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Real People

Real People Issue 14 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

How are you coping during lockdown, which has just been announced as I write? It’s a bit of gardening that’s saving me – you’d be amazed how therapeutic an hour of sweaty digging and weed-pulling in my wee patch of green can be, especially after a day of real-life wrangling! When the telly gets too scary, and too real, there are the moggies to pet. And the husband for some chat… Having to feed the three of them helps, too! It’s having something to transport us that’s the thing, isn’t it, whether that’s a soup to stir, a dog to walk or a blummin’ good read. Well here’s this week’s Lockdown Survival Book – your favourite mag packed with true life reads, puzzles, giggles and advice. Lose yourself in Kathryn’s…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT BOBBY DAZZLER ’Ello ’ello ’ello, what we got here then? My son, Oliver, five, didn’t believe his grandad, 82 – Gongi, as he calls him – used to be a bobby, until he dug out his old police hat. Emma Booth, Chadderton, Oldham UK A 30st porker who’d gorged on Chinese takeaways had to be stretchered out of her flat by firefighters in Rotherham. But ‘Twiglet’ really was a pig! She’d lived the life of luxury until her owner Elaine died. It took three hours to winch her down to be rehomed. SOAKING GUN The local police were well armed, we were relieved to see, when we visited a water festival in Thailand! Katie Gooding, Tidworth, Hants. If your fella is ‘working late’, the only thing he’s working is the girl next door! It’s a common cover-up…

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five of the best... long hairdos

PHOEBE FROM FRIENDS Two sleek curtains of fine spaghetti, Phoebe Buffay’s barnet is an acceptable length in peace-time, but in corona-crisis, with crimpers harder to come by than tinned tomatoes, it’s a terrible length to start with. Like, buzz the whole lot off now or fast-forward to The Addams Family style, below, for what you’ll look like come autumn. LEGOLAS A bottle babe who’s handy with a bow and arrow, the Lord of the Rings character is salon-ready. Time for a chop, Legolas. But what happens when Covid-19 hits Middle Earth? Never mind the length, will he get his Clairol light ash blonde colour ant? Let this be a warning – if you haven’t stocked up on hair dye you’ll soon be half Hollywood, half Gandalf the Grey! DAENERYS TARGARYEN This is getting silly now.…

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sealed with a loving s.w.a.t.

Clambering into bed, I pulled my knitting from the bedside table and punched at the remote. ‘Nothing better,’ I thought as my telly burst to life and I got clacking with the needles. While the adverts played, I knitted and purled my way towards a little cardi for one of my grandchildren. At 54, with my two girls all grown up, being a nana was my life now. It was gone 20 years since I’d been someone’s wife. And though I missed the squeeze of a hand on the sofa, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d got that T-shirt, didn’t mind wearing it. Since my divorce I’d had the odd boyfriend, but nothing ever worked out. I suppose I liked being selfish – trips to Watford to see my mate, the odd visit…

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woolly, won’t he?

I’ll do what I can, I replied. Rushing down to the Halifax, I fibbed that I needed a loan for a car and was given £10,000. ‘You’ll pay back £182 a month for seven years,’ the bank worker clarified. I nodded, signing on the dotted line. I wouldn’t need the time – Kenny would pay it back any day. The second the money landed in my account I sent it directly to the Turkish bank account Kenny had given me the details for. But when I told my younger girl what I’d done, she went doolally. ‘This is a scam!’ she raged at me. ‘Mum, can’t you see that?’ But I’d already sent the money. And I knew Kenny. It was fine! When he said he needed more cash to sort the cameras, I approached an old…

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seas the day

A cheeky mini-break is the perfect way to unwind and recharge the batteries and, while you might not be able to get abroad, Britain is blessed with plenty of gorgeous places to get away. The long coast and rich countryside of Dorset make for perfect walks and the county plays host to countless quaint villages to explore while you’re there. The fresh air will do you good! Relaxed and comfortable, La Fosse restaurant is a good base, with rooms to stay. It’s tucked away in the heart of Cranborne, just a 20-minute drive from the coast. INSIDER’S GUIDE On your way to Cranborne, you’ll pass through miles of gorgeous green English countryside, so take your time and enjoy the view. Bring good, comfortable walking shoes – and bikes, if you like – to make the most of…