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Real People Issue 14 2021

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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1 Min.
this week in your fab value

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. I think this is my favourite holiday of the year. Yes, even more so than Christmas. It’s all the little green shoots that do it for me. I can make a choccy egg disappear like a hangry Houdini and I love a hot cross bun, but they just can’t beat looking out of my window and seeing spring supplanting winter. Unfurling leaves and tender stems. The first nodding flowers. They all fill me full of hope. Vera would have known what I mean. She knew the value of digging her fingers into chilly autumnal earth and pushing in a bulb, then waiting, waiting… until spring saw it pressing through the soil again, a beautiful daffodil. For this reason her son, Danny, was…

3 Min.
easter mad world special!

Cute TOT KEEP YOUR HAT ON! Third place in the Easter bonnet parade, but Evie, four months, looks robbed! And what a shame that Mummy had to help eat her prize... Amanda Hadley, Cradley Heath, West Mids UK There was clucking good news for the owner of the rare 22ct gold egg sold recently for a cracking £31,000 at auction. The Cadbury’s Conundrum Egg was created for a 1983 nationwide treasure hunt. It sold for £17,200 in 2017. TOY STORY Do you think my hubby, Ken, had as much fun as me meeting the Easter Bunny outside Hamleys Toy Store in London? Me neither. Colleen Brunton, Enfield, North London HOT CROSS FUN Cracking Easter TRIVIA... ● Over 80 million boxed eggs are sold in the UK every year. ● A large Cadbury’s Chopped Nut egg contains 2,977 calories. ● Easter eggs have been…

7 Min.
every rose has its thorn

Pushing her arms into her jacket, she unlocked the back door. She walked slowly down the path. Dutifully I followed behind. She bent down and peered into the flower beds. ‘There,’ said my mum, Vera Hudson, 40, pointing. And there was a tiny green shoot, piercing through the soil. ‘Daffodil,’ she pronounced. She straightened up and carried on. ‘Over here as well,’ she smiled, gesturing further along. We’d planted the bulbs the previous autumn. Now we were going to get a gorgeous yellow show of daffs in spring. Mum loved her garden. I was only 15 but I knew it was a place of solace for her. The garden wasn’t big but she could relax and admire the beauty of her blooms. As I hauled the mower out of the shed, I spotted Mum with her nose deep in the petals of her…

4 Min.
hell from above

The man behind the Perspex screen of the dock was tall and big. Young bloke in his twenties, I guessed. Short cropped dark hair. Smirking. His eyes darted around but never met mine. It made me shiver, thinking of him going for Mum, only 5ft 4in and 7st. Did he kill her? I’d never seen him before. I was too upset to even register his guilty or not guilty plea. He was remanded in custody. Police told me more about Mum’s last moments. But what they told me made me shudder with dismay. She’d been discovered on the stairs to this man’s flat after being struck multiple times. Two carrier bags had been tied over her head. I felt sick. She must have been terrified in the final seconds of her life. I was determined to see Mum’s face – the face that always…

2 Min.

1 Which US president was born in Hawaii and married Michelle? 2 Find five UK cities beginning with ‘C’. 3 Which ocean is the deepest? 4 Who originally had a hit with Uptown Girl? 5 Which US president enjoyed a spell as a Hollywood film star before pursuing a career in politics? 6 What song includes the lyrics, ‘First you need, That’s what you get for falling in love, Then you bleed, You get a little but it’s never enough, On your knees, That’s what you get for falling in love… ’? 7 Complete the joke: What kind of pants do clouds wear? 8 Fish hook and hedgehog are types of which spiky plant? 9 Find five percussion instruments. 10 Which US president is the teddy bear named after? 11 What term was coined by the French biologist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck,…

8 Min.
love you, sorry…

The Egyptian sun set over the Red Sea as I drank in the view from our Sharm El Sheikh hotel balcony. James, 55, appeared and did a twirl. ‘What’s this?’ I laughed. ‘Happy anniversary!’ he replied, that August, 2017. He was wearing a white T-shirt sporting our wedding photo. There we were – me just 20 with my big ’80s hair and my blond hunk James beside me, muscly legs beneath his Scottish kilt. I read the words beneath. 30 years and still love her xx. ‘Together forever,’ I agreed, leaning in for a kiss. Forever was going well so far. We lived in Rushden, Northants, and were close to our son Adam, 29, and daughter Joanna, 32. She had a daughter called Meilia, five, so we were Grandma and Pops too. All we’d ever wanted was a home, a family…