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Real People

Real People Issue 39 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Hands up who loves a bargain. That’s all of us, then! So you’ll get Blossom’s excitement, as a skint bride-to-be, coming across the perfect, poufy, twinkly wedding gown in a charity shop… It was a beauty, and a snip at £150. Blossom, who was marrying the man who’d lifted her off her feet while helping her move house, snapped it up. But fast-forward a bare two months from the nuptials, and the rotter had walked out on her! What’s a humiliated, heartbroken wife to do? Pay it forward, that’s what. Not the heartbreak: the beautiful meringue of a wedding dress so it could be a bargain for another bride (p12). We’ll call it a bonus that, in doing so, Blossom also got her revenge! Brave Linzi didn’t have to pay a…

3 Min.
our mad world!

Cute TOT A DAY IN THE LIFE This adorable little one is my seven-month-old son Lennon, who was named after John Lennon because his dad is such a massive fan of the singer. Imagine! Donna Gregory by email UK Steve Smith, 41, was looking forward to tucking in to a big plate of beans on toast. But when the hungry Bristol councillor opened his can of Heinz, his plans changed in an instant. Instead of the average 465 beans inside the tin, he had just one lonely bean inside! OFF THEIR TROLLEY The selfish driver of this car, who parked in the trolley bay of a store in Buenos Aires, has been taught a lesson by the supermarket staff… Let’s hope all those trollies need coins! ONE FOR THE JOURNEY! Cops have arrested 500 people in the past three…

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soap on a rope

East Enders Despite trying hard to distract herself from the fact that she’s leaving Walford for uni, Bex is struggling and nobody seems to see just how much – least of all pushy-parent-of-the-year winner Sonia. Best friend Lou has other things on her mind; Martin hasn’t been around, and Lisa tries too little too late. Tragically, the pressure and heartache of recent months finally becomes too much to bear. Slipping away from her own leaving party, Bex goes home to take her own life. Elsewhere… The Callum and Ben ‘will-they-won’t-they’ saga rumbles on, not helped in the least by Callum’s dad Jonno being back on the scene, not to mention Ben’s surprising request… Oh! And It’s Jack’s first day back on the force, Denise suspects Sheree, and Dot returns with Dotty in tow. EMMERDALE It’s…

8 Min.
scared of the dark

As I stepped out of our downstairs loo, the hairs on the back of my neck prickled. The house was quiet. Too quiet. Then a cool breeze hit my legs. I realised the front door was wide open. Kai! I’d left him engrossed in his tablet, practising the moves to the Baby Shark song. But now my three-year-old was gone. Outside, I bolted past the neighbours’ houses. Though my heart was hammering, my head guessed which way to go. Then I clapped eyes on him. My youngest boy with hair of shimmering gold, running barefoot around the park. ‘Eeek!’ he squealed, running even faster when he caught sight of me. ‘Get back here, you wee monkey!’ I yelled, as his big brothers egged him on. Kai paused just long enough to poke his tongue out and grin at…

4 Min.
one last sleep

Me and Michael nodded. It felt right. Coffin or no coffin, Kai belonged with us. The funeral director nodded his head, too. At home, Tyler and Mason were waiting by the door. ‘Where’s Kai?’ asked Tyler. ‘We’ve made him get-well cards, look!’ My heart shattered. It took everything I had not to collapse in front of them. ‘Kai’s gone to heaven,’ I told them gently. ‘He’s looking after Lily-Mai now.’ Their faces crumpled. Tyler ran upstairs, Mason into the kitchen. I felt sick, inflicting this pain on them. And how would they feel about what was going to happen next? I went into Kai’s room, with its collection of teddies. I changed the sheets on his bed and switched on the lamp, because he hated the dark. From a cupboard, I pulled out the new PAW Patrol bobble hat I’d bought…

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northern delights

Aurora borealis – the Northern Lights –is on every adventurer’s bucket list. And with its backdrop of sublime fjords, enchanting wildlife and snow-topped mountains, the coast of Norway is one of the most stunning places to see this spectacle of the night sky. And a cruise gives a perfect vantage point, as there isn’t the same light pollution on a boat as in a busy town or city. A chug up this lanky country’s seaboard is pretty breathtaking, too, taking in the natural scenery and the colourful homes of fishing villages dotted on the shore. The further north you travel, the better chance you have of seeing the light show. And mind that, when you cross over into the Arctic Circle for the first time, it’s tradition to have a ladle of ice cubes…