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Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2020

Quilting Arts Magazine is published six times a year. Whether you consider yourself a contemporary quilter, fiber artist, art quilter, embellished quilter, or wearable art artist, Quilting Arts strives to meet your creative needs. Get Quilting Arts Magazine digital magazine subscription today for exceptional how-to articles, profiles artists, features guest teachers, and explores contemporary textile works, surface design, embellishments, and motifs.

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6 Min
sisterhood collages

this latest series of art quilts chose me, instead of me racking my brain to come up with an idea. I see so much inspiration in the faces of women who come from the same era I did. These are women I know from the fabric art groups I belong to, from my volunteer work, and friends I’ve had for many years. They enrich my days. What we have in common is we’ve lived life. We have loved, lost, given, learned—and these qualities shine through. Wisdom, humor, and affection are woven into expressions like threads through fabric. Society used to see us as “invisible” but that’s changing. Even traditional women’s crafts like hand stitching are more recently seen as valuable and collectable. I’m creating a series of quilts honoring the qualities…

3 Min
the last word.

Quilters often think creative ideas are spontaneous and as rare and unpredictable as a strike of lightning. While it might seem impossible to schedule creativity, think of it as setting up a lightning rod on the top of a hill in late spring in tornado alley—right place, right time, and the odds are suddenly in your favor. So how do you figure out which elements are crucial for attracting creativity? A recent episode of the podcast HIDDEN BRAIN featured an interview with computer scientist Cal Newport. He noted that people worry that, “Having structure in your schedule means you’re not going to be able to do unstructured thinking. Well, what I’ve found is actually quite the opposite. Being able to protect my time—and to have long periods of undistracted time—allows me…

3 Min
our insect friends

who doesn’t love butterflies? They are elegant and beautiful and a marvelous example of transformation—from modest beginning to a luscious winged creature. But we appreciate all insects, even if some are more lovely to look at than others. One cannot overlook their importance to our ecosystem, whether pollinating plants to feed our nations, building complex colonies with engineering skills second to none, or as needed food sources for other animals. We appreciate their vital role in our environment. We challenged readers to make a 10" x 10" art quilt that explored, celebrated, and interpreted the humble insect and its place in our world. We are pleased to share this gallery of our readers’ work. We hope you enjoy the following pages of original art. “Pretty Pollinator” JOANNA ELLIS • PARMA, OHIO Based on a…

1 Min
art your hear

What are we looking for? • Artists with inspiring portfolios of work to be featured in our In The Spotlight, Artist Profile, Open Studio, and Q&A articles. Show us your work and tell us your story. • Unique techniques, new ways to use existing tools and supplies, and ideas we’ve never featured before. • Projects and techniques featuring mixed-media, collage, and fabric book art. How to submit • Write a brief description of your idea and email it to qasubmissions@goldenpeakmedia.com. Your submission should give us an overview of what you are proposing to write with enough detail and supporting information for us to carefully consider your idea. • Attach up to three low-resolution jpg photos of your art or process to your email, and don’t forget to include your name, website, and contact…

2 Min
silver lining

The expression “every cloud has a silver lining” is about being optimistic and always looking for hidden goodness or comfort. But sometimes, that silver lining really is silver! We’re thinking glitz, glam, shimmer. Glitter, metal, shininess. Show us your inner disco queen, lover of shiny things, and creative metallics whisperer. But keep it tasteful! We want to test your mettle working with these materials. Whether nuanced or bold, use metallic elements in new and artful ways to create an art quilt inspired by ‘a silver lining.’ Rules 1. Create a quilt based on the theme ‘Silver Lining’ featuring glitz and glam. The quilt must be 8" x 10" and vertically oriented. Embellishments must not protrude more than 1⁄2" from the surface of the piece. The quilt may be made with any materials but…

4 Min
pick a card, any card!

Art quilters frequently use unconventional materials in their work. From found fabric to hand-dyed burlap, many materials you wouldn’t normally expect to see used in a quilt have become more common. In the past year alone, QUILTING ARTS contributors have expanded the breadth of materials they use to include such varied substrates as art paper, tulle, gauze, and even cheesecloth. When it comes to embellishments, the sky’s the limit: as long as it can be attached to the surface of a quilt wiTh either glue or thread, it’s been done. But playing cards? Why not? That’s a game changer. Up your game by finding fresh ways to create pattern and texture with the colorful graphics from cards. They are a fresh and fun source of color and texture, as well as…