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Real People Issue 12 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

‘What’s the best life lesson your mum ever gave you?’, I asked the gang this week. I wasn’t disappointed in the answers. ‘Never walk up the stairs empty-handed,’ Moira, our writer, piped up. Her mum was telling her that keeping a pin-neat house involves work that’s little and often. ‘Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened yet, because it might not,’ is Helen’s mum’s motto. We all need to remember that one! Cheryl and Stephen, our puzzles eggheads, are siblings, and remembering the same lovely mum. ‘She always said that good manners and kindness don’t cost a thing,’ said Stephen. ‘And she lived it every day.’ And what did she tell his sister? Cheryl chuckled. ‘Be honest, cleanse, tone and moisturise — and farts are always funny!’ she said. Can’t argue with…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT BOSOM BUDDIES My four-year-old granddaughter Aimee’s got the mum bug early. ‘What are you doing?’ her mum, Charlotte, asked. ‘I’m giving my baby booby milk cos she’s hungry and she wouldn’t take the bottle.’ How sweet! Susan McGivern, Coventry UK When Samantha Coughlan, 31, saw a pic of her 14-year-old daughter messing around on train tracks she made her pick up litter in the rain as a ‘community service’ punishment. The teen from Wythenshawe, Manchester, better make it up this Mother’s Day! FELINE CREATIVE Out with my 12-year-old son, Benjamin, this beautiful mosaic caught our attention in Willesden, London. We own two cats and curiosity got the better of us! Rebecca Lunt, North West London SUPERROVER STAR SIGNS We promised you astrology for dogs last week, and we darn well deliver! • Canines born under the ARIES sign are:…

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soap on a rope

EastEanders It’s Denny’s funeral and the sad, but dignified, service passes by without any unwelcome drama. Yeah, right! That’s if you don’t count a guilty Ian, sneaking off to meet Dotty to try to stop her from telling Sharon that he left Denny to drown! And if you ignore Shazza’s warning that no Mitchell is welcome, as she rejects Ben and Lola’s flowers. Or her chastisement of a mortified Linda, at the wake, over a detail she missed. Oh – would you count Phil rocking up as something worth mentioning? Eek! Sharon’s out for blood, so Ian and Kathy have to call the police to calm things. Phil wants to talk, but is forced to hide. Later, Sharon tracks Phil down at the Arches and, as a result of their meeting, Phil comes…

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goodnight, mummy bear

The lip of the bath was cold beneath my jeans as I perched there, counting the seconds away. It was a wonder my behind hadn’t worn down the enamel by now, I’d done it so many times. ‘You take it, I can’t look,’ my partner, Franky Harris, 30, squeaked from the loo, shoving the pregnancy test into my hand. Same as always. We’d been together 13 years and how much of that time had we spent doing this? Her on the loo, me staring at the plastic wand, then breaking her heart all over again with the words, ‘no, we’re not pregnant’. The doctors were running tests, checking my swimmers were up to the job. There was talk of a referral to a hospital fertility specialist. And we lived in hope. Our weekends were fun – dancing…

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rest up, babe

‘I’ll talk you through CPR,’ the woman on the phone said. But there was no time – the paramedics were banging on the front door. I flew down the stairs to let them in, only... ‘I can’t find my keys,’ I shouted. ‘You’ll have to come round the back.’ I searched their faces for any glimmer of hope, but there was none. Within minutes, one said, ‘I’m sorry, but she and the baby have gone.’ A shaking wreck, I staggered into the garden sobbing. I reached for my rollies. We’d both agreed to give up while she was pregnant, but I chain-smoked as I paced outside. It was so bewildering. Franky was just 38, the healthiest of the lot of us. When the undertakers arrived, I begged them, ‘Please, can I have a moment with her?’ ‘Of course,’ they…

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cabin a good time

If you think camping is basically rough sleeping minus the underpass and begging bowl, try something more upmarket than a leaky tent. With hand-picked luxury cabins and cottages, here are our top five spots across the country for a bit of bone-dry, cosy glamping... PENDINE SANDS, CARMARTHENSHIRE, WALES Here’s a holiday park that is ideal for beach lovers, just a few steps away from the flat expanse of Pendine Sands, on the south coast of Wales. Surrounded by coastline and countryside, the resort has an indoor swimming pool, beer garden, fish and chip shop, nature walks, golf, horse riding and fishing. For budding historians, the 12th Century Kidwelly Castle is close by. Modern two-bedroom lodges from £339 for three nights. parkdean resorts.co.uk COLWELL BAY, ISLE OF WIGHT Tucked away on the Isle of Wight is Colwell Bay,…