Recoil March/April 2020 #47

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Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

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on the cover

1 SHOTGUN MAKE: Asgard Defense MODEL: M127 Kriger PRICE: $2,099 URL: asgarddefense.com 2 OPTIC MAKE: Trijicon MODEL: MRO PRICE: $529 URL: trijicon.com 3 PISTOL MAKE: Phoenix AG MODEL: Redback SAO PRICE: $4,550 URL: phx.swiss 4 HOLSTER MAKE: Ryker Tactical MODEL: Phoenix Redback PRICE: N/A URL: facebook.com/RykerTactical 5 MAG POUCH MAKE: Blackpoint Tactical MODEL: Spare Mag Pouch PRICE: $39 URL: blackpointtactical.com 6 BELT MAKE: Carbon Tactics MODEL: Badgerstrap PRICE: $65 URL: carbontactics.com 7 KNIFE MAKE: Kershaw MODEL: Emerson CQC-8K PRICE: $70 URL: kershaw.kaiusaltd.com 8 JACKET MAKE: Viktos MODEL: Kruger Jacket PRICE: $220 URL: viktos.com 9 SHIRT MAKE: Vertx MODEL: Guardian PRICE: $56 URL: vertx.com 10 RIFLE MAKE: B&T MODEL: APC308 PRICE: $3,700 URL: bt-arms.com 11 OPTIC MAKE: Atibal MODEL: X PRICE: $799 URL: atibal-optics.com 12 PISTOL MAKE: STI International MODEL: Staccato P DUO PRICE: $2,499 URL: stiguns.com 13 HOLSTER MAKE: Blackpoint Tactical MODEL: Standard OWB Holster PRICE: $79 URL: blackpointtactical.com 14 KNIFE MAKE: Gerber MODEL: Empower - Urban Blue PRICE: $130 URL: www.gerbergear.com…

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down range

I’ve only got two resolutions this year. I figure two is about all I can commit to and have some tiny chance of keeping — but they’re big ones. The first is a vital step we all can take in order to preserve our gun rights. While it may seem simplistic in this election year when our country is sharply divided on every issue you can bring up at the family dinner table, by engaging with our fellow Americans on an individual level, we can counter much of the anti-gun propaganda paid for by sawn-off, Yankee tyrants. Take someone shooting. The forces arrayed against us have no effective counter to this. There is no anti-gun range. So put a .22 in your neighbor or coworker’s hand and let them ring steel for…

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1 While the butterfly knife — or balisong as it’s called in its birthplace of the Philippines — is far slower to deploy in a self-defense situation than a traditional pocketknife, it’s still a popular genre because of the fun and skill involved with twirling it open. No doubt it’s one of Bear & Son Cutlery’s most popular product categories, which is why the Alabama-based company invested premium materials into its recently released Bear Song VII. Its 3.375-inch blade features a hollow grind and is made from 154CM stainless steel, which provides an excellent balance of toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, the handles are made of stonewashed titanium, making them lightweight, strong, and easy to use (thanks to an assist from the ball-bearing washers). MAKE: Bear & Son Cutlery MODEL: Bear…

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myanmar defence services museum

Although not the most secluded country on the face of the Earth, the nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) certainly ranked high on the scale of nations that usually weren’t included on the travel brochures of Southeast Asian touring agencies. Up until several years ago, that is, when the previous regime lifted a significant number of regulations limiting tourism, commerce, and development. This allowed tourists and journalists alike to visit the new capital of Nay Pi Taw, which previously had been difficult to get into without some government connections. This relaxation opened up access to the Defence Services Museum for anyone willing to travel to Nay Pi Taw. And yes, the museum spells “Defence” with a “c” as evidence of the country’s history as part of England’s colonial empire. More important than…

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something wicked this way comes

If you’re going to build something that’s emblematic of your business, that decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. When conceptualizing our company vehicle, we tried to think of what make and model would best represent our brand. It couldn’t be a supercar — pretentious, impractical, and way too many “fail” videos out there showing douchebags drive them into a wall. We liked the pragmatism of a hybrid or e-car, but let’s face it, no one brags about having one, and Teslas are only nice if you don’t want to go anywhere. A vintage car, à la the Ghostbusters Cadillac ambulance would’ve been cool, but we haven’t convinced management to appropriate funds to mount a minigun to a hearse quite yet. When it came to selecting a four-wheel metaphor for RECOIL, we wanted…

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unusual suspects

The Wharncliffe is an ancient style of blade that, at least in principle and shape, dates to the Migration Period in Europe (300-375 AD) when it was known as the Seax. The blade style and shape were single-edged, sometimes with a point, but often without it. Seax may have been the Old English word for “knife” and how the Saxons gained their name, but the style wasn’t called a “Wharncliffe” until the early 19th century when the first English lord of that region, James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, had the royal cutlers, Joseph Rodgers & Son, make a blade of a similar shape and crafted into a small slip joint pocket knife. It was cataloged as the Wharncliffe soon after, and the name has been with us for close to 200 years. The design…