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Real People Issue 43 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Happy Halloween! It’s all treats and no tricks in this week’s spooktacular. I had to have a little lie down after reading Katie’s story on P15. I’d do anything for my pair of moggies, but I’d draw the line at this! And what about a bit of ghostbusting? We’ve all seen the films, we can all sing the tune. All together – Bustin’ Makes You Feel Good… Did you know it can save you from starving yourself, too? Karen swears it’s brought her back from the brink (P14) and we have the photos to prove it. But it’s another fave film I found myself thinking about this week – Ghost, with the one and only late, great Patrick Swayze. That tale of a devotion so deep that it brought a…

2 Min.
our mad world!

Spooky TOT SNAP – BOO! My little pumpkin, Ava-Mae, 10 months, would like to wish all your readers a happy Halloween. Caroline Davies, Kingsteignton, Devon UK A creep who sent a woman a picture of his manhood was stunned when she sent a picture back of hers. He hadn’t realised that Faye Kinely, now a transgender woman, had been born male. ‘Worked like a charm,’ she said later. ZOMBIE GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT This is my sister-in-law, Abbie, and I (right) getting ready for a Halloween party. Our outfits took hours to do! Daniella Roberts, Llanfwrog, N. Wales DARE YOU! Fancy your chances at some of the UK’s most haunted places? • The Tower of London (left) • Pendle Hill, Lancs • Ram Inn, Gloucester • Glasgow Necropolis • Whitby Abbey and St Mary’s Church, N Yorks (left) • Muncaster Castle, Cumbria • Skirrid Mountain Inn, Abergavenny, Wales • Edinburgh Vaults •…

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soap on a rope

Work yourself into a lather with our sneak peek at what’s soon to be bubbling over and under in your fave shows… WEEK COMMENCING 28 OCT EastEnders The ‘Shifty Sharon and her Secret Sperm Donor’ storyline takes an interesting twist this week and it’s in favour of old mother Mitchell! It starts pretty much as things have been for her, with Mel calling the shots. The latest demand is for Sharon to sell her share of E20 to Ruby. Sharon isn’t keen, but what can she do? Turns out her best move was simply to admit to Ben that Mel is behind the sale – cos Ben tells Shazza a sensitive snippet that turns this wicked game on its head. With Sharon on to her, Mel and her plan start to unravel. And…

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the face of it

The witching hour... again. In our council house, that meant any time we fancied. Me and my sisters – my twin Eleanor, 11, and Rosie, 13 – were a coven of three. Grabbing hold of each others’ hands, we spun around the living room, singing, ‘I put a spell on you and now you’re mine.’ Then we collapsed in a heap, cackling. We’d watched the Bette Midler film Hocus Pocus at least 40 times. And in our minds we really were the three witch sisters – Winifred, Sarah and Mary – resurrected to cause mayhem on Halloween. We knew every last line by heart. Our poor mum, Andrea, 39, and brother Jordan, 16, were near word-perfect just by listening to us! But even witches grow up, and in time we Weird Sisters outgrew the…

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the mask slips

Rosie was dead at just 27. As I broke down, crying more than I ever thought possible, my mind flashed back to that cold, white tent at the end of my road that morning. I’d had no idea I was just yards from my sister. Rosie was so badly injured that the police had originally believed she was a man. I shut my eyes, trying not to picture it. And then what came into my mind was another face. Tattooed, freakish, frightening. Was this Ben’s doing? Was he truly as evil as he looked? As I sobbed a million tears and watched my strong mum break, I suddenly remembered Jake. That poor nine-year-old without a mum. Nathan got him from school as I took Mum home. When Jake arrived, I sat him down for the hardest…

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fright on the tiles

SCREAMLAND, MARGATE The cosy seaside amusement park of Dreamland mutates into a playground of horror on selected nights up until 31 October. There will be six scare mazes to get lost in, with shocks galore in store! Do you dare enter The Brotherhood, former home to an eerie order of monks who still practise sinister rituals? Or check into the decrepit seaside hotel in Dead and Breakfast, whose landlady hasn’t been seen for weeks? You can even join a séance, taking place in a spooky Victorian folly, for the chance to communicate with the ‘other side’, or delve into the dark world of Screamland’s secret prop store, to discover the park’s mysterious history! Tickets start from £15. dreamland.co.uk/events HAUNTED WALK, EDINBURGH Ghostly occurrences are nothing new to visitors of Edinburgh’s Real Mary King’s Close. This…