Recoil September/October 2021 #56

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down range

In the last couple of days, I returned from an extended assignment in Croatia and South Africa. While both countries have a superficial similarity in terms of their recent history, each of which having gained liberty in the last few decades, their attitudes toward gun ownership stand in stark contrast. South Africa threw off the yoke of apartheid in 1993. Since then, the African National Congress party has effectively exercised a monopoly of power for 27 years, during which the living conditions of those at the lowest rungs of society have improved slightly, if at all. The government has recently floated plans to remove self-defense as a valid reason for owning a firearm, despite having one of the highest murder rates in the world, and permits to possess even a hunting…

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gear for your daily gunfight

JOHNNY COMBAT TM SF BOOT $120 // RUGGED NYLON WITH SUPERIOR OUTDOOR TRACTION AVAILABLE IN COYOTE (AR670-1 COMPLIANT) OR BLACK (POLISHABLE TOE) Built on the same chassis as our proven Johnny Combat Ops boot, the SF version takes our unique tactical boot to the next level…an AR670 military regulation 8” to be exact. ARMORY TM AR670 BOOT $125 // LIGHTWEIGHT UPPER WITH SLIP-RESISTANT SOLE AVAILABLE IN BLACK (POLISHABLE TOE) OR COYOTE (AR670-1 COMPLIANT) The Armory™ AR670 boot blends the best of lightweight, durability, and garrison-level comfort. It features a uniform-compliant leather & nylon upper with a water-resistant coating. The outsole is a slip-resistant rubber paired with a hi-rebound foam midsole. OPERATUS XP TM PANTS $99 // OPERATIONAL 12OZ STRETCH COTTON DENIM AVIALBLE IN CANTEEN GREEN OR FIELDCRAFT TAN LEO TM VENTED DUTY GLOVE $35-39 // LASER PERFORATED BACKHAND AVAILABLE IN APOLLO & STANDARD…

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01 ENDOSNAKE PATRIOT KIT MSRP: $90 URL: endosnake.com Some of you are probably whizzes at setting up your own AR-15 and maybe even repairing minor gun problems. But what do you do when you suspect the problem is inside your gun’s bore? Enter the EndoSnake. While it sounds like what might be a medically invasive procedure, it’s actually an ingenious camera device that lets you see inside your bore with nothing more than a mini-USB endoscope, a software app, and your smartphone. This Patriot Kit comes with four endoscopes of different sizes (3.9mm, 5.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm), so you can use the EndoSnake to see not just inside your firearms but also other hard-to-see areas, like your car’s engine or leaks in your attic. 02 MIDWEST INDUSTRIES PROFESSIONAL ARMORER’S WRENCH MSRP: $60 URL: midwestindustriesinc.com You don’t have to be…

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policing the city of angels

Los Angeles sprawls across roughly 500 square miles in Southern California, surrounded by mountains, valleys, and the magnificent Pacific coastline. As the second largest city in the United States, behind New York city, it’s populated by around 4 million residents, enjoying its famously sunny, semi-arid, Mediterranean climate. After the Mexican-American War in the mid 1800s, the United States took control of California, and Los Angeles was officially incorporated in 1850. In Spanish, Los Angeles means “the angels,” and the city has garnered the nickname the “City of Angels.” But for a city with such an idyllic name, it’s had to deal with more than its fair share of criminal activity. In the 1850s, a volunteer police force struggled to deal with a burgeoning population and lawlessness in the dusty, western town. Finally…

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function over fashion

Many hunters and recreational shooters (two groups that spend a ton of time outdoors) have successfully used functional, camping-related modifications to turn their personal vehicles into mobile base camps. What started out as simply sleeping in your truck has turned into “overlanding,” an entire industry centered on self-reliant adventures in kitted-out rigs. However, much like the well-meaning firearm enthusiasts who head straight for the fancy bolt-ons without first doping in their iron sights, so too do countless aspiring overlanders begin by adding hundreds of pounds of furniture to their trucks or SUVs without ever addressing the performance ramifications — wasting wads of money in the process. In this article, we’ll walk you through RECOIL’s top five areas of consideration for overland vehicle modifications. Using our 2011 Toyota Tundra project truck as an…

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careful with that axe, eugene

There’s an interesting tool that has migrated from the bushcraft and outdoor theater to urban concealed carry in the form of scaled-down axes and tomahawks. These mini axes may look very different from that 3-inch folding knife sitting in your pocket, but people use them much in the same manner. These definitely aren’t the axes Paul Bunyan hefted in tall tales from the 19th century, and they’re not particularly effective for felling trees. Instead, you have a relatively compact hatchet that can be used for camping, bushcraft, hunting, and other tasks. But some people carry and use them instead of a knife. By choking up on the handle, you have a handy cutting edge and in certain European countries where knife carry is forbidden or strongly restricted, variations of these axes are…