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Real People Issue 13 2021

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this weeks in your fab value

With the tragic murder of Sarah Everard, violence against women has been in the spotlight like never before. So many aspects of this case have touched and unnerved us. Sarah was snatched off streets that were quieter because of lockdown, yet evil still walked them. The man accused of her killing is a serving police officer, who should have been a sanctuary for a woman in trouble. Instead, he is alleged to be all that we fear most. But while life on many levels has paused due to Covid, the killings go on. They never stopped. In this week’s Pay Day Bumper issue, we are examining the epidemic of evil that has seen three other women killed at the hands of the men they were locked in with (p26). And our…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT SEALED WITH A KISS Emily, 19 months, is an adoring big sis to our week-old Sophie – she’s giving me a run for my money too, helping to change, feed and burp her. Jennifer Drummond, Dunfermline, Fife INDONESIA Arya Permana was dubbed the world’s fattest boy after he tipped the scales at a staggering 30st aged 11. Now 14, he’s lost the title as well as 17st after having a gastric band fitted and taking up exercise. ARE YOU SHORE? Some weird things have been found on Welsh beaches… ● A human skull ● A zebra moray eel from Africa ● Parts from a 1986 plane explosion ● An 11ft ‘sea monster’ (really the remains of a long-nosed whale) ● Prehistoric footprints ● An unexploded bomb ● A hand grenade ● Dinosaur prints ● An endangered tope shark ● A shipping container ● A rare turtle…

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what lies beneath

Perching on my tippy toes, I peered at the list pinned on the pantry door. A new rota of chores from my mother, Maureen, 31. I was only eight but my tummy clenched as I remembered the last time I cleaned the ornaments. ‘You haven’t done it properly,’ she’d yelled, belting me on the head. Nobody was safe from her bad temper. The same thing would happen to my brother, Jock, who was five years older than me, and my two big sisters. We’d been taken into a children’s home when I was three after Mum and my dad separated. When we went back to live with her, she introduced us to a small man with ginger hair and a ginger beard. John Wood became my step-father when they married in October 1978. Now, forgetting the rota, me and…

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no rest no peace

‘Your baby could be the key,’ explained the officer. ‘A DNA sample could prove your brother was the father.’ But Christopher was dead and buried. Then my face paled in horror. ‘Do you mean we need to dig him up?’ I said and he nodded. It felt wrong. How could I disturb my baby after all this time? He’d been at peace for 25 years. And yet this was the only chance… I reckoned Christopher would agree, if he could speak. He would support me. Aged 38, I knelt by Christopher’s grave in July 2009 and silently told him what was going to happen the next day. You’re going to help me, my beautiful baby. But I’d been warned not to get my hopes up because the sample probably wouldn’t be viable. Next day I watched from a distance as…

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1 What body parts are, rather appropriately, an anagram of THEY SEE? 2 Find five members of the GMB team. W 3 Who wrote The Cat In The Hat and The Lorax? 4 ANGEL OF THE RECLINING is an anagram of which celebrated nurse’s name? 5 Who was crowned winner of the The Celebrity Circle last week? 6 How is the flying display team officially called the Royal Airforce Aerobatic Team better known? 7 Find and cross out five famous Jennifers. 8 ‘A STEW, SIR?’ is an anagram of which occupation, who might, in fact, ask that very question whilst working? 9 In what building is money made? 10 Complete the joke: Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? 11 MOON STARER is a rather fitting anagram of what profession? 12 For how many days, excluding Sundays, does Lent…

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check out that wood

Hooking my fingers into the waistband of my jeans, I hoiked them down. Then off came my T-shirt. Come on Ginny, you can do this. A bit of a fiddle with my bra and that popped off too. Don’t think. Just do. Standing next to me was a total stranger whose willy dangled proud as a salami in a shop window. I fiercely avoided eye contact as I stepped out of my knickers too. And there I was, stark naked in a Doncaster spa, 40 or so other nudies milling around me. ‘No going back now,’ I jittered to my naked and grinning boyfriend, Chris Hood, 38. ‘You’ll be fine,’ he reassured me, taking my hand. ‘And we can leave at any time.’ It was January 2017 and, surprisingly enough, it was me – the size 18, no-confidence mum…