Rail Express April 2021

RAIL EXPRESS is Britain's favourite modern rail enthusiast title. Undoubtedly the best for modern traction photography, the magazine keeps readers informed and entertained with undiluted coverage of Britain's railways in the diesel and electric era. First produced in 1996, RE has set a new standard for the hobby, with a clean design, high quality paper and the best reproduction. January 2008 saw the magazine relaunched in an innovative 'supersize' format, showing off the ground-breaking contents to the best advantage. Every issue includes news and analysis covering the present day railway scene, plus the latest preservation developments. Also inside: RAIL EXPRESS Modeler - Diesel & Electric era modeling magazine

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editor’s comment the gift that keeps on giving

IT is another remarkable month for HSTs, which continue to grab the headlines in nothing but a good way. East Midlands Railway plans to end its use of the iconic trains in May (which means there should be a small window to sample them one last time on the Midland Main Line if we follow the Government’s timetable for coming out of lockdown). But to mark their passing on the MML, and as our cover image shows, celebrity power car No. 43102 has been repainted into InterCity Swallow livery – as worn in 1987 when it and No. 43159 set the world speed record for diesel traction of 148.5mph. After it retires from service, the power car will head to the NRM in York to be displayed with first production power…

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hst sets a preservation first

IN what is believed to be the first time any preserved traction has attained such a speed in Britain, power cars Nos. 43048/43089 reached 125mph on the East Coast Main Line south of Retford on February 19 after collecting newly-acquired coaches from Gascoigne Wood. ROG was the train’s main line operator. The 125 Group recently bought a further two vehicles, Nos. 42120/337, from the former NL03 set and these, along with Nos. 40741, 41067 and 42119 that were acquired towards the end of 2020, were moved to the DATS facility at Rectory Sidings (near Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire) by the group’s preserved but main line certified power cars. Accompanying Nos. 43048/43089 on the trip were Nos. 40730, 41057 and 42111, meaning the entire ‘2+8’ consist was made up of 125 Group rolling stock. Subject to…

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‘staycation express’ ditches loco-hauled stock for new-look hst

A MAJOR change for Rail Charter Services’ ‘Staycation Express’ this year will be the substitution of locomotive-hauled Mk.3 carriages by an HST set. In addition, the northbound service from Skipton in the morning will run beyongd Appleby to Carlisle for a break of two hours before returning to Skipton mid-afternoon. The day’s first southbound service will start from Appleby, returning there in the evening with the last working north from Skipton. A five-coach HST set in a brand new green livery – reminiscent of the First Great Western ‘Fag Packet’ colour scheme of the 1990s – will provide a distinctive service. Like the 2020 programme, only First Class carriages will be used. Mk.3s Nos. 40804, 41160/166/167/187 and 44081 were moved to Arlington’s workshop, Eastleigh, by Nos. 47593 and D1944 (47501) on February 9 for…

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drs expected to sell stored locos

DIRECT Rail Services has created a new XSDP pool for already stored locomotives awaiting disposal. It was immediately filled with 21 locomotives that are expected to be placed on a tender list soon. These are Class 20/3s Nos. 20301, 20302, 20303, 20304, 20305, 20308, 20309 and 20312; Class 37s Nos. 37602, 37603, 37604, 37605, 37606, 37609 and 37703; and Class 57/0 Nos. 57004, 57008, 57009, 57010, 57011 and 57012. Two further locomotives were stored in February, No. 37218 in the XHSS pool at Carlisle Kingmoor, and No. 37405 in the XHHP pool at Crewe Gresty Bridge. There are five other locomotives stored: Nos. 57302 and 57311 (XHHP) and Nos. 37259, 37409 and 57007 (XHSS). Recently repainted DBC hire locomotive No. 66126 departed Toton after its image change on February 13, being collected…

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new trains for ireland

NORTHERN Ireland’s public transport operator, Translink, has said there are plans to replace the present De Dietrich/ Mk.3 stock used on the jointly-operated (with Irish Rail) Cross-Border ‘Enterprise’ service with “nine eight-car trains” by 2026/27. Translink also said there are plans to introduce “15 three-car regional trains, bi-mode or tri-mode”, and that a total zero-emission fleet would be in use by 2040. It is understood that the 21 new 4000 Class DMU intermediate cars on order from CAF will be the last diesel-powered passenger stock to be introduced by NIR.…

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clayton to build class 18

CLAYTON Equipment has announced a deal with Beacon Rail to build 15 of its 90-tonne CBD90 Hybrid locomotives, which are powered by 524kWh lead-acid batteries that can be charged from either a shore supply or an onboard EU Stage V-compliant 56kW diesel engine. While construction is yet to begin, the Rolling Stock Library has allocated these locomotives the designation Class 18, indicating they will all be main line registered – although with a top speed of 20km/h, they are unlikely to travelling any great distance. Clayton is the company most remembered for the ill-fated Class 17 in the 1960s, but times have moved on since then and now, 60 years later, it is getting the next class number in the sequence.…