Readers Digest Australia November 2020

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challenges that lie ahead

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT VAPING? Our article on e-cigarettes explores the world of vaping, and how kids who have been raised on the risks of smoking tobacco are taking up vaping because they think it’s safer and not addictive (page 96). We set out to find the facts, explain the trend and highlight valid concerns and, in doing so, hopefully raise awareness about e-cigarettes that contain nicotine. We all shared a sense of baffled confusion – why, after decades of public health efforts to reduce the war on tobacco, do we now need to question the risks of vaping? Without overlooking the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that our race to curb one crisis unwittingly fed into another. In ‘Loneliness: 2020’s Other Health Crisis’ (page 58), health writer Helen…

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Conquering Antarctica Dr Geoff Wilson’s solo expedition to Antarctica, ‘The Man Who Conquered Antarctica With a Tent and a Kite’ (September), was nothing short of a breathtaking and highly dangerous adventure. It’s impossible to imagine the courage and mental stamina that would see this man complete what would become a solo, world-record-breaking adventure. There’s no doubt that Geoff’s hunger for adventure and discovery already has him dreaming of new places to conquer, far beyond the walls of his veterinary practice. JUDITH CAINE Wacky Inventions ‘Weird and Wonderful Inventions’ (August) showed me how creative people solve problems, no matter how big or small. With this, I feel motivated to pursue an invention of my own that could help the world environmentally or socially, even if it is a little bit wacky. AUSTIN LOO Driving the Civil Rights…

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news worth sharing

The Power of Co-operation It seems that nice guys don’t necessarily finish last. A recent study from the US tracked 671 people over 14 years, from university and during their career. It found that ‘deceitful and aggressive’ people are no more likely to be successful than those who are ‘generous, trustworthy and nice’. Furthermore, being nice to each other is how we have evolved as a species. Evolutionary anthropologist Dr Oliver Scott Curry says that for millions of years humans have relied on each other to survive and thrive. “It’s a very deep-seated, ancient impulse to work together,” he says. Schoolchildren Build Mini-Hotels for Insects Thanks to the children of Te Pahu School, the tree wētā of Waikato’s Mt Pirongia on New Zealand’s North Island should always find a home. The students from the…

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my sister’s laugh

I come from a broken family that many would consider dysfunctional, at the least. After we grew up, my three siblings and I could go years without speaking. And that is where this story begins. My sister Jeanne and I were born only 14 months apart, but by the time we were teenagers we had lost touch. At age 19, I had moved away from the home we shared with our mother to live on my father’s horse farm in another state, where I worked ultimately as a veterinary assistant and a bartender. Jeanne got married at 18, moved away, and became – well, I didn’t know what. We lived separate lives in separate states, and our connection somehow ended. WE LIVED SEPARATE LIVES, AND OUR CONNECTION SOMEHOW ENDED Fast-forward about five years.…

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smart animals

Good Samaritan STEPHEN KAY This happened back in 1972, before the days when pool fences were compulsory. I was digging a vegetable garden in my backyard when a large German Shepherd that I will call Sam (being short for Good Samaritan) ran towards me, barking. He came through the bush in the direction of a new house that was being built, some 200 metres away. For a while I ignored him, and then realised that he wanted me to follow him. All the workers had left for the day and I saw that the swimming pool had been built and was full of water. A white toy poodle was swimming around the pool. The water level was too far below the edge of the pool for the dog to climb out. It had…

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why cats make great pets

WHILE DOGS ARE THE MOST POPULAR household pet, cats run a close second. Cats are often overlooked by people choosing a new four-legged friend. Veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren explains why they make fantastic pets. CATS VERSUS DOGS It seems that many people have a definite tendency to be either ‘cat people’ or ‘dog people’. Often people who grew up with one species find it difficult to imagine owning and loving the other. People are frequently surprised to learn how friendly and responsive cats can be. BENEFITS OF FELINE FRIENDS Cats can be a great pet choice for people with limited space and busy lifestyles, or who live in an apartment. They don’t have the exercise requirements of a dog, plus they are quiet and clean. In general, cats are low maintenance and…