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Real People Issue 19 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

The joke in our house, growing up, was that my dad would be waiting with a shotgun for any fellas foolhardy enough to want to date his two daughters!?! Readers, I’m pleased to tell you that he didn’t actually have a firearm and no fellas were ever blasted in pursuit of his girls. But it isn’t easy for dads when little princesses suddenly sprout into long-legged, glossy-haired teenagers… or even 27-year-olds. I’m talking about Megan, who was single and hoping to mingle on holiday with her parents in Bulgaria. Her pa, well, he had other ideas and so he gave her a little gift. Something small and skimpy… small and skimpy like a chastity belt! See what I mean on p14. Megan rocked it, but I wonder, would it have…

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our mad world!

Cute TOTS STAIR WEAR A fancy dress throwback, but I couldn’t resist sending in this pic of my granddaughters ‘Georgi in Wonderland’, four, and ‘Bat-Billi’, five, ready for a friend’s birthday party. Patricia Cordon, Cheltenham, Glos UK A fella in Colchester has taken personal protective equipment to new, raunchier heights when he did his Tesco shop in a head-to-toe gimp costume! He squeaked his way around the aisles in black latex to raise money for charity and to buy some bits for an elderly friend. ROOM FOR ONE MORE? Me and my daughter, Abi, six, are fascinated by these two. Monty – the ginger one – and Joe insist on sleeping in the one bed together! Jeena Sumner, Muswell Hill, London JIG FOR VICTORY Give your neighbour the V on Friday... to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day • Bunting…

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blood sport

Positioning my butterfly ornaments on a shelf, I heard a van pull up outside. I was expecting a leather corner sofa to be delivered. I craned my neck out of the window. Yup, brill, it was being offloaded on to the pavement. Downstairs, I stood with the landlord of the flats I’d just moved into in May 2018. He took a look at the sofa, which was about 20 times wider than the front door, and then at 5ft 1in me and said, ‘Yeah, we’ll need somebody else to help.’ He disappeared and came back with a chunky bloke with blondish-grey hair. This was more like it. ‘I’m John,’ he grinned. My hired help grimaced as he heaved one end, inching up one flight of stairs to my first-floor flat. I scurried in front, opening and shutting doors, resisting…

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life ends at 40?

With a gargantuan effort I swung my legs over the bed and landed on all fours on the floor. My hands felt the carpet beneath me. I put one knee forward then the other. Move! I scurried towards the door of the bedroom. Now my naked back was his target. I flinched with each sharp blow. Willing my knees and hands to keep going, I propelled myself forward. I reached the sitting room door. Come on, further, further. I reached the front door now. The blade sliced behind my ear. Reaching up, I fumbled with the lock. I tried to turn the knob… but my hand, dripping with blood, slipped off. I tried again… the knife jabbed into my back. Come on, you have to get out. Get a proper hold! This time my forefinger and thumb grasped the knob. I swivelled it and the door…

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on a roll!

SUSHI BURRITO Makes 4 • Takes 45 mins FOR THE RICE: • 200g short grain rice • 50ml rice vinegar • 1tbsp caster sugarFOR THE FILLING: • 4 seaweed sheets • 200g sushi-grade tuna • ¼ cucumber • 1 carrot • 2 ripe avocados • 2tbsp sliced pickled ginger • Handful of coriander leaves • Wasabi 1 Put the rice in a pan and pour in water until it comes 1cm above the rice. Bring to the boil then simmer. Cover and cook for 8 mins. Take the pan off the heat and leave covered for 5 mins. 2 Heat the vinegar, sugar and 1tsp salt in a pan. Transfer the rice to a bowl, then mix in the vinegar seasoning and leave to cool. 3 Lay out a sushi mat and put a seaweed…

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tell me the truth!

With two steaming pizza boxes digging into my ribs, I gently kicked open the front door. In the living room the circus had come to town! Well, half a dozen teenage boys all hooting and jumping around playing video games. ‘Come on you lot, tea’s ready!’ I bellowed from the kitchen. Soon I was mobbed, as if by a flock of hungry pigeons. ‘Thanks Mum,’ my son Yousef, 17, said, flashing me his trademark infectious grin. ‘Thanks Mrs Makki!’ sang his mates in chorus. Bellies full, we all unwound in the garden, soaking the last of the evening sun. This was pretty much every Friday. Yousef was a popular boy, bubbly, full of beans. To think I’d once worried that he’d be Billy No Mates at his posh school! You see, we lived in a three-bed council semi on a…