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Real People Issue 11 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Lovely readers, do any of you remember the diet-come-medieval-torture that was jaw-wiring? I just asked the RP gang that very question, and as I write this, they are staring back at me with faces full of horror, like it’s the sickest joke they’ve ever heard. But I’m not joking. Back in the days before weight-loss surgery, before stomachs were routinely stapled and bypassed, women actually volunteered to have their jaws clamped shut! The idea was to stop them eating any solid food at all, and thus lose copious amounts of weight. Wrong-diddly-wrongwrong! And it came back into my mind with a shudder as I read Jen’s story this week. No one would deny that her weight was out of control — least of all Jen herself. At 5ft and 46st, she…

3 Min.
our mad world!

Cute TOT INCY WINCY SWEETIE Watch out if you don’t want to be caught in my Spider-Man’s web. Amari, four, was beside himself meeting his hero at nursery. Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath, West Mids. UK Call centre workers Phoebe and Imogen, from Bristol, blamed a ‘blonde moment’ for paying £500 for flights to the wrong city. They wanted San Jose in Central America but, after a bottle of wine, they booked San Jose, California. Who says women can’t read maps? Err... THE LITTLE TERROR It’s every parents’ nightmare – while you’re in the shower your tot has climbed out of a window in your flat and is trotting down a ledge, oblivious to the 82ft drop below! But a court in Tenerife ruled this mum wasn’t neglectful, just lucky! STAR SIGN OF THE TIMES Apparently cats go in for…

3 Min.
soap on a rope

EastEnders Sharon’s a mess! Truth be told, this sobbing, wet, dribbling, runny-nosed quivering wreck of a woman is such a contrast from her usual polished, posh secretary/ gangster’s moll look, that the shock of the state of Shazza is, in many ways, more heartbreaking than the tragic storyline she’s playing out. It’s a horrible week in which she goes to see Denny’s body and starts to plan his funeral. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in all this, Sharon is struggling with new baby Kayden. Linda helps out and granny Karen is thrilled to look after him while Sharon grieves, but they’re not prepared to hear the difficult decision she makes during this tough time. Elsewhere… Gray makes an interesting discovery as he continues work on Whitney’s case. Will it be enough to get her out when…

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flaming hell!

Lugging all my bags back from the shops, I spied one of my neighbours walking down our road with a Staffie. I only knew him as Daisy and we’d never spoken. I assumed it was a nickname, he didn’t look like a dainty flower. A bulk of a man, he had a crew cut, tatts and earrings and lived four doors down from me. I’d lived in my road for 12 years, but didn’t know much else about him, never mind his real name. ‘Hi,’ I said, as we passed each other and he grunted the same. No doubt he was going down the pub to watch the footy. England were playing Sweden in the quarter-final of the World Cup later that afternoon in July 2018. I expected our street to get a bit rowdy that Saturday…

8 Min.
an appetite for death

Squirming, I fluffed up another feather pillow and placed it under my head. Fourteen more of them already sat like sandbags under me. And each and every one was feeling the strain. ‘Finally comfy,’ I panted, propping my laptop up on my tummy and starting to scroll through social media. Watching my friends living their lives. Some were getting engaged, others announcing pregnancies or travelling the world. Their snaps were as close to it as I’d ever be. A big wide world? I had these four walls. And that was it. I spent all day, every day on my back not even strong enough to support my own weight. Picture a beached whale, gasping desperately on the sand, helpless and unable to move… That’s exactly what I was, because it was blubber that had stranded…

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eating to live

‘You have to get a second opinion,’ my friend, Chris, gasped. I didn’t think I was worth it, worth anything. But she kept on until I found a doctor willing to try to help me. But I sat, in shock, as he reeled off the treatment I’d need. My neck would be cut open to remove the cancerous lymph nodes. Then my jaw would be opened up with an electric saw, before 95 per cent of my tongue was cut away and replaced with skin and nerves from my arm! Even with all that, I’d have only a 30 per cent chance of surviving the next five years. ‘And your new tongue will have no movement or feeling,’ the doc warned, explaining I’d need a feeding tube into my stomach. ‘You’ll never eat again.’ I…