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Real People Issue 45 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

What price would you put on a life? It isn’t a trick question. Life is precious – priceless. On that we all agree. So how would you feel if yours hung in the balance over a measly two quid? Kelly always had a coin or two to spare for people down on their luck and when she saw a homeless woman begging and railing against the world outside Tesco, she was sure to go in and buy her a meal. This act of kindness did not go unpunished, as you’ll see on p6. After receiving 14 blows from a foot-long meat cleaver, Kelly’s dad was lucky to survive. He’d been attacked for nothing more than that couple of quid. Then came the shock of just who had attacked him. It’s…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT FINE SPELL! My son, Harry, wanted a magical fifth birthday and he certainly got one – dressed just like Harry Potter. Alison Tucker, Edenbridge, Kent UK An eagle-eyed shopper in Chatham was passing a Cash Converters when he got a big surprise – among the ornaments he spotted a gold 2012 London Olympic Torch for sale at £2,199.95. ‘It’s incredibly sad,’ he said. PICTURE PERFECT Here’s me and my camera-loving cat, Sabrina, taking a selfie. Look at her – she can’t get close enough! Jane Russell, Sawley, Notts THE 50P IS 50! Celebrate the UK’s fave heptagon with these mint facts • 50p pocket money in 1969 = £8 today • It was the cost of a 7in record • Three pints of beer was 48p • Eight litres of petrol cost 45p • Rarest 50p coins – 2009 Kew Gardens (fetches £70), and…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders All episodes this week are set across just one day. A big day. The day of Sharon and Lou’s surprise party, courtesy of mental Mel. Of course things don’t go exactly to plan, which is all part of the fun. But there can be only one winner in this battle of the bolshy bottle blondes – this clash of the Albert Square titans – and it looks like it might be whoever can get to Zeus, sorry Phil, first! Billy’s poised with a microphone held to his mobile so that Mel can phone through a big announcement; Sharon’s shrugging off the police who’ve pulled her over in her dash to get to Phil, at the airport… epic! Elsewhere… It’s also an important day for Mick and Linda. It’s Ollie’s assessment and…

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the gentle sex

Giggling with my school mates, we made a beeline through town on our way to the shops. Suddenly, I heard someone shout. ‘Princess,’ the slurred voice said. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Oh no… I grabbed my mate’s arm. ‘This way, yeah?’ I said, going to divert down a side street. But the voice was louder now. ‘Kelly!’ I sighed, turning round to face the man now following me, staggering down the street. His tatty trackies were smeared with stains under a ripped hi-vis jacket. Dirt and the stench of booze clung to him as he swayed, a bottle of Frosty Jack’s cider in his hand. But he was smiling. ‘Hi, Dad,’ I said. Yes, the stumbling drunk was my father – Phil Preece, 54. He’d never been like other dads. Him and my mum, Diane, 46, had…

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all for just £2

When I went to leave one afternoon, he threw himself out of his wheelchair and cracked his head open on the fireplace to make me stay. ‘I can’t cope,’ he wept. But I knew he could. He had to. For justice if nothing else. In January this year, the trial came round. The night before, I went to Dad’s and cleared the place out of booze. ‘You have to be sober for this one,’ I told him firmly. It was the only time apart from his stay in hospital that he’d been sober in decades. The next morning, I arrived at the crack of dawn and put Dad into a nice outfit. He was shaking and grumpy as I took him to Preston Crown Court. But I was proud when he climbed up on to the stand…

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holy matrimony!

A DRESSING DOWN The dress has to be a secret right up until the big reveal on the day, right? Gasps of delight or barely-suppressed mutters of disdain should greet the bride in her finery as she walks towards hubby-to-be. But one photo-obsessed bridesmaid broke the code big time when she took a secret snap during a dress fitting. The totally not-clued-up-on-etiquette girl posted the photo of the bride in her dress on Facebook weeks before the wedding. If that wasn’t bad enough, she tagged in the groom! How to spoil the biggest surprise of the day?! Not surprisingly, the bride was gutted. And the daft bridesmaid’s response? ‘Doesn’t matter if he’s seen it – he’s a man, so he will have forgotten what it looks like in five minutes’ time!’ LADY & THE TWO BIT TRAMP A belly laugh…