Recoil May/June 2021 #54

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on the cover

01 RIFLE SIG SAUER RATTLER sigsauer.com 02 LIGHT BODY REPTILIA reptiliacorp.com 03 LIGHT HEAD MODLITE modlite.com 04 IR LIGHT L3 PEQ-15 l3harris.com 05 RED DOT EOTECH XPS eotechinc.com 06 SLING EDGAR SHERMAN edgarshermandesign.com 07 LEASH MATBOCK KODIAK DOG LEASH (KRD) matbock.com 08 BELT CRYE PRECISION MRB cryeprecision.com 09 HARNESS EDELRID edelrid.de/en/sports/harnesses.htm 10 E-COLLAR DOGTRA dogtra.com 11 GRENADE POUCH ACS INDUSTRIES acs-pouch.com 12 MAG POUCH HSGI highspeedgear.com 13 MAGAZINE MISSION FIRST TACTICAL missionfirsttactical.com 14 MAGAZINE MAGPUL WITH TARAN TACTICAL BASEPAD magpul.com; tarantacticalinnovations.com 15 FRAG POUCH CRYE PRECISION cryeprecision.com 16 MULTI-TOOL GERBER gerbergear.com 17 PISTOL SIG SAUER M18 sigsauer.com 18 HOLSTER SAFARILAND safariland.com 19 GLOVES OUTDOOR RESEARCH outdoorresearch.com 20 HELMET OPS CORE gentexcorp.com/ ops-core/ 21 STROBE CORE SURVIVAL coresurvival.com 22 LIGHT PRINCETON TEC princetontec.com 23 HEADSET OPS CORE GENTEX AMP gentexcorp.com/ops-core/ 24 COMMS / CAMERA PERSISTENT SYSTEMS persistentsystems.com 25 COMMS CASE JUGGERNAUT CASE juggernautcase.com 26 NIGHT VISION L3 PVS 31 WHITE PHOSPHORUS l3harris.com 27 MED KIT LBT INC lbtinc.com 28 VEST LBT INC lbtinc.com 29 FRONT POUCH BLUE FORCE GEAR blueforcegear.com 30 TOURNIQUET NORTH AMERICAN RESCUE narescue.com 31 MAG POUCH S&S PRECISION sandsprecision.com 32 DOG HARNESS EAGLE INDUSTRIES CAV6 eagleindustries.com 33 STROBE CORE SURVIVAL HEL-STAR EXO coresurvival.com 34 ALOHA WARRIOR PATCH CHARLES KEATING IV PATCH urturt.com 35 DISPLAY & CONTROLLER (INSIDE) PERSISTENT SYSTEMS RDC persistentsystems.com 36 AMERICAN FLAG PATCH BRAVO TEAM PATCH PATCH PANEL patchpanel.ca…

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down range

We seem to inhabit a clown world where even the most innocuous act is deemed racist. Tom Brady leading the Bucs to Super Bowl victory during Black History Month? Racist. Math? Racist. The great outdoors? Yup, you guessed it. In a world where everything is racist, and the smallest imaginary slight is cause for outrage, it’s easy to obfuscate reality and lose track of perspective, which is probably the goal of those who wish us disarmed. In this issue, historian Ashley Hlebinsky takes us through the history of firearms laws in the U.S., their impact on those who fell into categories disfavored by those in power, and their implications for the next few years. Our goal here is most definitely not to pander to any particular race or ethnicity, but rather…

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gear for your daily gunfight

HAPPINESS IS A BELT FED WEAPON The CONTRACTOR AF™ pants lo-vis pocketing and hi-action patterning provide all the black gun needs of a seasoned vet. They are built from a 14oz stretch cotton/spandex material with a DuPont Teflon® coating. Internal thigh cargos, articulated knees, pistol magazine pockets, and dual-pull fly zipper speak to their tactical lineage. If you operate in one set of trousers for weeks on end, make sure they are Contractor AF. CONTRACTORTM AF PANTS AVAILABLE IN WOODLAND CAMO, SPARTAN, NIGHTFJALL, GREYMAN, AND FIELDCRAFT $140-150 WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE Slinking through the thick jungles of SE Asia in the ‘60s was a small mix of US Special Forces teams adorned in tiger stripe camo. The Johnny Combat Jungle boot takes this unique pattern and infuses it directly into the rugged engineered mesh upper. Its…

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01 SPARROWS LOCK PICKS DISC PICK MSRP: $45 URL: sparrowslockpicks.com The Disc Pick is more than just a tool used to open padlocks or U-locks. This “community build” between Bosnian Bill, the Lockpicking Lawyer, and Sparrows Lock Picks would be the equivalent of Colion Noir, Hickok45, and Wilson Combat teaming up to build a handgun. So, the Disc Pick is a big deal to both pro locksmiths and hobbyists. In a world where picks of this genre are either poorly made imports or Gucci handmade tools, this collaboratively designed Disc Pick is an affordable, high-quality game-changer. The T-shaped device features tensioning handles for your support hand while your dominant hand turns the control knob to manipulate the pick’s tip. It comes with an extra tip and an allen key, all packed in a foam-padded…

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the selfridge military air museum

Activated as a military installation on July 1, 1917, today the Selfridge Air National Guard (ANG) Base remains one of the nation’s oldest and most historic military installations. Located just off Lake St. Clair about 20 miles north of Detroit, it’s the largest ANG base in the country, and all branches of the military — active and reserve units alike — are represented here. The base is named after aviation pioneer Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge, who has the distinction of being the first U.S. Military officer to pilot an engine-driven aircraft and sadly was the first to meet his death in powered flight. Many famous American military fliers spent at least part of their career at Selfridge and these include Charles Lindberg, who completed his training at the base, as well as…

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bug-out bronco

Anyone who has owned a classic car or truck knows that they come with some trade-offs. On the plus side, they tend to be astonishingly simple, at least by modern standards. Instead of a digital engine control module with tendrils woven into the ignition, fuel injection, transmission, brakes, and other critical systems, you get a distributor and a carburetor — systems that can be maintained in a driveway with basic handtools. However, these aging vehicles can also be more temperamental than their modern counterparts, so occasional tinkering comes with the territory. When Brandon Barton started shopping for a classic 4x4, he was well aware of these pros and cons. “I have always loved having an extraneous ‘fun’ car, but until I found my Bronco, they had been sports cars or the…