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Real People Issue 16 2021

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Lara wears a look of pure ruin. On our front cover, she’s about to dissolve into tears for the umpteenth time as she relives the horror of a sunny afternoon in suburbia. And her story (p. 6) will have you gulping down your worst fears too. She backed her large SUV on to the drive only to feel a bump –her 20-month-old little girl, Ora. Moments earlier, she’d excitedly rushed out of the front door to see her mummy come home. It was a devastating accident, but something Lara has to now live with for the rest of her life. Blame is a cruel business and Ora’s father feels equally guilty as he was supposed to be watching her. Whatever, it’s a stark warning to us all. One simple act…

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our mad world !

Comedy TOT DADDY IN DISGUISE Nancy, three, had us in fits when I put a balloon in the hood of my fleece. She sat on my knee chatting to it and when I popped it she shrieked, ‘Daddy, it’s you!’ Elliot Richardson, Great Leighs, Essex UK A cat owner was puzzled when his pet’s GPS collar showed it had gone racing the neighbourhood at breakneck speed. But Andy Kindell’s cat Alex came home without the collar and a rat bite mark, so Andy reckons his device has become a rat nav! PARKY OUT? My kids, Alice, eight, and Benjamin, five, could have used these coats in Feb! Still, the polar bear at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield, looks happy! Mel Jayne Edwards, Portland, Dorset THE WORD’S OUT ! Scrabble comps will ban 400 ‘offensive’ words. Facing the chop are… USA A woman who bought…

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a mother’s ruin

The hens fluttered their wings and moved away. But my persistent toddler wasn’t going to give up! She took a few more steps nearer. One of the birds flopped down on the ground. Slowly she reached out her arm, flexed her fingers towards the hen. And the hen allowed her to touch it! A grin shot across my one-year-old daughter Ora’s face. ‘Just a stroke, don’t pick her up,’ I said, smiling. My daughter’s full name was Aurora, but we always shortened it to Ora. When she was born in October 2018, she’d been the spit of her older sister, Indiana, at birth. Both were bald and weighed exactly the same – 7lb 8oz. Me and hubby, Preston, 43, wanted to give our girls a farming-style life in the suburb where we lived in Perth, Western Australia. I’d been 18 when…

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guilt trip

My three-year-old daughter had watched her baby sister die in front of her. That horrific sight would be with her for the rest of her life. In the days that followed, repeatedly I said to her, ‘It’s nobody’s fault – sometimes these things happen.’ But raw with grief, over and over I relived pressing the button on the gates… checking behind… beginning to reverse… Searing feelings of guilt consumed me and Preston, even his parents. Guilt – mine… I should have seen her. Guilt – Preston’s… He’d been looking after the girls. Guilt – his mum and dad’s… If they’d arrived at the arranged time, they’d have been in the house playing with them. Ora and Indy had been playing in the room overlooking the driveway while Preston was in the kitchen. We worked out they had…

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naughty weekend

While the Duke of Hastings’s rather lovely bottom in the Netflix series Bridgerton was definitely worth a visit, you can also take a trip to the stately homes that his two royal cheeks graced during its filming. THE BRIDGERTONS’ HOUSE House. Of. Dreams. And where Lady Bridgerton resides with her gorgeous family – Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Gregory, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca and Hyacinth. This ivy and wisteria-covered red brick Georgian mansion with the smart pillared entrance and elegant gates is actually an art museum that was built in 1722. Ranger’s House lies on the edge of Greenwich Park in South London and houses a world-class art collection. For more information visit english-heritage.org.uk THE DUKE’S HOUSE While we can’t promise the dashing Duke will be your tour guide, his ‘home’ certainly has the wow factor with…

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1 CRYPTIC QUESTION: What country destination, according to the ad slogan, is where ‘mums go to’? 2 Find five Judi Dench films. 3 Taskmaster is back for a new series on Channel 4, but which show regular is also its creator? 4 Which Prince is fifth in line to the British throne? 5 What is both a region in Germany and a cherry-chocolate gateau? 6 What song includes the lyrics, ‘The chills that you, Spill up my back, Keep me filled with, Satisfaction when we’re done, Satisfaction of what’s to come, I couldn’t ask for another… ’? 7 CRYPTIC QUESTION: What country could be given a bootie call? 8 What awards ceremony was hosted by Clara Amfo, Dermot O’Leary and Edith Bowman across two nights last week? 9 Find four coffee brands. 10 Justin Trudeau is the prime minister…