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Real People Issue 17 2021

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Confession: I’ve always enjoyed an evil revenge – evil as in wickedly funny. You know, prawns sewn into the hem of curtains to fragrance a cheater’s love nest as the little blighters decompose, quietly and unseen. Ties snipped into confetti on the marriage bed. Or a DANGER: LOVE RAT poster glued on to lampposts all over town. So long as it’s harmless, I admire the guts of it. A rejected soul who just won’t take it lying down! Lauren wouldn’t take it, either, and she’s parading her rather ingenious payback in this week’s issue. Suspecting she wasn’t the only one in her fella’s life, she bunged him out of the house, bundled up what was left of her pride and then used her brains. He’d hurt her. He’d humiliated her.…

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our mad world!

Comedy T T O BIB-LICAL MESS ‘This is how I eat spag Bol, Mum, and I’m fine with it!’ My son, Leighton, three, is loving his dinner time. Who needs plates when you’ve got a perfectly good tum?! Jenny Denis, Liverpool UK Cops are looking for a person dressed in a medieval plague doctor outfit with beaked mask, cape and brimmed hat who stalks Flackwell Heath, Bucks, scaring locals. So far nobody nose who’s behind the sick prank. PHONE HOME! A Thai teen thought he’d bagged a bargain smartphone online but was shocked to find he’d actually bought a table designed like an iPhone. THAT’S WILD! The 4,000 dangerous animals kept as pets in the UK include... ● 10 cheetahs ● 18 pumas ● 11 lions ● 8 tigers ● 57 diamondback rattlesnakes ● 332 scorpions ● 106 venomous lizards ● 2 elephants ● 158 crocs Source: bornfree.org.uk FRANCE Monks at…

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behind the curtain....

Walking down the street, my vision wobbled with the tears filling my eyes. A few days before I’d been holding my nan Pauline’s hand as she slipped away. She’d been suffering from cancer and had died in a hospice. I was 16 and was grief-stricken – Nan had only lived three doors down from me. She loved musicals, and together we’d sat in the theatre stalls to see Cats. ‘Memories, all alone with my memories,’ she’d sung the next day. Always belting out the show tunes, that was my nan. Now memories were all I had of her in August 2006. A figure approached me. He stopped when he reached me. A pair of piercing eyes, blue as icicles, peered into mine. Concerned. ‘What’s wrong?’ asked Wayne Hall, 20. He lived not far from me. I was friends with his sister. I explained about…

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hammered home

My eyes flicked around the bathroom. Caie’s figure lay prone on his back on the floor. Not moving. At all. Blood was smeared everywhere… a red handprint on the tiled wall. Shattered glass – shards from the shower screen – carpeted the floor. I approached Caie. His head lay under the sink. Blood streaked his naked body, red welts criss-crossing the flesh. Is he dead? Has Wayne killed him? I knelt down and scanned his face. Eyes closed. No movement. Gently I touched his shoulder. No response. A chill crept up my body. My eyes took in the red liquid spurting from his hand, forearm, face. My fingers lightly poked him again. Please. Please. His lips parted fractionally. ‘Call an ambulance,’ he whispered. Thank God! He’s alive! ‘It’s OK, help is coming,’ I tried to reassure him. How much blood has he lost? Would these be my last words to…

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you’ve been last tangoed

The five series of the hugely popular Last Tango in Halifax, starring Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi, were largely filmed in and around Halifax, West Yorkshire, highlighting the area’s beautiful countryside and magnificent architecture. The charming market town provides some distinctive backdrops, especially Piece Hall, a large, renovated Grade I-listed building dating back to 1779. It was originally built to support the trading of ‘pieces’ of cloth and now has an open-air square lined with independent bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. Fingers crossed, acts such as Shed Seven and the Kaiser Chiefs will be performing later this year. thepiecehall.co.uk In Last Tango, Alan and Celia, the lovers reunited via Facebook after 60 years apart, are seen buying things for their home at Harveys of Halifax, the grand department store, dating back…

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amazon warrior

Snagging a bit more duvet, I snuggled down beside my boyfriend, Nathan Smith*, 27. A plate of biccies, the telly on and a hunk in the bed… the perfect evening! Before things could get steamy, they had to get silly. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine?’ Nathan asked. ‘Oooh yeah,’ I agreed. We loved comedies – anything from the latest stand-up on Netflix to re-runs of Only Fools. As a single mum to my little boy Danny*, three, I’d welcomed the spice and fun that Nathan had brought into my life since we met on a dating app in 2018. A cropped blond with a chiselled, brooding look and finger-tingling muscles, he’d been a sort from the off. Full-on too. He’d text and call all the time, told me I was gorgeous half a dozen times a day. Usually, I’d want to take things…