his ears up? Are his gaits balanced and his transitions smooth? How well you present your horse to demonstrate these details can have a tremendous impact on the judge’s ultimate decision. Even if you’re not aiming for a blue ribbon, doing your best in the under-saddle class is growing more…

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don’t undermine the trot

Trying too hard at the trot is a common mistake in hack classes. Sometimes you will see a rider ask the horse to lengthen the trot by using a heavy driving seat with an open hip angle. But the driving seat is counterproductive, as it can make the horse lift his head and drop his back, which creates a quick, choppy step rather than the desired long, loose step. And if the rider lands too heavily in the post, it can make the horse crabby or pin his ears. To address this, do lots of work at home in the two-point position. This will give you the leg strength necessary to keep the right position even with a horse who is reluctant to go forward. Then, when you return to normal…

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horsemanship 1o1

Whether you compete or just ride for fun, you can raise your horsemanship to a higher level by learning more about your horse, your sport and yourself. Successful riding is all about creating the best possible partnership with your horse, both at home and at shows. In this article, I describe my methods for gathering and tracking all the pertinent information that might affect your horse’s health, happiness and performance. Then in an article on PracticalHorsemanMag.com, I describe my strategy for preparing both your horse and yourself for competition. In a second online article, I also share some helpful tips for focusing your mind and arriving at the ring ready to ride your best every time. There’s No “I” in Team The better you know your horse, the better you can perform…

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high-tech solutions for horse owners

I’m always looking for new ways to serve my horses better. One software program I helped develop and love using is Stable Secretary. It’s a barn-management app that tracks all of the important records I describe in this article plus billing records for your service providers. Another wonderful high-tech solution is StallWatch. It’s a portable video-surveillance system that allows 24/7 remote viewing and archives 30 days of stored video. This adds one more level of monitoring to your horse-care routine, providing peace of mind.…