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Real People Issue 49 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

How is the Christmas shopping going? Let me put on my psychic hat and have a go at answering my own question. The kids are sorted, right? (Thank you, Santa list!). You’ve got the smellies and choccies for Auntie Vi/Joan/feel free to add name… but those blasted blokes are giving you sleepless nights. What the heck do you buy them that isn’t tech and costs a fortune? Well, allow us to help. It’s the turn of our For Him gift guide this week. The Husband will be getting a few of the brilliant ideas on p10, I can tell you. In fact, I put off my shopping every year until I see what Vicky, our shopping supremo, has ferreted out. Which brings me to what’s on your wish list. Fancy…

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our mad world!

Crimbo TOT GO ON, SPOIL ME! ‘So, Santa, what are you bringing me for my first Xmas?’ wonders my five-month-old girl, Willow. She’s not messing about when it comes to her pressies! Shona Cumberland, South Woodford, London ITALY The swine! A wild boar pigged out on a stash of cocaine buried in woodland by an Albanian gang in eastern Tuscany. During a wire-tap, police overheard the crims complaining that their £17,000 Charlie was half strewn over the forest floor and half up a boar’s snout. BRIGHT SPARKS My neighbour’s front garden really is a sight to see. They put on an amazing show with their lights every year to raise money for charity. Barbara Thomas, Blackpool, Lancs LAST XMAS Enjoy some facts about the nation’s fave festive tune… • It’s the biggest-selling single in UK chart history not to reach No…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders Whitney is whooping for Walford when Leo tells her he’s booked a night in a hotel for her birthday. All that cheering when she should be fearing for her safety. Callum gets it. He’s picked up on Leo’s bad vibes and, sensing something’s up, tells Jay, who rubbishes off his concerns as jealousy. Tiff is pretty much of the same opinion of Callum’s motivation, but puts in a call to Bianca anyway. Lo and behold – the truth is revealed. He is Tony’s son and Whitney, therefore, is in danger! Elsewhere… Lisa knows that Keanu is the father of Shazza’s bump and is all set to tell… then, suddenly, Louise’s newborn daughter stops breathing. Does this change anything? Will Granny Lisa still go ahead and spill the beans? Oh! And Martin teams…

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in the bleak midwinter

Pushing open the door to Dad’s tiny bedroom, I was greeted by A Nightmare in IKEA… It isn’t a film, but it should have been, starring my old man! ‘All right there?’ I asked him. My dad, Kevin Dooley, 46, smiled over the array of little screws and metal doo-dahs that would somehow eventually form a cabin bed and a fold-out sofa. He’d always been good with stuff like this. Mr Fix it, everyone called him... because his hands were magic – he could fit kitchens and laminate floors, then show you how to use your new phone. All while dressing like a CEO in a shirt and tie! He’d always been a grafter. He’d got together with my mum, Heidi, when they were both a tender 13 – and Dad already working for her builder…

4 Min.
a cruel end

I tried to call Dad, but he didn’t answer. Then my phone went again – a screenshot from my half-sister, Paige, 18. She’d got the same message, felt the same panic. Dad loved us, but he’d never say it out of the blue! I thought of him crying earlier that day… Leaving Stephen with the kids, I rushed into a taxi, jabbering to Paige, not looking until the cab stopped. ‘Fawn Crescent,’ the driver said. ‘No, no, no,’ I shrieked. Wrong address! It should have taken just 10 minutes to get to Dad’s. Instead it was half an hour. I hammered on the door until Uncle Mick hobbled to answer it. Then I raced up to Dad’s bedroom. Please no. I pushed open the door. Dad was inside, hanging from the cabin bed he’d so lovingly built for my daughters. He’d looped…

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for him!

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