Recoil September/October 2020 #50

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down range

Well, we made it. This issue marks the 50th time we’ve sent RECOIL out to newsstands, and the occasion of our half century is a good time to reflect on the changes we’ve seen. When we first launched, there was nothing else like it in the market — since then, we attracted a few imitators, most of whom for various reasons have folded their tents. This business is tough, and a good idea without dogged determination and a team that’s dedicated to seeing things through to the bitter end is a great way to lose a lot of money. I regard myself as being particularly blessed with a crew who not only are the best in the business, but who actually live this lifestyle rather than just writing about it and…

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01 AREA419 ARCALOCK RAIL FOR ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AX MATERIAL: 6160 aluminum WEIGHT: 2 pounds RAIL ANGLE: 5 degrees (short action) MSRP: $225 - $240 URL: www.area419.com Despite its remaining a very capable tool, the elephantiasis-like interface between the AI AX’s forend and its body handicaps the venerable chassis. We’re in the ARCA rail age, and that hump is a real mood killer for a lot of bolt gun players. Area419’s new ARCALOCK Rail overcomes the AX hump and brings ARCA compatibility to the AX and AXCS with an elegant solution that installs in a minute with just three bolts. The result is a continuous rail extending from the magwell to the end of the handguard that instantly brings an old favorite up to speed with the latest offerings on chassis and stock market. Available for short…

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gear for your daily gunfight

KADRETM BACKPACK One bag to ruck a full days worth of guns, gear, and ammo. The Kadre is extendable, fitting rifles up to 35” securely within the confines of the backpack. Two interior padded pockets fit full-size pistols with room for extra magazines. The additional interior pocketing allows for quick access to essentials with elastic straps for securing of outerwear. The back panel features a quick-access padded 15” laptop compartment, hydration bladder pocket, and a multitude of admin pocketing. Padded backpack shoulder straps are stowable to keep the bag completely clean of snag hazards. $200-220 AVAILABLE IN MULTICAM BLACK, MULTICAM, NIGHTFJALL, AND RANGER. OVERALL DIMENSIONS 21” H x 13” W x 9” D. UPSCALETM CCW SLING BAG Larger than a chest slung fanny pack, but smaller than current tactical slingbags, the Upscale CCW Slingbag was designed for…

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swiss military museum

Despite its location, this is one collection of military equipment that doesn’t get anywhere near the number of visitors it deserves. Less than an hour’s drive from downtown Zurich, the Swiss Military Museum is crammed into a rundown industrial complex in Full-Reuenthal on the banks of the Rhine. The south bank is Swiss, while the north is German, which explains the gun emplacements that dot the site, underlining the fact that although the Swiss maintained their neutrality during World War II, it wasn’t because they were best buds with everyone and had good chocolate. Strolling into the entrance on a Friday morning, we were greeted by one of the museum’s docents. Both parties attempted to complete the necessary transaction to gain admittance, made more difficult by our bad German language skills,…

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back by popular demand

1979 FORD BRONCO ENGINE: 460ci V-8 TRANSMISSION: C6 automatic URL: @recoilboss Appealing to nostalgia can be a tricky proposition in the automotive business. While models like the Chevy Suburban have been around continuously since the 1930s, not many manage to last that long. Occasionally, companies reintroduce names previously thought to be extinct in an effort to make people want to relive their past and possibly win over some new fans. VW dusted off the Beetle for another go-around, but after a respectable second act, it was ultimately retired again not long ago. Ford attempted to revive the Thunderbird and appeal to baby boomers with a design reminiscent of its 1955 inception, yet three years later they called it quits. Well, OK boomer! As e-cars become increasingly popular, an electric version of the Hummer is set…

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daggers get to the point

One of the oldest blade patterns, and perhaps the most controversial in modern times, is the dagger or spearpoint blade. Looking back to our Stone Age ancestors, we see that oftentimes knives, spear points, and arrowheads were fashioned from flint, obsidian, or chert. In some time that’s now lost to mankind and well before the Bronze Age, one of these ancient arms makers realized he needed symmetry to improve the aerodynamics and accuracy of his spear or arrow, and this translated well with regard to making knives and swords. Daggers feature in some religions as well as the crests, standards, and flags of numerous noble houses throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. This tradition carries through to modern times with military units around the world incorporating a dagger as part of…