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Real People Issue 40 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

How is Christmas going? Waddaya mean, it’s too early? Don’t you know there are only 12 weeks to go? But panic not, for we have been doing the planning for you – and you’ll enjoy our tongue-in-cheek romp through the preparations on P16. But, of course, we’ve got Halloween to celebrate first – and we have some chillers to get you in the mood this week. What happened to Alisha was terrifying enough — stabbed in her car by a marauding stranger (P6). But then she found out who and what he was… it’s proper horror-film stuff. And how about an abandoned van, reeking with the unmistakable stench of death (P38)? It brought the cops running, alright, and the owner of the van, Amy, will be dining out on the…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT ALL SHOOK UP! Here’s my rock ’n’ roll son, Vince, at 11 days old, doing the Elvis signature pose perfectly. He’s certainly the King of my heart! Gemma Davies, Tuffley, Gloucester UK Newcastle has been voted the UK’s nosiest area, with neighbours most likely to watch each other. Liverpool came second and Norwich third, while Bristol’s nosey parkers followed behind in fourth – probably spying on what the other three were up to. FIN-TASTIC NEWS Molly the goldfish, weighing just 1g, is the UK’s smallest ever surgery patient after successfully having a tumour removed. ‘You definitely need steady hands and good eyesight,’ said exotic species vet Sonya Miles. OH MY COD! Get out the salt and vinegar and have a pickled egg to celebrate, it’s the UK’s best chippies… • Carron Fish Bar, Stonehaven, Grampian • Dolphin Takeaway, Dungannon,…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders When Sonia finds Martin at Bex’s bedside, totally oblivious to what’s been going on with the Mitchells, she lets rip about how he hasn’t been there for his daughter. Later, talking with Kush, Martin agrees that it’s probably best if he takes off again. It’s too risky. But then Sonia implores Martin to stay and be there for Bex. Heartstrings yanked, how can he possibly leave? Of course, Martin’s on the Square for all of five minutes before Ben clocks him. However, Ben quickly finds himself in need of some extra muscle so, with Martin begging him to let Stacey come home, Ben strikes a deal: help me out and we’re even. A Mitchell promise, though? Really? Surely it’s not that simple. Elsewhere… Rainie’s all over the shop and blows quite…

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along came a spider

Rushing through the house, I grabbed my handbag. ‘Love you,’ I smiled, popping a kiss on my two-year-old son Austin’s head as he sat in his highchair having brekkie. ‘And not forgetting you,’ I said to my boyfriend, Jordan, 24. It might have been a dark, cold January morning earlier this year, but I was glowing inside. Everything in my life – from my waist to my wheels – felt brand spanking new and exciting. I nestled into the squeaky black upholstery of my white Volkswagen Scirocco that still had that new smell. I was only a couple of months into my job, doing admin for oil supplier Watson Fuels, and I still loved it. Everything had fallen into place, after a rough few years during which I’d split from Austin’s dad. Last August, I’d met Jordan and,…

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you legend!

Snowdonia National Park is an 800 square-mile hunk of raw north Wales beauty. And it’s really come into its own as a world-class destination. The magical lake, Llyn Llydaw – seen from the top of Mount Snowdon – was voted Britain’s most spectacular view in 2017, beating Buttermere Lake and Stonehenge. But if you don’t fancy trekking up there on foot, the mountain railway can drop you off at the 1,085m summit. In 2017, the area became the backdrop to Guy Ritchie’s bro and arrow film, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. One of many links to the warrior king all over Wales, Snowdonia is the fabled home of Arthur, his sword Excalibur, and the Lady of the Lake. INSIDER’S GUIDE Meander along the colourful Italianate streets of Portmeirion, built on a remote estuary, west…

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the half of it

Beams from the disco lights caught the glitter make-up on our eyes as we whirled on the dancefloor at Butlin’s in Skeggy. Me and my cousin, Kayley. Spice Girls mad, us! I was four years older than her and had three sisters. Kayley only had brothers, poor thing. ‘You’re my fourth sister,’ I’d say. Now, in summer 1997, when we weren’t two schoolgirls tearing up the Butlins disco, we walked, side by side, along the beach with our families. My mum, Lorraine, and her mum, Tracy, were sisters, and they’d have filled Tupperware boxes with sandwiches for us. We’d scoff them, then set off along the sands on our mission. ‘Here’s a good one,’ I said. Soon, our buckets were filled with pretty, shimmery shells. Next day, we laid them end-to-end in the garden to make a dainty border. But,…