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off the page

Join On Your Mark, Get Set, Glow Our 4-Week Skin-Care Challenge is a step-by-step guide to a healthy, high-beam complexion. Get started at shape.com​/skincarechallenge. Watch Find Us on Apple News+ Keep Shape at your fingertips by subscribing through the Apple News+ app, which serves your issues digitally. Plus, crash our L.A. cover shoot with the luminous Nathalie Emmanuel as she rules in our behind-the-scenes video at shape.com/nathalie. Shop The Best Science-backed Skin Care Discover the breakthrough formulas, unsurpassed sunblocks, genius antiagers, and other innovative products and treatments to triumph in the Shape 2020 Skin Awards. Head to shape.com/skinawards to get them in a click. Play All Day Work Out With Shape–live! Shape’s Body Shop fit fest is June 20 in Los Angeles. Now is the time to save your spot for a day of fun, fierce workouts with top trainers like…

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brain trust

BE WATERPROOF NEAL SCHULTZ, M.D. Dermatologist ELLEN MARMUR, M.D. Dermatologist MELISSA KANCHANAPOOMI LEVIN, M.D. Dermatologist NUNZIO SAVIANO Hairstylist GITA BASS Makeup artist MONA GOHARA, M.D. Dermatologist ELIZABETH K. HALE, M.D. Dermatologist SARAH LUCERO Makeup artist JENNY PATINKIN Makeup artist TINA TURNBOW Makeup artist DENDY E. ENGELMAN, M.D. Dermatologist KRISTAN SERAFINO Hairstylist JENN (makeup), KRISTIE (brows), and ASHLEY (hair) STREICHER Owners of Striiike beauty studio BE STRONG + WELL JEN WIDERSTROM Consulting Shape fitness director, trainer, life coach ADAM ROSANTE Strength and nutrition coach CEDRIC X. BRYANT, PH.D. Exercise physiologist MICHELLE LOVITT Celebrity trainer JORDAN METZL, M.D. Sports medicine physician MICHELE OLSON, PH.D. Clinical professor of sport science SHAUN T Celebrity trainer ALEX SILVER-FAGAN Nike Master Trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK Celebrity trainer MARTIN GIBALA, PH.D. Professor of kinesiology JAY WRIGHT Trainer, studio owner CARRIE PAGLIANO Board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedics JOHN PORCARI, PH.D. Professor of exercise and sport science CHRISTINE CARTER, PH.D. Sociologist DAVID L. KATZ, M.D. Weight-loss expert ANATE AELION BRAUER,…

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letter from elizabeth

We’re Serıous About Skin To prove it, this issue kicks off our first annual Shape Skin Awards (that’s our new logo above—you can find them on page 25), in which we asked top dermatologists for the innovations in treatments, products, and tech that blow them away. What we learned is truly life—and skin—changing. My big takeaway: Stress is even more damaging to skin than previously thought, so I’m getting serious about managing the daily stressors in my life. Here’s how other Shape staffers are putting this cutting-edge info to good use. “WHEN I’M in Spinning class, I think of how substances called exerkines are being released by my muscles and coursing through my body to simultaneously strength train my skin cells, something I learned while researching “Strength Train Your Skin” (page 47).…

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the body shop

Shields Up! Sunglasses are doubly important for cyclists, since your eyes need protection from flying debris even if it’s not bright out. These cool Julbo Rush frames come with the option of transitional lenses ($230, amazon.com/shop/shape) that go from clear to shades and back, so there’s no midride fiddling as clouds shift. Plus, the straight earpieces—optimal for tucking into helmets—bend for a snugger fit after you let your hair loose. SHOP IT! Click here to shop products on these pages. Made You Blush Now you can perfectly re-create the natural flush you get right after a workout. Just pat a small amount of Maybelline New York Cheek Heat Gel Cream Blush (from $6 each, amazon.com/shop/shape) onto the apples of your cheeks. Voilà! It will melt into your skin and create that subtle wash of…

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the biggest skin-care breakthroughs

SUN-PROTECTION ADVANCEMENTS Applying sunscreen has become a whole new experience. We’ve gone from pasty creams to elegant, lightweight serums, balms, and powders that glide across skin. It’s now possible for even mineral (also called physical) UV filters, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, to leave no white residue. Our winners: Isdin Erytona Ageless Ultralight Tinted Emulsion SPF 50 ($66, isdin.com), a mineral sunscreen that sinks into all skin tones and contains a blend of Peptide Q10, DNA repairsomes, and antioxidants to fight free radicals and help repair skin; and Elta MD UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 Tinted Sunscreen ($34, dermstore.com), which has transparent zinc oxide and stays water resistant for 40 minutes. “While physical blockers are most effective, all active sunscreen ingredients are safe,” says dermatologist Neal Schultz, M.D. Recent research found…

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laura dern

Beauty is my favorite word,” Dern says. “It’s what I call the women I love, the ones who make the room light up. My friends Reese Witherspoon and Greta Gerwig have this quality. They lead with light, and that’s what true beauty is to me.” What enhances Dern’s light? “I turn to art,” she says. “I look at the ferocity of Nan Golden’s work, listen to Patti Smith, read—and reread—books like Little Women. It’s inspiring and incredibly healing to learn from women who are their true selves. And that’s not easy. I care a lot about what other people think.” She also spritzes Happiness Abscissa Eau de Brooklyn ($42, happinessabscissa.com). “My friend—a leading psychiatrist—created it to elevate your state of well-being,” she says. “And I’ve learned to stop apologizing so…