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Real People

Real People Issue 16 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

We know that, with lockdown, you’ve never needed our fantastic puzzles more. So our whizzes of the grids, Cheryl and Stephen, are working harder than elves on Christmas Eve to keep them coming and help you to lose yourselves in wordsearches, sudoku, and spot-the-differences. This week they have compiled a really fun four-page special (p16) for your ankle-biters, too. Think of it as our gift to this nation of harassed mums! The little ones are sure to love it. But with all the challenges to everyday life that lockdown is bringing, it is also changing how we ask you to enter for our fab prizes. Due to the virus, the company that receives, processes and picks our postal entries cannot operate for the foreseeable future, so I am sorry that you…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT HIGH AND MIGHTY We’re not climbing the walls in our house. Well, if we were, my little man would scurry up in no time! Amari, four, showed no fear at his first clip and climb session. Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath, West Mids UK Going back to live with your parents is never easy. If you’re not mothered to death, there’ll be barnies over the TV remote and coaster etiquette. But Kenneth Dando has braved the move, staying with his locked-down mum Nellie... in a care home. He’s 81 and she’s 104! DADDY’S BACK! Four-year-old Poppy Bayliss was made up to see her conservationist dad Julian back from a trip to Africa. He’d been chatting to her on video for two weeks – only he was at the bottom of their garden in a caravan, self-isolating!…

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look who’s behind you

Shivering, I rammed my hands into my pockets and willed myself to keep walking. I peered into a shop doorway… No use… someone had already bagged it. I trudged onwards that freezing night in January, 2017 – no money, nowhere to stay. It was three weeks before my 18th birthday. I’d been in care since I was 14. Nights out, drink, some drugs. Mum could do nothing with me – that’s why I’d ended up in care. And now I’d been kicked out because of my wild behaviour. Alone… totally alone… nowhere to go. Should I walk all night and try to beat the cold? Or should I sleep in a doorway, not knowing if I’d wake up again? But then a voice called out. ‘Amy? Is that you?’ I turned around and dimly made out a figure waving at me. Aaron Chidgey. I’d hung…

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crash in the attic

And he was right – he did find my next safe house. ‘You’re lucky you’re pregnant or I would hit you,’ he said. So we moved again. Me and Liam had moved 10 times during his first year of life. I hoped our new flat would be the home where we’d settle – me, Liam and the baby in my tummy. I was six months gone when Mum invited us on holiday. It was only to Ilfracombe with Nan, but the week spent paddling in the sea with Liam and playing in the sand was bliss. ‘Liam can stay with me tonight,’ said Mum when we came back. ‘You go home and rest.’ I passed over Liam’s bag to her and cuddled him. ‘See you tomorrow,’ I said, climbing out of Nan’s car. I unlocked the door of my flat,…

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suite spot

Britain’s hotels may be shut now but when they’re up and running you’ll be desperate for a pampered getaway. ROSSLEA HALL HOTEL, LOCH LOMOND, SCOTLAND In the picturesque village of Rhu, sits the waterfront Rosslea Hall Hotel. With views overlooking the Firth of Clyde, treat yourself to the room service bubbly before heading to the hotel’s Garden Rooms restaurant. There you can sample goat’s cheese and beetroot or chomp on steak with chips, washed down with a posh bottle of plonk. The hotel is near the seaside town of Helensburgh, buzzing with other restaurants and bars, but its own Glen Fruin Bar is just as good for a night-cap. The next morning, you can tuck into a full Scottish breakfast including haggis, before taking a stroll in the landscaped gardens. A standard double room at the Rosslea…

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driven to the brink

As I honked my clarinet through the house, my mum, Janet, smiled. ‘Sounding good,’ she lied. ‘But how can you be 17 in a few days?’ I couldn’t wait. ‘Finally, I’ll be able to drive!’ I squealed, gazing at the not one, but two cars sat on our drive. Mum’s silver Peugeot 206 and Dad’s purple Nissan. Wasn’t that just greedy? It was time they shared the love with their good ol’ daughter so she could zoom to college in style, impress her mates, have the freedom to hit the town and the shops on her own... ‘Jealous,’ my sister, Kelly, groaned. Three whole years for her to wait, while my big day arrived on 10 September, 2003. ‘Happy birthday!’ Mum and Dad smiled, handing me a card. Inside was a voucher... ‘Driving lessons!’ I…