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Real People Issue 51/52 2019

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Happy New Year! I love everything about this season – the sparkles, the parties, the countdown, and the shedding of the old me like a crispy snakeskin. I’m an optimist. My NYE glass of prosecco is always half-full and I always believe I can be a better/slimmer/kinder/funnier/ less dependent-on-prosecco-me if only I set my mind to it. Well, at RP Towers we set our mind to getting your New Year off in the best real life style. And some of the resolutions we’ve been hearing really matter. Megan’s nightmare NYE saw her escape a hellish relationship (p6). While Farrah is opening up about her life of crime and the baby who changed everything (p28). And wait until you get a load of Steph! In Real People last year telling us…

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our mad world!

Crimbo TOT SNOW CONTEST Hats off to my little Amari, three, who had a Christmas-themed dress-up for nursery. He loved his white onesie so much he refused to take it off. No chance of this snowman melting! Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath, West Mids UK An intruder nearly died when he was trapped in a factory for two days – dangling by his foot! His shoe had caught in the window and he’d been left hanging. The unnamed 30-year-old was given oxygen in the textiles plant in Kirriemuir, Angus. MOGGY ON THE MENU?! When laying the table, mind the cat! Here’s my pal Hazel’s ginger tom, Rory, five, who’d plonked himself in a serving dish. Always the centre of attention! Heather Sutcliffe, Hebden Bridge, West Yorks BECOME A FIZZ WHIZZ… ...with these corking champagne facts • The most expensive bottle costs £1.6m…

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drop on in!

KEY WEST, MIAMI They like to slut-drop drag queens in a glittery shoe from a great height each year here! Having had 20-odd outings, Sushi, AKA female impersonator Gary Marlon, 52, readily admits she’s more the Old Lady in the Shoe now! PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WISCONSIN An actual fish does the honours in this town. A carp (real, but dead) caught by local fishermen and weighing between 25-30lb, is lowered. To honour the town’s fishing industry, the catch, nicknamed ‘Lucky’, descends on to a throne. But Lucky is given a more dignified send-off when it’s buried and a tree is planted by its grave. BERMUDA The Caribbean island has its own nod to Times Square, but its countdown is marked by a big papier-mâché onion! In the town of St George, they lower the veg…

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out with the cold

Putting my arms around my friend, I manoeuvred her out of the car door. She’d been going through a hard time, was having a good blub. But as I hugged her, a voice shouted through the open window. ‘Hurry up, get back in the effing car!’ Aaron Worthington – I hardly knew him yet found myself one of five of us travelling from Preston back to Chorley after spending the afternoon with friends. I’d only met him once before, at a pal’s. I’d been struck by how good-looking he was – tall with blond cropped hair, in a blue and red striped jacket and jeans. But I’d barely spoken to him. Now, I was glad! What a pig... We got back in the car and I gave him a cold shoulder. A few weeks later, he was there again…

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but i love you!

At 5am I had a scan. ‘You’re going to need emergency surgery,’ said the doctor gently. I knew this was the worst beating he’d ever given me. But… surgery? ‘Fractured skull… bleed… brain…’ The words got worse and worse. Aaron had bashed me so hard he’d broken my head. A nurse began to shave my hair in preparation for the brain surgery. Over five hours, surgeons removed the shattered parts of my skull and stopped the bleeding. A metal plate was inserted, along with 14 screws. Afterwards, they told me my head had been smashed with a heavy, blunt force several times. It was worse than people get in car crashes. The bone underneath my right eye had been shattered, too. And then the surgeon said, ‘You have permanent brain damage.’ Devastating. And yet I was recovering better than they’d expected. They’d…

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kindness aplenty in 2020

‘Cook a meal for your friend with cancer’ Or walk their dog. Doing small, practical things can be a welcome help, says Macmillan Cancer Support. macmillan.org.uk ‘DONATE NAPPIES, LOO ROLL & TAMPONS’ More and more of us rely on food banks, says The Trussell Trust. If you want to help, check what your local bank needs. UHT milk, tinned meat and juice are on the list, too. trusselltrust.org ‘SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC’ That means plastic bottles and coffee cups. Choose ecofriendly brands and products, urges WWF. wwf.org.uk ‘PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE AND HEAR A CRY FOR HELP’ To really listen to somebody, you need to give them your full attention, maintain eye contact and be engaged, says Samaritans. samaritans.org ‘Don’t forget the water’ Many people put food out for birds, but they need water for drinking and bathing, too,…