Recoil July/August 2021 #55

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down range

We knew something was going to come out of the current administration regarding guns, but the recent dog and pony show is more telling than we expected. Not only does President Potato want to take on DIY firearms and braced pistols, but his nomination of anti-2A lobbyist David Chipman as Director of the AFT [sic] is a clear declaration of war on American gun owners. Before we go too far, it might be worth bringing up a bit of historical context. The National Firearms Act of 1934 originally sought to eliminate handgun ownership amongst the peons by subjecting them to the same punitive $200 transfer tax as machine guns and suppressors. Bear in mind, this was during a period when Congress actually took notice of the Constitution, so they figured that…

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01 WOOX RAIL COVERS MSRP: $49 for a set of 3 URL: wooxstore.com Not too long ago, gun enthusiasts used to fall into two camps: modern black guns kitted out with as many accessories you could fit on them, and old-school firearms with wood furniture that were left in their vintage state. Nowadays, there’s a growing trend to mix the two aesthetics — either upgrading lever-action guns with rails, lights, and lasers, or adding wood accoutrements to newer rifles. WOOX is leading this new charge with accessories like its Rail Covers. Made from authentic American walnut and solid Micarta, these scales give you increased traction and heat protection as well as unique aesthetics. They come with mounting hardware, take about two minutes to install, and are compatible with any M-LOK or KeyMod rail (be…

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uss new jersey

In recent years, the city of Camden, New Jersey, has seen a significant decline in violent crime and has undergone a momentous redevelopment effort. While it’ll likely never be known for tourism, Camden’s waterfront has three notable attractions including an outdoor amphitheater, an aquarium, and best of all for the history buff, the USS New Jersey, one of the largest World War II battleships to be preserved as a museum ship. Known as the “Big J” or “Black Dragon,” she was the most decorated battleship to have served in the U.S. Navy and is among the largest warships ever built. HISTORY OF THE BIG J Well before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy saw the clouds of war were on the horizon and that there’d be a need for a…

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armor for rent

Let’s say you’re working for an organization tasked with finding vehicles capable of traversing a devastated area after a natural disaster. The fire department and Army Corps of Engineers might come to mind, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can accommodate what you’re after without it being a logistical nightmare. Or perhaps you’re a transportation manager for a major studio who needs to find set pieces for a postapocalyptic thriller that was just green lit. Where would you look to find something of that ilk that’s readily available and functions reliably? As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. About three years ago, Ted Yadlowsky seized upon that notion with a company that can assist in the aforementioned tasks with a fleet of vehicles that are anything but run…

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lockback knives

Lockback knives seem to have been around forever. Chances are, if you were a Boy Scout or Cub Scout, it may have been the second knife, after a slip joint, that you were most familiar with as an introduction to edged tools. Although they may seem a bit dated compared to modern liner locks, frame locks, or other type of locking mechanisms, there’s no question about the inherent strength of a properly made lock-back. The easiest way to describe a lock-back’s method of operation is that a locking arm sits along the rear of the handle and engages with a hook that fits into a notch on the rear of the blade. As the blade is opened, the hook snaps into the notch and locks the knife. The user depresses the lock…

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We all know how it goes — you find that roll pin on the floor and now you have to build another gun. In this case, it was being gifted a really nice 9mm AR barrel that pushed everything over the edge to put this together. This build is something that had been pondering for considerable time. Now being “forced” to take action, some goals were identified: a compact 9mm, runs on Glock mags, and can be easily suppressed. This build is meant for fun ground squirrel hunting or occasional plinking when/if ammo prices even out. The Rainier Arms Select Series Barrel was the perfect starting point for this little blaster. At 6 inches, it wasn’t so long that subsonic rounds would go supersonic, since this build is intended to be…