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December 2019

Trusted for gear reviews, cutting-edge training information, underwater photo & video tips, travel information, and much more. Whether you are a sport diver, an old pro, or a new diver looking for lessons, Scuba Diving has something for you.

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it’s true: a dive watch does only one thing

“Every single time we look at it, whether it's during a layover on our next adventure, or stuck in a meeting at work, our dive watch makes us think of diving. That alone makes it worth more than the time.”— ROGER ROY, SCUBALAB DIRECTOR, WHO HAS WORN SEIKO DIVE WATCHES FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS Like a set of decompression tables, the dive watch was must-have gear in the days before dive computers. There are those who would say dive watches are no longer a necessity, which might be true. For our part, we view them as no more necessary than, say, enjoying an icy mojito in a tropical beach bar while sharing tales of our day underwater with diving friends. And if a dive watch has indeed become a luxury, we…

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we can be heroes

MARY FRANCES EMMONS joined Sport Diver in 2009 and Scuba Diving in 2012, serving as features, senior and deputy editor. A diver since 2006, she was named editor-in-chief in 2018. Three National Geographic photographers, a pioneer in coral restoration, an accidental movie star, and a ninth-grade girl propelled by her compassion for turtles: These are just a few of the 50 divers—Sea Heroes all—featured at scubadiving.com/seaheroes. If you scan the web page, you’ll see a diverse—and impressive—crowd of scientists, explorers, photographers, filmmakers, dive-industry pros, grassroots activists, educators and everyday divers looking back at you. In 2011, Scuba Diving launched the Sea Heroes awards to honor divers working to better our blue planet through education, conservation, innovation and exploration. Seven winners a year are chosen by magazine staff and featured in an issue…

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scuba diving

scubadiving.com ▸ edit@scubadiving.com EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Mary Frances Emmons Senior Editor Andy Zunz ScubaLab Director Roger Roy Digital Editor Becca Hurley Associate Gear Editor Robby Myers Associate Editor Dave Carriere CONTRIBUTORS Eric Douglas, Chris Gug, Jill Heinerth, Jennifer Idol, Scott Johnson, Simon Lorenz, Eric Michael, Fabien Michenet, Jeff Milisen, Brooke Morton, Alex Mustard, Alex Tyrrell, Allison Vitsky Sallmon, Terry Ward ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY Art Director Monica Rodriguez Art Director Victoria Cocchiaro Staff Photographer Jon Whittle BONNIER MEDIA CONTRACT PUBLISHING Executive Vice President Gregory D. Gatto Vice President, Managing Director Glenn Sandridge Financial Director Tara Bisciello Editorial Director Shawn Bean Creative Director Dave Weaver Editorial Operations Director Stephanie Pancratz Copy Chief Cindy Martin Advertising Sales Manager Lauren Brown Group Marketing Director Haley Bischof Senior Marketing Manager Kelly Sheldon Marketing Manager Franki Giordano Production Director Rina Viray Murray Associate Production Director Kelly Weekley Senior Production Manager Stephanie Northcutt Digital Strategy Director Mike Staley Digital Content Director Mark MacKenzie Custom Audience Manager Jackie Fry Digital Content Production and Presentation Director Michellina Jones Digital Producer Daniel McSwain PADI WORLDWIDE President & CEO Dr. Drew Richardson Chief Marketing Officer Kristin Valette-Wirth M.B.A. Managing Director, PADI Club Dave Freygang Education & Content Development Executive Karl Shreeves Managing Director,…

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just do it

DREW RICHARDSON, ED.D., president and CEO of PADI, has logged more than 6,000 dives worldwide and received many industry awards, including 1992 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year. There’s a saying that if you wait for the latest thing, you’ll never buy anything. True, because sometimes it seems like the big-buzz hot new model is already old news the day you can actually get one. Yet this doesn’t keep us from enjoying what we buy. For example, when we invest in smartphones, we check the info for which best suits us, and then pick one. The next model may come out within only months, but that doesn’t make the one we got anything less. It becomes a part of our life, and after a few years of enjoyment and good service, it’s worn…

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sea hero of the year: jim ritterhoff

Turns out, it costs about $5,000 for Force Blue—a program that teams combat-trained divers with marine scientists in the battle to save Earth’s coral reefs—to cover just the PTSD counseling required for each new Special Operations team member. Serendipitous, then, that co-founder and executive director Jim Ritterhoff, Scuba Diving’s June 2019 Sea Hero, has been selected by a panel of judges as Scuba Diving magazine’s Sea Hero of the Year, earning Force Blue a $5,000 cash donation from Sea Hero sponsor Seiko Watch of America. “It’s certainly humbling, especially when you consider Force Blue has only been around for a little over two years,” said Ritterhoff when we reached him with the news. “When I scan the list of this year’s other Sea Heroes [page 20], these are folks I follow and…

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scuba diving’s 2019 sea heroes

April Christy and Brice Semmens Scientists who have spent more than 15 years working to conserve Cayman Islands Nassau grouper through a coalition that benefits grouper and local Caymanians. May Randall Arauz A fearless campaigner who has worked for more than 15 years to stop illegal fishing around Cocos Island, using data to persuade governments to change policies. July Gemma Smith An inspiration to young and old, she worked her way to the forefront of technical and exploratory diving at a young age and is teaching the next generation of tec divers. August Marv Tuttle This Monterey Bay Aquarium volunteer is a wheelchair user who helped found and run the aquarium’s Days of Discovery, which lets kids with disabilities try scuba. Sept/Oct James Honeyborne This Emmy-winning producer helmed the astonishing reboot of BBC’s Blue Planet series, moving divers and nondivers alike to get involved…