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Real People Issue 41 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

How many pounds did you put on in pregnancy? We’re all about the big mamas, this week. We have some properly mahoosive bumps for you. Melissa puts her hand up – she was more blubber than baby. A very happy, guilt-free eater and a gorgeous 23st blonde bombshell, she was proud to style herself as a big and bouncing Barbie. So into the delivery room she went in full slap, determined to give birth with glamour and style. Except it didn’t quite work out that way. Turn to p44 and get ready to cringe for her! Still, all that shame served a purpose in the end, and you’ll be stunned at how she looks now. Kirsty, meanwhile, had resigned herself to having a mum tum after giving birth to her first…

3 Min.
our mad world!

Cute TOT HELLO, DOLLY Check out my little baby girl, Layla Maria, two months, in a bonnet knitted by a friend. Doesn’t she look like a little doll? Caroline Hird, by email POLAND Speed climber Marcin Dzienski beat a lift to the top of six floors – 24 metres high – in a race recently held in Warsaw. The lightning-fast runner honed his skills as a kid by scaling his granddad’s apple trees. IN A FLAP Mexican teacher Luis Juarez Texis has come up with an idea to stop kids cheating in exams. No, it’s not taking away mobile phones, it’s putting cardboard boxes on their heads. Some parents have demanded his sacking! GOLDEN GREATS! A Co. Antrim chippie’s deep-fried Jaffa Cakes join a long line of battered grub • Terry’s Chocolate Orange • Mars Bars • Creme Eggs • Mince pies • Xmas…

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soap on a rope

Work yourself into a lather with our sneak peek at what’s soon to be bubbling over and under in your fave shows… WEEK COMMENCING 14 Oct EastEnders In a string of episodes where hurling abuse, and heart-to-heart chats, are a definite theme, relations between Stuart, Rainie and Kathy definitely take the award for most dramatic. You’ve got Stuart blackmailing Kathy into letting Rainie spend time with Abi, Rainie pretty much throwing Stuart’s efforts in his face, Kathy and Rainie having it out, Rainie taking some seriously drastic measures to get what she wants, leading to a raging Stuart making some wild threats before, of course, opening up to Kathy, who, in response, makes him a surprising offer. Just gotta catch my breath… Elsewhere… Three people try to talk Louise into going to visit Bex,…

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the chosen one

Like a pair of monkeys scrambling over roof tiles, me and my cousin clambered on to her daddy’s back. He was my uncle, Andy… Andy Temple. My best uncle. He was in his thirties, but played with us like he was a big kid, too. ‘Ready, girls?’ he shouted. ‘READY!’ we chorused back. Then I held onto my cousin’s waist while she gripped Uncle Andy’s neck. He was lying on his front on the grass by the river. He raised himself up, then down, up, down… Between every press-up he clapped his hands, all with us on his back! He was so strong. My Auntie Linda appeared, laughing. ‘Come on, Mr Universe, picnic’s ready!’ As I sat on the sun-warmed blanket, scoffing ham sarnies and drinking pop, I was so happy. I loved Linda and Andy nearly as much…

4 Min.
secret to the grave

Uncle Andy had had a scare. It should have stopped him… It didn’t. He was cockier now. He let me smoke his cigarettes. That was our secret, too. Every time I saw Auntie Linda, I felt so guilty – for lying to her that day, not letting her help me. And because her man loved me, not her. When my uncle had lived with us for about 18 months, Mum announced Andy was moving out. ‘He’s found lodgings not far from here,’ she smiled, still not suspecting a thing. As Andy stood on the doorstep with his bags, he gave me a wave. ‘See you soon,’ he leered. Once he’d gone, I fled into his room and sobbed on his bed. My head was at war. Part of me was relieved I wouldn’t have to do those…

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forget the passport!

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