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Real People Issue 12 2021

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Where’s the harm in a bacon sarnie, you ask yourself. Or those fancy, salted caramel choccies – ‘I’ll just have the one.’ A little bit of what you fancy does you good – that’s another happy excuse. Where would we be without all these tasty little white lies? But what if everything you fancy comes loaded with sugar, salt and fat? The culinary equivalent of fancying a multiple murderer on death row… Rob knows all about it – the suicidal grub, not the homicidal romance! He was a big chunk of love, built on bacon baps, chips and cola until he was served up a shocking dose of truth (p15). And yes, it was hard to swallow. It was a pie that did for Daniella, though. A scalding piece of…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT AUSTRALIA A posh school in Sydney has banned boys from having mullet hairstyles. It will be a case of hair today and gone tomorrow if they turn up sporting the hairdo. Offenders will be sent to the nearest barbers before being allowed back. Meanwhile, all UK kids look like Cousin Itt. MONKEY BUSINESS Where’s my little girl gone? I couldn’t find Constance, three, among all her cuddly friends. Time for a clear-out?! Holly Jesson, Romford, Essex STICK IT TO HIM An Oregon man with a Not drunk, avoiding potholes car bumper sticker was pulled over and arrested… for drink driving! Worse, the sozzled motorist then backed into the cop car! YANKING OUR CHAIN American Jessica Rose got Twitter buzzing after listing the ‘weirdest’ things about living here… ● Beans on toast ● Fish finger sandwiches ● Getting off a bus and…

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snuggle monster

Jabbing a chip with my fork, I paused. A bloke had come over to the table in the pub where I was eating a meal with my two mates. He stood in front of us and smiled at me. I’d seen him around, often in the same pub and I knew his name. But I’d never spoken to him properly before. What did he want? He leaned forward further towards me. ‘I’ll pay for your food,’ he said, indicating mine and my two mates’ plates. Eh? Why would somebody do that? Looks friendly enough. He grinned further. ‘Thanks,’ I said, smiling back at him, surprised. ‘That’s nice of you.’ The next time I saw him in the pub, he sat down and began to talk. Mark Batey, 27, had a cropped beard, was well-built and had a forearm of sexy tattoos. He worked for his…

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stab in the dark

Shocked, I peered at the bed. Alarm flashed through me. Red liquid was pooling on to the sheet. A pain began to nag in my side. That must be where I’m bleeding. Carefully I pulled up my hoodie. Sickeningly, I saw blood burbling from a puncture wound, by my right rib cage. Mark had stabbed me! Helplessly, I tried to stem the bleeding, but still it spilled out. Liam was screaming in fright. I looked up. Mark was gone. ‘Amy,’ I cried. She burst into the room, looked in horror – the bed was soaked with red – and jabbed 999 on her phone. Yelping with the pain, I pressed harder on to the wound. I fixed on Liam’s round, frightened eyes. ‘I’ll be OK,’ I managed, despite the throbbing in my side. Will I though? Is this the final memory my boy will ever have…

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real people roulette

Here’s one to get you in a spin! All of the answers to the questions can be found on Real People’s Roulette wheel. For your chance to bag £250, have a go at the quiz, eliminating the black or red section containing the answer, or answers, to each question as you go. When completed correctly, you’ll be left with just one section, which contains your prize answer. Write this on the entry coupon on page 43. 1 What nursery rhyme contains the lines, ‘Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her…’? 2 Find five English cities beginning with S. 3 Complete the joke: ‘Why should bowling alleys be quiet?’ 4 What nursery rhyme contains the lines, ‘He marched them up to the top of the hill, And he marched them down again…’? 5 What…

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stand by me

Soon as the toast popped up, I put another round in. ‘Here you go,’ I smiled to my babbling one-year-old, Holly. She started munching the buttered quarters. But by the last glistening bite, she was retching. I scooped her from her high chair, held her over the toilet and up it all came. Time for breakfast number two… My little girl was sick so often, double rations were a necessity. There were other odd things, too. When she had a dirty nappy, it’d be swimming in a puddle of strange orange oil. I was a first-time mum – but I knew this wasn’t right. When Holly was nearly two, me and her dad, Gareth, 27, headed to a hospital appointment for the results of a test on her sweat. Finally, answers… ‘Holly has Cystic Fibrosis,’ the doc said. That…