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Real People

Real People Issue 46/47 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Happy Christmas! Yes, I know it’s a bit too soon. Yes, yes, we’re still in November so it’s all pressie lists and piles of cards, not platefuls of sprouts and popping corks. But, as I write this, I’m looking out the window of RP Towers at London’s Leicester Square transformed into a magical, bejewelled Crimbo market. I wonder what the pigeons make of it? Probably just grateful they aren’t turkeys… or geese! If you need a shot of festive fairy-dust to get you in the mood, then here it is. Our bumper issue is a panto of passion – Neisha was hoping for a romantic Michael Buble´-fest. She got heartbreak and betrayal instead (p6). There are heart-warming Xmas miracles — Mitchell was hours from death when his infant daughter cuddled…

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our mad world!

Crimbo TOT THE LITTLEST HELPER At least I’ve got my elf… his name’s Ronnie. He’s six weeks and a bit tired, but I’m sure he’ll spring into action when Santa needs him. Alexandra Low, Halesowen, West Midlands UK A funeral director from Basingstoke has given up her job to become a professional mermaid. Jasmine Seales, 28, said her previous career made her miserable, and now makes £100 an hour at festivals, parties and events. BARK HUMBUG! Grrr. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas is coming. My dog, Eddie, doesn’t look impressed. Caroline Palin, St Helens, Merseyside USA Florida juror Deandre Somerville, 21, got 10 days in jail, a 12-month probation, 150 hours community service and had to write an apology letter. Why? For oversleeping and turning up late to court! ‘I just didn’t know the seriousness of it,’…

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beyond sprout!

PAWSOME. Petface fluffy sprout dog toy, £3.49, Amazon ONE OF YOUR FIVE A DAY? Walkers Brussels Sprouts crisps nationwide DO ALL SPROUTS LOOK THE SAME? Jigsaw, £3.99, Lakeland LEG IT. Green sprout pattern leggings, £65.25, zazzle.co.uk A TREE-MENDOUS IDEA. Sprout gin in a Xmas bauble (set of six) £25, pickeringsgin.com WITH ALL THAT FIBRE, you need to be prepared. Loo roll, £4.95 grahamandgreen. co.uk IN AN EMERGENCY. Read My Lips Brussels Sprouts Extinguisher air freshener, £3, Boots HEALTHIER THAN A DEEP-FRIED MARS BAR. Battered sprout bites, £3, Tesco GENTS BLOW EVERYONE AWAY. Sprout two-piece suit, £39.54, partypacks.co.uk…

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caught by the christmas bubles

As the credits to The Grinch rolled on the TV, I turned to my boyfriend Liam, who was snuggled in bed beside me. ‘Can I put some Michael Bublé on?’ I grinned. ‘It is Christmas Day after all!’ Liam laughed. He was more a Biggie Smalls fan than a Bublé lover. ‘Go on then,’ he chuckled. ‘I don’t want you thinking I’m a Grinch!’ It was Christmas night 2017. We’d spent the day with our families, then I’d gone round to Liam’s. We’d swapped pressies. Some Adidas T-shirts and trackie bottoms from me to him, and he’d bought me some lovely smellies. Then we’d burrowed beneath his duvet for Netflix and chill. Now as Bublé’s voice singing White Christmas oozed over us like melted white chocolate, I crawled back into Liam’s arms. ‘I’m so…

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frosty the woman

I had two choices now, and both of them horrible – kick him out and ruin Christmas for everyone, or pretend none of this was happening and face the music when New Year came. I chose the latter. When Liam came back that evening, we carried on just like we had these last few months. Me watching telly, Liam on his console, us barely talking. We even shared our bed that night. But we didn’t touch, an ice-cold strip of sheet like a no man’s land between us. It was the night before Christmas, and the only thing stirring in our house was my hatred for Liam and Ellie. I was torn between wanting to string him up by his Bublés, and desperately wishing to salvage Christmas somehow. So the next morning, sitting beneath the…

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heavenly body

A little face creased up in concentration and an arm reached out over the turkey, sprouts and roasties swimming in gravy that lay on our plates. Today of all days, would he alter his eating habits? I wondered. I leaned closer to see what three-year-old Freddy would do next? Would he pick it up? Yup. His hand grasped the bottle and he pulled it towards him. There was a squelching noise and out it plopped. Right on top of his Yorkshire puddings! It was Christmas Day 2017 –ketchup day as far as Freddy was concerned. No cranberry & sauce for him. It had th to be the bright red stuff. I didn’t mind. This was the first Christmas where we were a family of four. Freya was only nine months old, but Freddy was keen to show her…