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Real People Issue 50 2019

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Well, it must be so embarrassing to have a man spring up and offer you his seat on public transport when you are anything but with child. I’m trying to imagine it. Of course it has never happened to me! Except, I’m lying… it has happened more than once. I’ve done the beetroot, ‘Oh no, I’m not… I mean… no, no, I’ll stand,’ stutter which just leaves us both toe-curled with embarrassment. And the opposite, aggressive – ‘It’s FAT!’ I’ve even offered up a breezy ‘thank you’ before smugly taking the well-meaning fool’s seat. Mostly, these days, I think, ‘Ha! I still look fertile!’ Little wins, readers, little wins. And it all came back to me, reading Claire’s story this week. It wasn’t just a mum tum that had everyone…

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our mad world!

Crimbo TOT CHEER UP CHICK, IT’S XMAS My little girl, Nellie, eight months, met Santa for the first time. She wasn’t that impressed! Claire Connor, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire AUSTRIA Cops are searching for a sweet-toothed crook who stole 20 tonnes of Milka chocolate from a Bludenz factory. A Czech delivery man with fake papers loaded his van and sped off. Chocs away! SANTA CLAWS! My nan’s dog, Rosie, might only be a Chihuahua, but she likes to play a big part in family Christmas celebrations. Tylajae Hutchinson, Cheltenham, Glos I DIDN’T KNOW THAT! Chances of a white Xmas are one in 10 in England and Wales, one in six for Scotland and Northern Ireland • The UK buys six million rolls of Sellotape pre-Xmas • 27 per cent of families sit down to watch the Queen’s speech • 4.25 million Brits travel abroad…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders Sharon and Jack, hitting the sack, behind Phil’s back! Now he’s set to crack and take DI Branning out – whack! Are you keeping track? Do you want a smack?! Ooh, sorry, just channelling Monsieur Mitchell. But Phil’s barking up the wrong sexy tree, isn’t he? Ben tries to put him right. Phil, however, remains adamant he has his man and can we even imagine the rage in his round, red face?! So, when he finally has Jack trapped at the Arches, can he be convinced that he’s made a mistake? Elsewhere… Bailey rescues Mick when he struggles to come up with an alternative Nativity with Ollie in a starring role. She comes at a price, though, and Gray helps her negotiate terms. Let’s hope Linda keeps her boozing under wraps –…

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do you see what i see?

Sucking the pickled onion flavoured dust from my fingers, I gave my hands a final brush off on my school skirt. ‘That hit the spot,’ I thought happily. Underneath the skirt sat a four-month-gone baby bump. And as I headed into sit my maths GCSE, people probably stared. I didn’t give them a thought. I was just wanting to do the best for my baby, pickled-onion crisp cravings and all. But no one had been more shocked than me to discover I was expecting two months before I turned 16. My baby’s dad, Andrew Ashurst, hung around with the same people I did down the park. He was 20, spending his time with a load of teenagers, but it didn’t seem strange to me. He was cool and funny and so much more mature than boys…

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dim the lights

Instead of opening adorable teddies with my baby, I was watching her life support being switched off. Andrew just stood motionless, silent. My brother, Paul, 20, had brought in his gift to Leah. I opened it and placed the stuffed reindeer at the end of her cot. Then I lifted her into my arms and cuddled her one last time as the tubes were removed. Andrew silently got up and was gone before she took her final breath. At 5.12pm that Christmas Day, her heart stopped. The room fell into an awful silence, broken a minute later by my howls. Then me and Mum quietly bathed Leah and dressed her one last time in a hospital Babygro. When I found Andrew afterwards, he was watching telly in the hospital lounge. I didn’t have the words to ask…

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not-so secret santa

EXPRESS YOURSELF: DEVON & CO DURHAM Climb aboard the Train to Christmas Town, a festive looped train ride that starts and ends in beautifully decorated Stanhope station, County Durham. There’s also a sister ride in Devon, beginning and ending at Okehampton station. Climb on board into a magical atmosphere created by caroling elves, interactive entertainment, plenty of hot chocolate and cookies for the kids, plus mulled wine for grown-ups. The one-and-a-half hour journey will briefly stop at ‘Christmas Town’ to pick up Santa Claus, and each child has the chance to meet him and receive a present. Full of festive fun, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with the little ones. HOW: Runs until 23 December, tickets start from £18. weardale-railway.com dartmoorrailway.com AS WOOD AS IT GETS: BERKSHIRE If you don’t fancy…