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Recoil July/Aug 2019 #43

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down range

In just four short months, team RECOIL will be headed to the Hunter Games. I hope you’ll join us for what should be a fun, exciting, and one-of-a-kind event. Whether you hunt with a rifle, shotgun, or bow, you’ll find a competition to test the skills you’ll take to the field in a realistic setting. Hosted at Rockcastle Shooting Center on September 20-22, we’ll be joined by top shooters, media, and companies from the firearms and hunting world. We’re big advocates of using black rifles for putting meat on the table, as nothing undercuts the mewling simpletons who claim you can’t use an AR for hunting quite like passing them a piece of jerky from the deer you tagged with one. In that spirit, there’ll be an additional prize for anyone…

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1 Handmade in the USA by Metal Art of Wisconsin, the Carbon Fiber Freedom Cabinet Slider isn’t just an artistic expression of liberty but also an RFID lock-enabled safe that can store your guns, ammo, knives, booze, porn stash — whatever you don’t want getting soiled by any unauthorized paws. Using a keycard, you can slide the flag-covered door to the right, revealing an interior that’s stuffed with high-density foam that you can configure to hold your handguns, SBRs, or any other items that can fit inside its 21-by-12.5-inch interior. Metal Art of Wisconsin doesn’t just make safes; this family-owned business can also craft custom-made signs, monograms, and other artwork out of metal. MAKE: Metal Art of Wisconsin MODEL: Carbon Fiber Freedom Cabinet Slider MSRP: $385 URL: metalartofwisconsin.com 2 The Backripper Tomahawk is sharp, featherlight, and meant for everyday concealed carry.…

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combat air museum

What started out as a small private collection of military aircraft has evolved into one of the most impressive museums to military aviation anywhere in the country. Founded in 1977 as the Yesterday’s Air Force (YAF) and built around the collection of David Tallichet, it was reorganized in 1979 as the Combat Air Museum. Today, it has more than 40 aircraft in its collection representing 100 years of flight, in addition to numerous displays of aircraft engines, military vehicles, and other aviation-themed displays. Located at the Topeka Regional Airport/Forbes Field — formerly the Forbes Air Force Base — outside of Topeka, Kansas, the privately owned museum is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and exhibition of aircraft, artifacts, technology, and art associated with the military aviation history of the United States. Today the Combat…

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hidden agenda

Many of you might remember a 1980s arcade game called Spy Hunter, in which you’d use a machine-gun-equipped sports car to take out enemy vehicles that’d shoot at you, try to spike your tires, or run you off the road. Your car would also rendezvous with a semi truck that’d upgrade your weapons with smoke screens, oil slicks, and missiles to thwart and destroy the other vehicles. Although much of this was a mishmash of stuff seen in James Bond movies and Knight Rider, it certainly made that coin-dispensing kid pine away over owning a vehicle with these capabilities one day. Not only has AddArmor provided an answer to that fantasy, they’ve redefined the term “armored vehicle” into “mobile safe room.” As mentioned in the “What if Your Vehicle is Attacked…

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unusual suspects

If you’ve ever studied (or just watched an online video of) a traditional martial art that has swords and knives, you’ve probably seen a barrage of slashes, draw cuts, and twirling techniques. But many of those moves require years of discipline and practice to perfect. That’s why most thugs opt for a shiv they can shove repeated into their victim’s guts — it takes no training, just violence of action, to end someone’s life that way. But prisoners and gangsters aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a shiv. That’s why we’re taking a pointed look at spikes in this edition of The Unusual Suspects. These tools have no cutting edge, no spring-assisted opening, and no fancy locking mechanisms. Instead, they have just one purpose: put a deep hole into…

5 Min.

KOPIS DESIGNS EL VALIENTE MICROPICK 411: This Kopis model weighs next to nothing at 1.2 ounces and is compact at 6.25 inches long. This also makes it easy to conceal and quite convenient to carry daily in its included slim Kydex sheath. The business end comes to a mean point and is acid-washed and hand-sharpened, giving it a two-tone finish. It’s quick to deploy thanks to its bulbous Micarta handle, which features a reimagined version of the El Valiente image from Loteria, a game similar to Bingo that’s popular in Mexico. Made in the USA. PROS The stellar Micropick will pierce through almost anything you aim it at with ease. Top quality materials and workmanship It fits tightly into the sheath yet can be drawn in a flash. The handle’s badass artwork — a collaboration between Kopis…