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Sew News magazine is a complete resource for sewers of all skill levels. Each issue of Sew News magazine is packed with practical sewing information, how-to guides and the latest on fashion, fabrics, books and new products.

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DEAR READERS, Winters in Colorado can be long, dark and snowy. As we start into the new year each year, I find myself craving color, namely a nice, fresh green. That became the starting place for this issue of Sew News: a celebration of the coming spring, renewal and all things green. From that simple inspiration, so many good things grew. And you can join in the fun! • Stitch a Penrose Peasant Blouse as part of our next free sew along. We are in love with this pattern: it’s special yet perfect for every day! See page 78 for the full details. • Create a fresh bag with dyed rope and an upcycled leather belt on page 38. • Add foliage you can’t kill to your décor with your choice of two pillow…

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reader tips

ON A ROLL When gluing fabric to paper, you sometimes need more pressure than your fingers. Try using a small rolling pin. Ruth, email NEAT NEEDLES Organize your sewing machine needles using an embroidery floss box. Label each compartment for the needle size so you’ll know if you have the correct needle for a project or if you’re getting low on a particular needle size. Alice, email PIN POWER Use a diaper pin to thread elastic through a waist casing. Diaper pins are less likely to open like a regular larger safety pin does; some even include a locking mechanism. Alice, email STABILIZER SMARTS Place a piece of water-soluble stabilizer over hook tape to prevent it from catching the fabric or loop tape during stitch. After stitching, either cut away the stabilizer or rinse it away with water. Sandra, email PATTERN PROTECTOR To…

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staff picks

1. Sewing machine, check. Serger, check. The next thing you need is a cover stitch machine, and the Baby Lock Euphoria Cover Stitch Machine is the perfect addition to your machine family. This machine can really bring your home sewing to the next level with professional finishes on your active knitwear and even home décor projects. Don’t worry about learning to thread something complicated; the Euphoria includes ExtraordinAir® Threading, which threads the chain looper with just the touch of a button. There’s also Automatic Thread Delivery™ that threads the needles too — using a cover stitch machine has never been so easy! Babylock.com 2. We all know and love Pendleton Wool for their signature blanket-weight wool prints, but did you know the Woolen Mill Store based in Portland, Oregon, carries many…

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martha porter of buried diamond

SN: Describe your perfect day. MP: This is tricky to answer after months of sheltering in place due to Covid 19 — there are many things I miss, but I've made peace with spending more time inside. My perfect day would include iced coffee, a long walk outside, a phone call with a friend, something delicious to eat, and of course, time for making things with my hands. I stay up late — 2am is my usual bedtime — so my perfect day would stretch into the wee hours. I get some of my best creative work done after midnight. SN: What's your best way to decompress? MP: My favorite way to relax is taking a very hot bath with aromatic salts, an ice-cold drink and a stack of magazines. SN: What's your greatest…

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seam finishes and hems

RAW EDGES Overcast finish (1): This treatment is suitable for all knit and woven fabrics. Use a serger 3-thread overlock or the overcast stitch on a conventional sewing machine to stitch close to the hem edge. Machine zigzag finish (2): This finish is suitable for all fabric weights. Stitch close to the hem edge. Pinked finish (3): Use pinking shears to trim along the edge of firmly woven fabrics. Or stitch 1/4” from the edge and then pink. Hemmed finish (4): Finish light- to mediumweight fabrics with this technique. Press under the hem edge 1/4” and topstitch 1/8” from the fold. Taped finish: Use woven tapes for straight hems and stretch tapes or laces for curved hems and stretch fabrics. Lap the tape 1/4” over the raw edge and stitch it in place, overlapping the…

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donny hoang

Sew News: What do you love most about sewing? Donny Hoang: My favorite part about sewing is the opportunity to customize and personalize a garment anywhere along the process. From sketching the idea to making the pattern (or adjusting an old one) to constructing and finally wearing and styling a garment, there are so many places to inject personal creativity, and I love that. The ability to create unique and personal clothes is enjoyable to me. SN: Who has been influential in your sewing journey? DH: The people who taught me how to sew. Most of my learning came from watching YouTube videos. I often refer to withwendy, Professor Pincushion or Diane Deziel. When I started sewing, withwendy had so many beginner-friendly sewing projects to cut my teeth on. Early on, I watched…