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Prevention November 2017

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bright ideas

I lIke few activities better than a walk in the woods before the trees are completely bare here in the Northeast. But if you’re like me, as the days become shorter, you may find yourself wanting to hole up and nest, trying to avoid going dark as the days get darker. This year, if I sense that happening, I’ll do two things. First, I’ll get a new light box, which can help combat seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that often occurs when light diminishes in the late fall and winter. A mild form of SAD may afflict up to 20% of the population, women more often than men. The bright light from the box mimics outdoor light and lifts my mood, though my device is a contraption from the…

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letters to the editor

YOUR MINDFUL DAY I have a glass coffee percolator. the only sound it makes is a gentle blupblup as it turns clear water to deep brown and ordinary kitchen air to fragrant aromas. I can’t walk away from it like a drip machine; I have to pay attention. pouring my coffee into a glass mug, I marvel at how the cream transforms it again. It’s a perfect mindfulness meditation. Michele Bartlett / Littleton, Co practicing mindfulness is something I do along with taking melatonin and engaging in exercise. We really have to take care of our bodies and be good to ourselves! Marlene Lerner-Bigley / Martinez, Ca HARD TO SWALLOW I have an assortment of supplements that I use to bolster my immune system during high stress or acute illness. I eat mostly vegetables…

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100,000 the number of hair follicles on the average person’s scalp, according to the american academy of Dermatology YOUR HAIR IS AWARE The individual hairs on your body actually communicate with each other to coordinate their growth, according to scientists at the University of California, Irvine. Lab tests with mice show that hair adjusts itself so that it sprouts to uniform rather than varying lengths based on the part of the body where it’s growing. When genetics, age, or health problems disrupt the signaling, follicles no longer grow as a group but start sprouting independently of each other, which leads to baldness. The researchers believe their discovery may spur the development of more effective treatments for hair loss. “If communication between nonbalding and balding regions can be reactivated, then hair-growth signals can…

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exercise and ms

In the past, people with multiple sclerosis were advised not to exercise for fear of exacerbating symptoms. Today’s research, however, is proving quite the opposite: Exercise, particularly strength training, can help improve common MS symptoms like fatigue, depression, and mobility impairment. A recent Danish study found that MS patients who did resistance training twice a week for 6 months showed less brain atrophy on MRIs than those who didn’t exercise. The brain tends to shrink at a faster rate in people with MS, and researchers think exercise slows progression of the disease and prevents symptoms from worsening. 65 Percentage of women who walk for transportation or leisure A NOVEL WAY TO AVOID BACK PAIN Vanderbilt University engineers have created an undergarment that takes stress off the lower back when you lean over or…

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smooth operators

IN A RECENT POLL of nearly 700 surgeons and surgical residents, 90% said they use music as a sound track in the operating room. The most popular genre? Classic rock, such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses and “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, according to the survey, conducted by music streaming service Spotify and health care app Figure 1. Pop tunes came in second, followed by classical, jazz, and R&B. “Music calms the nerves and improves staff morale,” said one surgeon. Said another, “It can keep the room mellow and at other times pick up the pace.” Most respondents noted that the staff makes sure to turn down the volume during crucial moments in the operation. Find these beauty items at shopprevention.com. beauty by natuRe looking for a fresh regimen…

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health notebook

BP: HOW LOW IS TOO LOW? About 75 million American adults have high blood pressure, and many take medication to lower it. standard meds work to drop the top number, systolic pressure, which measures the pressure when the heart contracts. Doctors typically don’t worry about the lower figure, diastolic pressure, which represents your BP between heartbeats. But scientists are now examining diastolic pressure below 80 mm Hg after several studies linked numbers between 60 and 69 mm Hg to an increased risk of heart disease and death. If you take BP meds and have a diastolic reading below 60, talk to a doctor about adjusting your prescription, says Paul Conlin, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical school. THE CASE FOR MICROFIBER A recent lab test finds that cotton towels can be magnets…