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Real People

Real People Issue 2 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Fate is a funny old game. Sometimes life just spins on a dime and you’re left facing a completely new path. Take, for example, Nancy and Carol (p7). At a wedding, the two mums-of-the-bride merrily toasted their daughter’s happy ever after and then wriggled into two sumo wrestling costumes, as you do. It had been laid on for the kids, but who of us, after a wine or three, hasn’t thought, ‘Why not?!’ Only, they’d come to regret it deeply and Carol’s future now looks profoundly different. Then there’s Jodie who’s nursing her severely ill baby on the neonatal ward one minute – the next, she’s pinched another new mum’s fella in the neighbouring cubicle! But read her story (p44) before you judge her. And what about Lorren (p16)? She…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT PERI MERRY! My son Arlo, two, loves his Nando’s! Here he is, going spare, with his favourite stripped plain chicken and chips before going to see a Cinderella pantomime. Kim Coopey, Cardiff UK What happens when do-gooders and doggers meet? Fisticuffs! Good Samaritan Michael Everett, 25, was patrolling a suicide spot by Bristol’s Clifton suspension bridge. But chancing upon a public sex romp, he got punched. A 56-year-old man has been arrested. DOPPLECLANGER A barmy son was arrested for dressing up as his 60-year-old mum. Why? Brazilian Heitor Schiave, 43, wore a grey wig and floral blouse so he could pass his mum Maria’s driving test! But the examiner grew suspicious of ‘Maria’s’ large hands and unusually high-pitched voice. WHAT’S IN A NAME? Around the world, animals have some weird and wonderful monikers... • RAT POCKET – the…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders Lisa and Bex are worried about Louise and how she’s struggling to cope with baby Peggy. However, when Lisa finds her daughter in a state a bit later and she blurts out that Keanu’s dead, Lisa is ready to certify Lou as having lost the plot, gone cuckoo, living with rats in the attic – and she should know! But Lou-Lou isn’t la-la, is she? Surely it’s brother Ben who’s bonkers for tasking Martin with offing Keanu! Phil thinks so. He tells Lisa the truth and, despite her exploding in the face of the facts, reassures her that Louise will be fine. Hmmm... Phil’s not so reassuring when the police come to question him, though! Elsewhere… Billy really pushes the issue of Honey’s eating disorder with her. In the end, she…

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sumo fomo

Tottering, my arms flailed and I pitched seawards. SPLASH! The water rushed into my ears and I came up spluttering. I heard a big laugh from my wife, Carol, 52. ‘Get back up,’ she giggled. We’d signed up for a course on paddle-boarding. She had no trouble staying upright, seemed to walk on water like Jesus! It had been Carol’s idea – she was always enthusiastic about trying new activities. Me? I worked as a nurse and relished a lie-in. I spent hours cheering her on as she took part in triathlons. But Carol wore me down and I found myself rolling up my sleeves for whatever sweat-fest she had planned this time. So here I was, with a mouth full of sea water. Carol worked in IT at Falmouth University in Cornwall. We had met on a gay dating website. She…

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out for the count

The kids explained the idea was to push your opponent out of the circle or to pin them down on the mat. And soon we went at each other like two walruses on the beach! She pushed me and I overbalanced… staggering ungainly out of the circle. ‘Best of three,’ I roared with laughter. The kids cheered us on as we tussled again, breaking out in a very un-mother-of-the-bridely sweat. SPLAT. I tumbled to the ground. Carol landed on top of me. ‘You win,’ I grinned, as we rolled off each other. The rest of the day was just as fun. Yvonne surprised everyone with a hot pink skirt and a cheerleading routine. James wore a pirate hat cutting the cake – he had a thing about pirates. And the night ended in an ’80s knees-up. Next day we went for a family…

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cuts likes a knife

Unscrewing the teat, I picked up a rusk and scrunched it to sand between my fingers. Down into the bottle of milk the biscuity dust went. It was a treat for my baby boy’s last bottle of the day. Ben, 10 months, was such a good baby, always chugging contentedly with that faraway look in his eyes as he sucked. I still couldn’t quite believe I’d made him. This perfect little body, emerging from my big, ugly 25st one. I’d been even heavier than that once – 34st at my biggest. It’s why it had taken me six years to fall pregnant with Ben. Why he was so special. Just a dribbly smile from him and I turned to mush. He was all I’d ever wanted and now we went everywhere together. Things weren’t going well with…