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Prevention December 2017

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stress & energy

STRESS CAN make you stronger? Come on! When this story (p. 80) hit my desk, I was dubious. In fact, it stressed me out. Stress is surging in this country, causing headaches and heart trouble, and we’re only on the cusp of holiday madness. Would I be asking our readers to deny their anxiety in a fruitless effort to rise above their feelings? Once I read the story, though, I got the idea. It says that everyday stress—traffic, deadlines, other ordinary hassles—can be managed and even appreciated if we refocus our approach. Stress can actually inspire us to reach out to others, which is just one of its benefits. This kind of rethinking can be powerful. In “Learning How to Pivot” (p. 64), Meridith Hankenson is forced to reckon with her own…

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letters to the editor

LOVE YOUR AGE I feel better at 75 than I did at 45. Are some things harder for me to do? Of course. But are there rewards for having made it to 75? Yes—many. I have a sense of freedom I never had when I was younger. It doesn’t matter all that much how people feel about me. It is now more important to me that I like who I am. Isabel Gillett / Phoenix What a powerful story about your Aunt Vera! I love that you are promoting loving your age. We all need to see that it’s possible to be strong at any age. I want to be like Vera! Nikol Johnson-Sanchez / Fort Lauderdale At 67, I can confidently say that this is the best part of my life. Is it what…

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next-wave health inventions

FOR SLEEP TROUBLE Inventors are taking note of Americans’ lack of slumber. One company asks poor sleepers questions about their sleep habits and measures their spinal alignment to match them to a mattress. Another mattress monitors sleep patterns to help people maintain a regular schedule. FOR HEART DISEASE An MIT start-up company has developed a bra that uses Bluetooth technology to monitor heart rate, breathing, and other cardiovascular functions to prevent heart disease. Available in 2018, the bra syncs to a smartphone app, which analyzes the data and provides insights for improving heart health. FOR HAND TREMORS Microsoft inventor Haiyan Zhang has created a vibrating watch that eases hand tremors, a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease. The vibrations seem to disrupt neural signals that cause shaking. In the first test, a patient wearing the watch…

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grab-and-go health

Vending machines filled with healthier fare than greasy chips and sugary candy bars are showing up in airports, offices, and other public places these days. The new machines dispense organic, vegan, gluten-free, and other inspired food and drink choices, including yogurt, fruit, and prepared salads. Some are even stocked with organic or locally sourced snacks and meals packaged in reusable glass jars. Healthy vending has also infiltrated drugstore chains like CVS; the company recently launched its own machines stocked with more than 70 options, including healthy snacks, natural cold medicines, beauty and personal care products, phone chargers, first aid essentials, and vitamins. SLOWDOWN IN THE VITAMIN AISLE Sales are decreasing in the $23 billion vitamin, mineral, and supplement industry as consumers struggle with trust and cost, according to a recent report by…

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eat, drink, and be healthy

Granola Probiotics are the newest ingredient in the popular breakfast food. Kimchi This already trendy Korean side dish made with seasoned napa cabbage will debut in more products. Chocolate Gut health gets sexier with probiotic chocolate bars and chocolateflavored edible supplements. Honey Innovators will ferment the much-loved natural sweetener to include probiotics. Tea A growing number of blends will include heatresistant probiotic strains. Kombucha floats The popular fermented tea gets a modern twist with this healthier take on the classic root beer confection. Juice Fruit drinks get in on the probiotic trend, adding live and active cultures. Drinkable vinegar Predicted to be the next kombucha, the vinegar is diluted with juice or sparkling water and typically contains billions of live and active cultures. Watermelon juice This workout recovery drink is rich in antioxidants and contains an amino acid that may reduce muscle soreness. Pickle juice Look for this low-calorie…

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what’s out, what’s in

OUT EXTREME DIETING Strict eating plans like the carb-banishing ketogenic diet and the meat- and dairyfree vegan diet exclude crucial food groups. JUICE DETOXES These diets have been revealed as phony fixes for “toxic” overload, and they don’t promote sustainable weight loss, either. ARTISANAL SAUERKRAUT Adopted quickly by mainstream foodies, the gut-healthy barbecue staple is no longer novel. COCONUT OIL The American Heart Association issued an advisory on coconut oil in 2017, due to its enormous levels of saturated fat. ALMOND FLOUR This was one of the first flour alternatives of the gluten-free movement, but the buzz is gone. MICROGREENS The bloom is off these young sprouts of common leafy superfoods like arugula and kale. TURMERIC The spice dusted popcorn, tortillas, and more in 2017, but it’s time for the next hot thing. ANCIENT GRAINS Spelt and farro seemed exotic just last year, but the novelty…