Recoil January/February 2021 #52

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down range

There wasn’t a whole lot of debate as to what would grace the cover of this issue. Usually, our editorial team have some pretty spirited discussions regarding the flagship gun, but this being 2020, a dystopian DIY project made from surplus plumbing parts just seemed in keeping with the zeitgeist. It also underlines the point that our covers and editorial content aren’t, and never will be, for sale — after all, who would ever sponsor this one? Home Depot? You’ll sometimes see the argument that online content is free, so why should anyone shell out their hard-earned money for a printed magazine? Thankfully, people are waking up to the realization that almost no one works without a paycheck; therefore, if you’re consuming content without paying for it then you aren’t the…

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01 MIDWEST INDUSTRIES ENHANCED AR-15 DROP-IN CURVED TRIGGER MSRP: $150 URL: midwestindustriesinc.com After swapping out the stock furniture on your AR-15, a common upgrade is the trigger. The Enhanced AR-15 Drop-In Curved Trigger from Midwest Industries is a solid option, providing a 3.5-pound single-stage trigger system that offers a smooth break, a crisp release, and a quick reset so you can get more accurate shoots with greater efficiency. The self-contained design makes it a quick install without any fine-tuning necessary. It features a blue anodized aluminum cassette housing with interior parts made from S7 tool steel, which are heavy-hit hardened then finished with black nitride for increased strength and corrosion resistance. Comes with screws and anti-walk pins. Made in the USA. 02 VIRIDIAN WEAPON TECHNOLOGIES EON 1x20 RED DOT AND EON 1x35 RED DOT MSRP: $100 each URL:…

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national atomic testing museum

In the shadows of the infamous Las Vegas Strip is the Frank H. Rogers Science and Technology building, home to the National Atomic Testing Museum, devoted to preserving the history of the Nevada Test Site (NTS) and the early days of the atomic age. While technically not a “weapons museum” in the usual sense, this 10,000-square-foot facility focuses instead on the history of the ultimate weapon, namely nuclear weapons and the 928 announced nuclear tests (100 atmospheric, 828 underground). It’s the only one of its kind that offers visitors a look into the history of atomic testing, beginning in the Second World War to the end of atomic testing during the Cold War. The museum offers the reasons why the United States developed the atomic bomb. In the collection is a…

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the thin green line rzr

In June of 2013, I found myself once again soloing the Baja 500. Since I had attempted this solo endeavor in 2010 and missed reaching the finish line by a heartbreaking 22 minutes over the time limit due to a race-ending crash and breakdown, the mix of emotions in that moment were intense. Exhausted, yet exhilarated, I navigated the final miles of the course as Jeff (my lifelong buddy, Baja racing teammate, and excellent rider who soloed and finished the 2010 Baja 500 in record time on his motorcycle) followed me in. Jeff had my back as we crossed the finish line together, sharing in the victory as the checkered flag dropped well before the 22-hour deadline. Within a few weeks of the Baja adventure, we launched the California Department of…

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pointless knives

Most knives have a tip that can pierce or stab. Anyone who has studied edged weapons in combat will make note that most deaths occur from a stab as opposed to a slash. For chores that require cutting as opposed to stabbing, we’ve seen various profiles such as Wharncliffe and sheepsfoot blades, yet there are a few other profiles where the front of the blade is squared off and never really comes to a point. Cleavers and straight razors are two types that immediately come to mind, and at this point we’ve been very careful not to use the term knife. That changes with this lineup. Each of these knives lacks a point or a tip, yet they were designed to be carried every day for users who might depend more…

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the sleeper

Retro and clone AR builds have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Whatever the reason, rebuilding black guns from bygone eras is a thriving subculture of AR owners. Whether replicating prototypes from the 1950s and ’60s or reproducing the specific guns of special units, cloning is more popular than ever. True clone builds take weeks or months of research and scavenging, depending on your level of dedication, to find period-accurate ev-er-y-thing down to pins and screws. We love retro style, but we also enjoy the benefits of modern engineering. So began the Sleeper Carbine, a gun with groovy retro-style powered by modern parts under the hood. The longnose aesthetic of the XM177 is iconic in retro circles, but easily recognizable by most for its pop-culture prowess. Our goal was to…