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Real People Issue 48 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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What’s your favourite Christmas carol? I have to say I’m mad for a bit of Bing and Bowie pa rum pum pum pumming through Little Drummer Boy. So when it came to dressing up our adorable little cover star, Henry, I didn’t have to rack my brains this week. This handsome lad couldn’t have been more loved and wanted, but shortly after his birth came a terrible shock. With heartfelt honesty his brave mum Kayleigh opens up about how she felt and what happened next (p16). Let’s just say that the story has a Sugar Plum Fairytale ending involving Henry, two bits of wood for drumsticks and a moment of pure magic! We all love happy endings at this time of year. But Christmas season can be very lonely, too,…

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mad our world!

Crimbo TOT SNOW JOKE My little girl, Constance, is so desperate for a white Christmas she’s already dressed for the part in her Olaf outfit. Holly Jesson, Romford, Essex UK Locals in Stapenhill, Derbyshire were shocked to see a naked man doing lunges on a bridge crossing a busy road. ‘I didn’t know what to think,’ said one witness. A turkey with giblets on show, maybe! A CHRISTMAS CUDDLE People always say you’re all right as long as you’ve got your ’elf. I couldn’t agree more! Colleen Brunton, Enfield, North London TREE-IFFIC Hang on a minute! Xmas baubles have changed… • Fry up • Caravan • Glass training shoe • Fries • Yule log • Cat in a pool inflatable • Croissant • Sunny Delight bottle • Chinese takeaway • Games console • Dolphin in space FRANCE Brittany residents are puzzled as to how a ‘significant amount of cocaine’ and other drugs have…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders The day of Mel’s funeral arrives. Lisa’s struggling with grief at the loss of her friend, but Phil and Sharon arriving at the wake, and the praise being heaped on Sharon for arranging and paying for everything, pushes her over the edge. And by edge, I mean right off Mount Rage into the Valley of Truth! To be more specific, she tells everyone that Sharon’s a murderer and Phil isn’t her baby daddy! Thunk. Amazingly, this isn’t as bad as it gets for old man Mitchell this week – his reputation’s in tatters, his business is in trouble and now Louise is about to give birth to Baby Keanu number one! What to deal with first? Elsewhere… Adam’s lies are catching up with him. When Honey hears about Sally, his (non-existent) secretary,…

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alice in the looking glass

A rustle of whispers… I strained my ears for a hint. Each pub table had a huddle of head-scratchers but no one was scribbling – the question was a toughie. ‘Anyone know the answer?’ I muttered, desperately, but everyone shook their heads. ‘Time’s up,’ my colleague, Alice Ruggles, laughed from the front of the room. ‘Next question.’ We shared a first name as well as the same sense of humour. The work do pub quizzes she organised for us lot at Sky TV drew a big crowd. Glancing over, she gave me a rueful smile. ‘Sorry,’ she mouthed, giggling. ‘We’re all useless!’ I called out. We weren’t going to be on The Chase any time soon, that’s for sure! I went to the bar and ordered me and Alice a white wine. A small bribe never hurt! Alice was the office…

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i’ll kill the cat

My friend, Amy, always threw a Christmas party at her house and my sis, Jennifer, 24, would be there. It would still be raging. I could go tonight… I glanced at my phone. Even though it was off, it seemed to be screaming at me. I dreaded turning it on. Face it now. My inbox was filled. I’ll leave you alone, one text read. You’re making me feel so sad. My gut twisted. But I switched it off again. Putting on some more red lippy, I headed to Amy’s house. When I arrived, the music was blasting. Someone handed me a wine and it felt so good to be free. Only, then… ‘Joe’s been calling me,’ Amy sighed. My sister, too. Even with my phone off, he was still tracking me down, hounding me. Terrified he’d turn up and…

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for her!

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