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Sew News October/November 2019

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Sew News magazine is a complete resource for sewers of all skill levels. Each issue of Sew News magazine is packed with practical sewing information, how-to guides and the latest on fashion, fabrics, books and new products.

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DEAR READERS, Is there a season when you love to sew? In my book, winter and sewing just go together! There’s nothing like a snowy day to get me in the mood for standing over a hot iron, surrounding myself with colorful cloth and sewing the day away with a hot cup of tea. I’m in my happy place in that cozy scene, friends. How about you? And another question: what is the status of your sewing pattern library? Be truthful! I have so many patterns that I’m not sure I need more (but you know I’m going to be tempted!). What I do love, at this point in my sewing journey, is a good hack: something that takes a basic pattern and gives it new life. The hacks in this issue…

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reader tips

SCRAP PACK When I have more scraps than I can handle or textiles that no longer can be repurposed, I use my curvy-bladed rotary cutter or pinking shears to make small strips of wavy fabric. I use this instead of purchased gift bag or basket “grass” and as packing when I need to send something fragile. Anne, email SPOOL SPROUT To stop spools of thread from tangling, you can purchase covers from sewing stores or get them for free from your local flower shop. Ask your florist for the mesh covers that come on roses and other flowers, and cut them to your desired size for different spool sizes. Terry, email GATHER ROUND Use odd-colored leftover thread from previous projects for gathering and basting. This not only saves money, but you can distinguish the gathering stitching from…

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hide & seek

Play & Win! What is it? Pictured at left is part of a photo from this issue. When you find it, enter online at sewnews.com or send a postcard with the page you found it on to Sew News, Hide & Seek, 741 Corporate Circle, Ste. A, Golden, CO 80401. Responses are due September 30, 2019. From the correct responses, we’ll randomly draw five winners, one of which could be you. Congratulations to the August/September 2019 Hide & Seek winners! Joyce A., Saunemin, IL Sheila N., Arcadia, WI Janice M., Ormond Beach, FL Betsy G., Fort Wayne, IN Mary R., Bradenton, FL…

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staff picks

1. If you’ve ever lost a sweater to moth holes, the Moth Hole Mending Kit is for you. It won’t bring back the original sweater, but it will bring it back from the donation pile. It’s packaged in compostable plastic and includes everything you need to embroider four moths on your clothing, including stick-and-stitch moth designs, needle, thread, hoop and instructions. wrenbirdarts.com 2. Elevate your fall look with the Loretta Jacket Pattern. This knee-length collarless jacket has gentle shaping and pretty flared cuffs. It’s casual enough for weekend wear, but its classic princess seams make it appropriate office wear as well. www.zigzagdesigns.biz 3. Golden Girls fans, rejoice! The Cross Stitch the Golden Girls Kit brings your favorite group of female friends back to life. This collection of images, direct quotes and intricately…

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sarah gunn of goodbye valentino

“When we know how to adapt classic garments to suit our style, age, shape and size, we are a step ahead of seasonal trends.” SN: Describe your perfect day. SG: In reality, I have no perfect days because I put too much on my plate, but my fantasy perfect day…. Wake up to a perfect cappuccino in an Italian villa followed by a morning of fabric shopping. Lunch in Paris then off to a Chanel runway show. An evening glass of champagne prior to an opera at the Met and hitting the sack in my own bed. SN: What's your must-have tool in your studio? SG: My left-handed Kai scissors! SN: What's your greatest extravagance? SG: Food and culture! I’m always up for fine dining, concerts, performances, gallery and museum exhibitions. The first thing I do…

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THREAD BASICS It’s very important that your thread is compatible with the properties and fiber content of your chosen fabric to avoid popped stitches and wavy seamlines. For most sewing projects, cotton-wrapped polyester thread, also known as all-purpose thread, is appropriate. This thread has the strength of polyester and the soft, matte look of cotton. It works for both machine and hand sewing projects. For light- to mediumweight natural-fiber fabrics with little to no stretch, use 100% cotton thread. This thread has very little give and less strength than polyester, so it works for topstitching and seams that don’t receive lots of stress. Don’t use cotton thread with knits or synthetic fabrics; its lack of stretch can result in broken seams. For stretch or synthetic fabrics, 100% polyester thread is a good choice. This…