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Real People

Real People Issue 1 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

January is the time for a fresh start, a chance to kick off the new year with renewed vigour. Wring yourself out after a booze-soaked Christmas and look to a new slimline you... right? Sure, but I’ll be damned if you see me munching on nothing but sparrow food this month. Veganuary isn’t for me, nor is this Dry January business. It’s cold and dark outside, how else are we to keep our cheeks aglow without the odd glass of prossie?! Louise (p14) has got the right idea. She might as well have started Find-Yourself-A-Manuary. After being a naughty Lewis Hamilton, she turned up at a speed awareness course, and love blossomed! Then there’s Oh-Wow-Look-At-That-Scanuary. Check out Kerry’s diamond-shaped ultrasound (p15) and puppy Jax’s boltfromthe-blue X-ray (p28), for that. See,…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT HAVING A BALL! Playtime at Nannie’s is a busy business. Here’s my granddaughter, Mia, one, trying to keep all her balls in the air. I love having her two days a week. She keeps me on my toes! Carol Adams, Halesowen, West Mids UK Christmas was a bare affair at Terry Mulchinock’s. The 55-year-old from Hull had stripped his council flat living room back to its floorboards and bare walls, expecting repairs in early December. He then realised the work was scheduled for January. D’oh! STREWTH, MATE My magazine came with me on holiday to Australia. Here I am reading it in an art gallery in Brisbane. Janet Dandy, Burnley, Lancs NO FEAR RESOLUTIONS How about these voted-for, top 10 alternatives for 2020? 1 Shave your head every time you lie 2 Visit McDonald’s every day 3 Dig 44…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders The honeymoon period is over for Chantelle and Gray in every way! Gray wants Chantelle to take a pregnancy test but, when she says it’s too early, he tells her he’s happy to keep trying for a baby and leads her straight upstairs. Later, Chantelle helps Jags with some shopping and he tells her he’s moved to the Square. A jealous Gray looks on unseen. Back at home, a pregnancy test shows negative and an already agitated Gray doesn’t like Chantelle’s reaction. Gray grabs her roughly… Elsewhere… This Honey-Billy-Karen love triangle is brilliant! Two fine ladies both desperate to win the heart of Billy Mitchell. Billy. Mitchell. Really?! How will it end? How long will it be dragged out?! Surely we’re going to see him step out of the shower, wrap…

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under fire

Purple, vivid and bold. ‘That one,’ I said, gesturing towards the store’s wallpaper racks. ‘For the living room.’ My boyfriend, Billy Walsh, 28, nodded, seeming not to care I was about to decorate our new flat the colour of a livid bruise! ‘What else?’ he asked. I pursed my lips and looked around. The kitchen? Well, a black and gold combo would be stunning of course! ‘And what about the bedroom?’ I asked. ‘Red?’ replied Billy, laughing. OK, maybe we’d run a bit riot with the colours, but I was just so excited to be moving into my own place. I was 17, and for the past five years I’d been passed from pillar to post, from one foster family to another. I’d always felt like a stranger, an impostor, in someone else’s home. But having met Billy – after…

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out of gas

Next morning, predictably, he began to cry and apologise. ‘You’re horrible when you’re drunk,’ I said. We went to his mum’s. My body aching, I just wanted to curl up, but Billy insisted we go. I had gruesome teeth marks on my nose, purple and black bruises, swelling… She gaped at me… I knew that she guessed who’d done it. Several times I caught her looking side-long at me with pity in her eyes. But she didn’t ask… and I didn’t say anything. Instead, I forced a smile and joined in the chat. I was too scared to escape him that day, and in the weeks after. But then a saviour came, in the form of two blue lines… I was pregnant! Now, it wasn’t just me I needed to save. I had a life in me who couldn’t…

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letterbox lols

Cereal offender In 2015, a man in Renfrew took it upon himself to deliver breakfast to a friend in a very bizarre way. The prankster, Craig Cowan, 34, used a leaf blower to spray six boxes of cereal through Scott McAtear’s letterbox. In order to pull off his stunt, Craig fed cereal into the leaf blower through a duct taped bottle before pointing the nozzle through the letterbox. As a result, six boxes of Asda Crispy Rice flew into Scott’s hallway, completely covering the floor. However, Scott was in the dark for two years as to who the culprit was until finally, in 2017, Craig admitted what he’d done. Apparently, the trick was long thought-out revenge for Scott directing a load of nuisance callers to Craig’s phone years earlier. Scott is probably planning a counterattack as we…