Rail Express January 2021

RAIL EXPRESS is Britain's favourite modern rail enthusiast title. Undoubtedly the best for modern traction photography, the magazine keeps readers informed and entertained with undiluted coverage of Britain's railways in the diesel and electric era. First produced in 1996, RE has set a new standard for the hobby, with a clean design, high quality paper and the best reproduction. January 2008 saw the magazine relaunched in an innovative 'supersize' format, showing off the ground-breaking contents to the best advantage. Every issue includes news and analysis covering the present day railway scene, plus the latest preservation developments. Also inside: RAIL EXPRESS Modeler - Diesel & Electric era modeling magazine

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return for lsl locos

BR blue No. 47853, running as No. 47614 – and of special interest to this magazine as the first locomotive to carry the Rail Express nameplates – has returned to action after 12-and-a-half months out of action at Eastleigh Works undergoing a major overhaul, which included an engine swap. It had moved to the Hampshire facility on October 30, 2019 with No. D1935 (47805) on a 5Z47 stock move, and departed on November 11 in charge of another carriage transfer, conveying three repainted InterCity Swallow Mk.3s north as a 5Z37/15.55 to Crewe. Class 20 No. D8096 (20096) is now also back in service after returning from Barrow Hill in September. Its first run was sandwiching Mk.2d BFK No. 17159 with No. D8107 (20107) as the 5Z20 Crewe-Bristol East move on October…

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news round-up

DB CARGO WITH the RHTT season in full swing in November there is very little to report from DBC’s fleet. No. 67016 was stored WQAA at Crewe, while Euro Cargo Rail No. 66247 – returned to the UK in July with No. 66211 for attention at Toton (see September issue) – is now back in France. It departed the Nottinghamshire ‘super depot’ on November 20, moving to Crewe EMD behind No. 66040, with Nos. 67021 and 67028 for company. In another multi-engine move on November 23, it made its way to Wembley (with Nos. 67013 and 92011) before heading to Dollands Moor and back to ECR territory via the ‘Chunnel’. No. 92041 moved in the opposite direction in October, receiving attention of the wheel lathe at Crewe EMD after developing flats during…

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‘flex’ units enter service in south wales

A CLASS 769 bi-mode conversion finally entered revenue-earning service on November 16, when No. 769002 (rebuilt from No. 319002) was put into traffic on the Cardiff Valleys. The first timetabled train to be worked by the former Class 319 was the 2F08/07.14 Rhymney-Cardiff, after which it returned with the 2R09/09.36 Cardiff-Rhymney. Two days later, No. 769003 (ex-319003) made its debut passenger run as a ‘Flex’ unit, working the same service out of Rhymney, and on November 25 No. 769008 (ex-319008) also debuted on the 2F08 from Rhymney. No. 769006 was active on crew training during the month. Of the remaining sets for Transport for Wales, which have not retained their pantographs, No. 769426 has yet to be released from Loughborough but the other four (Nos. 769007/421/445/452) are at Cardiff. One of the units…

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shed talk

Correct to November 23, 2020 Allocations 144001/02/05/08/09/12/13/15/18/ 21 HT/EDHQ-HQ/SBXH 144004/14/16/19/20/23 HT/EDHQHQ/MBCS 170418 HA/HAHQ-DY/EMHQ 195133 newly delivered HQ/EDHQ 196005 newly delivered HQ/EJHQ 196105/06 newly delivered HQ/EJHQ 230009 newly delivered HQ/MBCS 315802/07/24/30 IL/EKHQ-HQ/SAXU317655/57/65/67/72 IL/EBHQ-HQ/SCEC 317656/61 IL/EBHQ-HQ/SCXH 317709/10 HQ/SCXH-IL/EBHQ 319009/10/11 HQ/SBXH-HQ/ORIO 319377/80 HQ/SBXH-HQ/ORIO 321437 IL/EBHQ-HQ/SAXU 484001 newly delivered RY/HZHQ 701013 newly delivered HQ/HYHQ 710106/19 HQ-WN 710278 newly delivered HQ/EKHQ 720521 newly delivered HQ/EBHQ 730001/02 newly delivered HQ/EJHQ 745102 HQ-NC 769943 HQ/SBXH-RG/EFHQ 801212 HQ-DR Renumbered 170633-170533 50633-50533 79633-79533 Formations 170533: 50533+79533 Now in passenger traffic 710106/19 745102 769002/03 801212 Sold Kirk Merrington Primary School: 142045 Stored/stopped locations Bristol Barton Hill: 56633 British Steel, Lackenby: 71990, 78130, 78279 (321448) Cardiff Canton: 153372/82 Crewe: 720522/47 Eastleigh Works: 319377/80 Edge Hill: 63131, 78157, 78306 (321437) Ely: 317665/67 Gascoigne Wood: 144014/19/23 Ilford: 317655/64, 317709/10 Old Dalby: 710274/75/78, 720545 Parkston Quay: 317505/14, 317666/70 RTC Derby: 77672 (455847), 78266 (456017) Tyseley: 153334/54/64/65/71/75 Wembley: 315801/15 Worksop: 701002/19, 720521/23/42 Disposals C F Booth, Rotherham: Arrival dates: October 26: 72017 (321437); November 9: 315802/07. Cut dates: November 2: 63104; November 6: 71302; November 10: 64504; November 11: 64503 International Metal Recycling, Long Marston: Cut dates: November: 71451/52/54/59/63/64/65 Raxstar at…

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network rail details new fleet

NETWORK Rail has revealed more details of the 570 new vehicles that will be built by Greenbrier-Astra Rail, leased from the Swiss company Wascosa, and maintained by GB Railfreight under a 10-year agreement (see Headline news last issue) Just under half of the order will be made up of 260 90-tonne GLW 42.9m3 ‘Falcon’-style low-side box wagons, 10 of which are intended to be maintenance spares. These are likely to be TOPS-coded MLA-W (W for Wascosa) and an updated version of the 140 MLAs already in use with NR. They will have Y25 bogies like their predecessors, albeit with updated braking components, and also thicker steel plate for the bodysides. These will be built in Romania, with the first 30 expected to arrive in December 2021 and the last batch delivered…

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DB CARGO: WI (UIC code Sefoorss) five-unit car carrier No. 85 70 4791 038-0 was at DBC’s Stoke-on-Trent wagon works for the usual two weeks from October 23, it returning to Warrington and back into service on the Arpley ‘tripper’ on November 6. However, it returned to Stoke just one week later on the 13th, sneaking back mixed in with a rake of BLA/BYA steel coil carriers from store in South Wales. Apparently this was an error, so it doubled back on itself the following week, swapping places with No. 85 70 4791 042-2 on the 20th. This was on site for just one week, however, when it too was replaced by No. 85 70 4791 030-7 on the 27th. NETWORK RAIL: Matisa D75 High Output Track Renewal Train Undercutter…