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Real People Issue 10 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Everywhere there’s a scary new word. Coronavirus. Is this it, the next big plague? If it is, we’ve got one big advantage in this country — our wonderful, selfless NHS. Its dedicated people are our frontline, whatever comes our way. Nurses who keep caring, though tottering on tired feet. Doctors who barely sleep. Angels and heroes — but, of course, they wouldn’t describe themselves that way. And it makes it truly awful when there’s a devil in their midst. How else to describe the doctor whose mistake stole Kirsty’s little girl? A tragic error meant six-year-old Layla-Rose couldn’t be saved. But it’s how he tried to wriggle out of it, the wicked lie he told to try to save himself, that truly sullies his white coat (p12). When your life,…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT POTTY MOUTH Well, it’s fitting really that he loves this outfit so much, as I’ve always said my baby son, Vince, 10 months, is one hungry hippo! Gemma Davies, Gloucester UK A street in Bristol has been named Cheers Drive in honour of how locals thank a bus driver. So look out for: Is This The Last Stop Drive? and Can You Open The Back Doors Drive? and What Do You Mean You Don’t Take Change, I’ve Been Standing In The Rain Ages Drive! SUNNY SIDE UP Chin up, Sunshine! My 11-year-old pup was having a duvet day after a trip to the vets. She’s had work on her mouth, but is healing now. Stacey Hill, Torquay, Devon THANK FIDDLESTICKS IT’S SATURDAY! Blue skies apparently make us the happiest, but what else? • Waking up and realising it’s Saturday •…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders For Gray, the pressure continues. His office returns his belongings and he can’t bring himself to tell Whitney that he’s no longer representing her. Gray warns Chantelle not to tell her parents anything. As Gray simmers, he hears that his firm has dropped Whitney’s case altogether. His rage boils over and he takes it all out on Chantelle. The next day, Chantelle suggests she’s ready to return to work, but Gray tells her he’s going to take Whitney’s case on alone, to win his old job back. As the week rolls on, Chantelle suffers more than just work setbacks… After some pub banter leaves Mitch convinced Gray is having an affair and Gray gets wind of Mitch’s ‘investigation’, there’s only one person going to pay. Elsewhere… Jean catches Suki out and…

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out of a clear blue sky

Such a lovely June day. I can hardly believe it, now. It was a Sunday, warm and sunny, the sort that lifts your spirits and puts a spring in your step. I was 17 and I woke, full of the summer, to put on a floaty, white skater dress and go help my mate, Peter* move into his new house. College – where I was studying public services, hoping to join the police – had broken up for the summer, so I had lots of time on my hands. Peter’s new pad was on King Arthur Drive, on an estate the other side of Yeovil. One of my school friends, Liv, lived on the same road. All day I helped Peter lug in and unpack boxes. Before we knew it, it was almost 7.30pm. ‘I’m…

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what the blazes?!

PILLOW FRIGHT Atwitching Buzz Lightyear pillowcase outside a fire station gave a passer-by the collywobbles. Inside were 13 snakes snuggled up together! But they weren’t headed to infinity and beyond – they’d been dumped outside Farringdon Community Fire Station, Sunderland. The slippery offerings were royal pythons, but one was already dead. Who did they belong to and why had they been abandoned there? The mystery deepened 13 days later, when two pink pillowcases containing more snakes were found in the bin outside the same fire station. This time, the reptiles were 15 corn snakes and one male carpet python. They’d been left out in the middle of Storm Dennis last month. ‘Cruel and callous,’ said RSPCA inspector Heidi Cleaver, as snakes need heat and light to survive. And after the second haul was discovered, she said, ‘These snakes…

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grape expectations

Coming to Portugal, we Brits tend to flop on the sandy beaches or flock to Lisbon’s suave city scene, but go north and you will find a slower pace of life. The old capital of Porto is a lesser-known gem with its old-fashioned terracotta-roofed buildings, the Douro river flowing through it and the city’s renowned grapes – for a drop of port – growing on the hillsides. It was voted Best European Destination three times for a reason, you know! INSIDER’S GUIDE The only way to meander down the cobbled streets of Porto for a spot of window shopping is with a Jesuítas in hand. Layers of puff pastry… egg custard… sugary meringue… What’s not to like?! And you can indulge your sweet tooth further by travelling 30 minutes outside the city to Viana do Castelo,…