Recoil May/June 2020 #48

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Last issue, I rambled on incoherently about the importance of taking a newbie shooting and in this one, we take a close look at things with a .22-inch bore diameter, which I’m guessing for most of us were the gateway drug to this firearms lifestyle. There’s truth to the adage that no one outgrows a good 22. If you happen to wander by the used gun rack at your local shooting emporium, take note of how many Ruger 10/22s there are on offer. With over 5 million in circulation, you’d expect them to take up way more space, but I’d be willing to put up a Benjamin that the majority of those available on the secondary market are from estate sales, rather than from people trading up to the next “must-have.”…

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best of shot show 2020

As we’ve done at previous SHOT Shows, we handed out awards for standout product releases in four categories: › Best of Show › Best Firearm › Best Accessory … and our personal favorite, Best of the Basement As usual, the discussion surrounding the winners was lengthy, and what you see here only covers what we got handsy with at SHOT Show. But, just because we saw a product’s potential doesn’t mean it will live up to its maker’s claims — you’ll see reviews in upcoming issues to get the real scoop. The awards themselves were a collaborative effort. The “crowler” cans were provided by Green Feet Brewing, a veteran-owned brewery with roots in the Air Force’s Combat Rescue community — that may or may not have been filled with their signature Tango Down IPA. The cans…

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1 MTHD’s (Mountain, Tundra, H2O, Desert) Aphelion is a mid-layer jacket that keeps you warm while recognizing your body benefits from different materials in different places. The front torso is insulated with a breathable, lofting insulation and covered with a durable, lightweight nylon 20D ripstop face fabric. Areas that need to stretch and breathe a bit more are made from an abrasion-resistant fleece with moisture-transporting qualities. The result is a jacket that blocks wind up front while shedding excess heat from the back and allowing mobility in the sleeves. A few touches take the Aphelion to the next level of utility with mesh-backed hand-warming pockets, interior stash pockets, ninja sleeves, and a DWR finish that makes the whole jacket shed light precipitation. MAKE: MTHD MODEL: Aphelion Hybrid Full-Zip Jacket BODY INSULATION: Polartec Alpha…

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indiana military museum

While not as well known as Saratoga or Yorktown, another highly significant battle of the American Revolution was fought not in the 13 colonies, but on what was then the frontier near present-day Vincennes, Indiana. The Siege of Fort Vincennes is noted by historians for its daring wintertime march where a small American force was able to defeat a British outpost. It was the western-most battle in North America during the Revolution, and the 172 militiamen under George Rogers Clark successfully took the British fort and suffered no casualties. More importantly, this victory was used to encourage the alliance with France. Today, Vincennes isn’t only home to an impressive memorial commemorating that battle, but the city is also home to the equally impressive Indiana Military Museum. It’s dedicated to those Indiana residents…

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cars against humanity

In 2010, a standoff with police in Hoonah, Alaska, on the northeast shore of Chichagof Island led to a shootout that resulted in two officers being killed and the suspect barricading himself inside a house. Alaska State Trooper Rodney Dial responded to the call that day and came to a sobering realization — local law enforcement needed an armored vehicle. Alas, not one could be found in the entire state. After the situation came to an end, his search began for a platform that could be used to respond to similar confrontations in the future. Rodney took it upon himself to research this category of vehicles and quickly discovered how cost prohibitive it’d be to get a modern one with all the bells and whistles better-funded departments had. That led to…

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unusual suspects

Call them what you want: Persians, Kwaikens, Sabers, Pesh Kabz, trailing points, or a host of other names fit to print. The upswept blade design may be one of the oldest blade designs, dating to the time man first made knives from metal. Some say the design was inspired by the shape of the horn of a rhino, ibex, or some type of antelope (perhaps a Mudhorn in a galaxy far, far away!). The CRKT Clever Girl was inspired by the curve of a velociraptor’s claw, for example. Personally, I think the initial design was born of convenience. I noticed this firsthand a few years ago when I learned the process of forging a blade from ABS Master Smith Michael Quesenberry. As I heated the steel in the forge and began hammering…