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Sew News December/January 2021

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Sew News magazine is a complete resource for sewers of all skill levels. Each issue of Sew News magazine is packed with practical sewing information, how-to guides and the latest on fashion, fabrics, books and new products.

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DEAR READERS, Quick, before you open this publication, close your eyes and think about fabrics that you associate with the holidays. What about holiday parties? I’m guessing your list looks something like plaid, flannel, Sherpa, faux fur, sequins and velvet. Ours, too — and we’ve included them all in our holiday issue for your sewing enjoyment! If there’s a time I enjoy sewing for others, it’s definitely the holidays. In this issue, you’ll find plenty of clever ideas to kick-start your holiday gift making. Stitch a set of plaid flannel pillows for your home or someone else’s (page 65) or make a pair of no-sew fabric earrings (page 58): both projects come together quickly with the help of cutting files for your cutting machine. Or stitch a modern hoodie that’s great for…

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reader tips

PILLOW PERFECT Fuse knit interfacing to the fabric wrong sides when making pillows. This maintains the soft hand of the fabric, helps hold the pillow shape and keeps the fabric wrinkle free. Kathy, Facebook NO-SLIP TIP When measuring and cutting, attach a strip of sandpaper under your ruler, against the fabric, so the ruler doesn’t slip out of place. Gina, Facebook MARKER MAGIC Use a black permanent fabric-marking pen to color in small bleach spots on clothing. Keep a set of marking pens in various in your laundry room if the need arises again! Cleo, email SELVEDGE SALVAGE Use selvedge strips to stabilize seams. They work well inside a bag, garment or quilt so the fabric doesn’t stretch while sewing. Perfect for knits too! Sue, email STAIN RELIEVER Try a dab of toothpaste when removing lipstick stains from most washable garments. Beverly, mail COMMUNITY MAKE How…

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staff picks

1. The stars all align (and keep you organized) in this amazing Signs of the Sewdiac 12 Month Calendar. If your studio walls are looking a little empty, this is just the inspiration to keep you sewing and on track, or just bring a little bit of sewing into your everyday organization. Complete with write ups for each month, this calendar will have you connecting with your inner sewdiac. etsy.com/com/shop/SamanthaClaridgeShop 2. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn as Regina Lambert in Charade, Naughty Bobbin’s La Megéve Pullover and Stirrup Pant is the perfect solution to sewing yourself out of the winter blues — and keeping you looking cozy chic! This two-in-one pattern includes a pullover with in-seam hand-warming pockets and rolled Bateau collar alongside ponteknit elastic-waist stirrup pants. We love this plush winter…

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muna & broad

SN: Describe your perfect day. Jess: Pastries delivered for breakfast eaten with a French press full of coffee (lunch and dinner to also miraculously require no preparation or cleanup), a full day of sewing (and a sewing room that magically tidies itself as I work) and, in the evening, a catchup with friends (because it’s too dark to sew then anyway). Leila: A sleep in, followed by a visit to the farmer’s market to select yummy produce, an afternoon with some sewing, and then friends coming over to prepare a delicious and elaborate meal together! SN: What's your greatest extravagance? Jess: Probably fabric if I’m to be honest about my spending, but I also enjoy craft beer, whisky, fancy chocolate and so many other things that are probably a bit extravagant. Leila: I definitely indulge…

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curve appeal

Q I purchased a unisex hoodie pattern and want to make one for myself and one for my girlfriend. The trouble is, our measurements are the same in the chest and hip, which are the only listed measurements. She is average size and busty and I am very tall with wide shoulders. How do I get the pattern to work for both of us? Q Begin with a few measurements from a hoodie that fits each of you well. Put on the chosen hoodies to assess the fit and capture the measurements. Take measurements from the shoulder down the front and back to the band or hemline. Be sure to cross over the apex of the bust for the front measurement. Also measure across your girlfriend’s full bust from underarm seam…

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zippers 101

Clothing, pillows, tents, shoes and purses are just a few places where zippers are used on a daily basis. A relatively modern invention, zippers were first invented in the 1890s as a shoe closure to replace buttons that were time-consuming to close. Zippers gained widespread popularity during World War I when the military ordered 10,000 zippers for flying suits and money belts. Early versions of this closure had fun names, such as the Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure, Clasp Locker, Unlocker for Shoes and C-curity. The name used today came from B. F. Goodrich, a company that used zippers on rubber galoshes. The galoshes were called zippers because of the sound made when closing them, and the name came to identify the type of closure no matter what type of item it…