Recoil March/April 2019 #41

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on the cover

1 PISTOL MAKE: Shadow Systems MODEL: Shadow Systems SS9F Full Size 9mm Pistol MSRP: $1,249 URL: shadowsystemscorp.com 2 PLATE CARRIER MAKE: TYR Tactical MODEL: PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier MSRP: $446 URL: www.tyrtactical.com 3 BELT MAKE: TYR Tactical MODEL: Gunfighter Modular Assaulters Belt - MAB MSRP: $170 URL: www.tyrtactical.com 4 MACHINE GUN MAKE: SIG SAUER MODEL: SLMAG MSRP: N/A URL: www.sigsauer.com 5 HOLSTER MAKE: G Code MODEL: XST RTI Kydex Holster MSRP: $70 URL: www.tacticalholsters.com 6 SUPPRESSOR MAKE: SureFire MODEL: Ryder 9Ti2 MSRP: $849 URL: surefire.com 7 WEAPON LIGHT MAKE: SureFire MODEL: XVL2 MSRP: $1,349 URL: surefire.com 8 PISTOL MAKE: Grey Ghost Precision MODEL: GGP Combat Pistol MSRP: $1,349 URL: greyghostprecision.com 9 WATCH MAKE: Sangin Instruments MODEL: Atlas MSRP: $450 URL: sangininstruments.com 10 RIFLE MAKE: Maxim Defense MODEL: PDX MSRP: $2,299 URL: www.maximdefense.com 11 JACKET MAKE: Atlas Standard MODEL: Circuit Moto MSRP: TBD URL: www.cryeprecision.com…

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down range

To mark the start of the new year, we always try and do something a bit different with the cover of RECOIL. Because we wound up with so much interesting kit, the decision as to what gun to feature front and center caused much heated debate among the team — should we go for SIG’s new medium machine gun that’s lighter than a 240B, but can rain down hate from 2,000 meters away? Or should it be the groundbreaking PDW from Maxim Defense, which can reliably unleash x39 projectiles from a diminutive AR-style platform? In the end, the choice was simple. Use both. In doing so, our senior art director came up with yet another collectible design, and it’s your call as to which one you prefer. To celebrate turning a page…

10 Min.

1 Leica’s latest rangefinder combines the cleanest lens we’ve seen in a 7x magnification rangefinder with a 2,000-plus meter range and a tough, yet compact housing. We observed zero tint and excellent contrast that grabbed details out of the shadowy underbrush. We easily ranged tree lines and other terrain features out to 2,200 yards and a quick aiming evaluation showed the laser in perfect alignment with the unit’s crisp circular reticle when picking out smaller items of interest from 500 to 900 yards. This isn’t a range queen, so Leica hardened the 2400-R with a magnesium chassis, a submersible, carbon-fiber-reinforced housing. The unit offers line of sight or angle-compensated ranges with one-decimal fidelity out to 200 yards and a scan mode that returns ranges in half-second intervals. MAKE: Leica MODEL: Rangemaster CRF 2400-R WEIGHT: 6.5 ounces MSRP: $499 URL: us.leica-camera.com 2 Law Tactical’s…

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gambler 500

Hollywood has depicted some interesting races over the years. Gumball Rally, Cannonball Run, Rat Race, and Speed Zone were about as close as most of us could probably get to living out our automotive fantasies on public roads. But what if someone actually took an idea like that and made an event out of it? Although it’s really fodder for its own cinematic homage, the Gambler 500 is exactly that. We’re not talking the usual “who can make it to the finish line first” type deal. It’s all about fun on four wheels, friendship, and Oregon sightseeing with a lynchpin that involves some rather whimsical and resourceful innovation with cars that probably didn’t have much of a future. Google some of the images of this event and you might think…

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unusual suspects

When given the choice, we’ll pick a big blade over a little one most of the time. But some circumstances call for a small edged tool. Shorter knives weigh less, are easier to conceal, and take up less pocket real estate. Plus, with less materials needed, they’re generally cheaper than their bigger brothers. And, unfortunately, myopic politicians in certain regions have outlawed blades of medium to large sizes. Because they fear (or envy?) longer lengths, these mouth-breathers in power have neutered knives in their jurisdictions. While the exact maximum length varies from nanny state to nanny state, we’re zeroing in on blades that max out at about 2.5 inches. After all, even if you live in a free state, you could find yourself vacationing in or going on work trips to places…

5 Min.
interrogating the unusual suspects

CRKT SNICKER 411: This might be the baby of this bunch, but the Snicker ain’t no joke. Its petite size, decent cutting edge, and good craftsmanship make this folder a solid choice if you’re looking for a flipper knife that can be concealed in the palm of your hand. It might not win any awards, but it’ll perform if you don’t have any other edged weapons on hand, and yet you won’t cry if you lose or break it in the field thanks to its low price tag. Made in Taiwan. PROS: Despite being made of cheapo 420J2 stainless steel, the modified drop-point blade came out of the box sharp. Easy on the wallet Faux carbon-fiber texture on the injection-molded glass-reinforced nylon handle provides added traction. CONS: Pocket clip isn’t adjustable, meaning it’s right-handed and tip-down only. Handle is…